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  1. Hi there, I've tried to patch my Rx10.4.1 Enterprise IDE with the last available patches. One was older, for C++ only, and two new for Delphi LSP and Linux LSP. They all seems to be processed in the same way, I usually restart the IDE before doing such critical tasks. Of course initially all uninstalled, so I can do the selection in the GetIt page: after that, immediately a selection appears: !! I have chosen NO in all cases, to prevent any false automatism or blocked files from the IDE. Then I closed the IDE directly, and a batch command run appears which immediately seems to run another batch file, starting the real installation. !! But beware, before that is startet, the GetIt patch asks for a admin confirmation, in a hidden window: After confirmation, the real batch runs fine, and waits for 3 seconds after finished, to be automatically closed After that, restart the IDE, and the welcome page shows "up to date" While in the IDE's installation path, under _patch-backup, there were all the backup'd files listed As PeterPanino found out, in the German DP, these three folders seems to control the display of "INSTALLED" or "NOT INSTALLED" in the GetIt page. Just renaming these folders will change and control "INSTALLED/NOT INSTALLED", as it seems. With that procedure I've installed all patches without any hazzle so far. Hope that was helpful to you too.
  2. Stefan Glienke

    do any git tools work like this?

    Must be very unproductive and frustrating the way you handle things - it is known that humans are terrible at context switching.
  3. Anders Melander

    do any git tools work like this?

    Once again: As far as I can tell there's nothing special in the work flow your describe. It's perfectly normal to have a branch per ticket, to change branch several times a day, to get interrupted while you're working on something that hasn't yet been committed, etc. The problems with Git you describe (changes disappearing, etc) are not problems with Git but with the way you use it; It will not overwrite your uncommitted changes unless you force it to. It is unclear to me what benefits your tool provides. It sounds like the problems it solves are already handled by the existing GUI Git clients.
  4. Please don't misuse "tag" for pointers. I'd rather use a tDictionary<tcomponent, tSomethingelse> to store associations between components and objects. It's much more universal and transparent.
  5. Attila Kovacs

    SetRange - Doesn't

    I'm not sure if it's known at any level.
  6. Lars Fosdal

    Feature Request for String Paste As

    I totally agree, and it has been suggested for years. No joy so far. Unneeded whitespace and linebreaks should be eliminated. LSQL := "SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE myCol=1 ORDER BY id DESC";
  7. @Stuart Clennett That did the trick, thanks 🙂
  8. HI, [Context] Request: TWebRequest; should be changed to [Context] Request: IMARSRequest; you'll need to include MARS.Core.RequestAndResponse.Interfaces in your uses clause. Regards
  9. Yaron

    My open-source portfolio

    I released quite a bit of interesting code to github over the years: YouTube DATA API v3 parsing: https://github.com/bLightZP/Delphi-YouTube-Channel-parsing-plugin-for-Zoom-Player Basic RSS feed parsing code: https://github.com/bLightZP/Delphi-RSS-feed-parsing-plugin-for-Zoom-Player TheAudioDB MetaData/Image scraping code: https://github.com/bLightZP/Delphi-theaudiodb.com-Zoom-Player-media-scraping-plug-in TheMovieDB MetaData/Image scraping code: https://github.com/bLightZP/Delphi-themoviedb.org-Zoom-Player-media-scraping-plug-in OpenSubtitles.org subtitle search & scrape code: https://github.com/bLightZP/Delphi-OpenSubtitles.org-API-support-for-Zoom-Player A basic cross-platform calculator https://github.com/bLightZP/ElegantCalculator https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inmatrix.ElegantCalculator Adapted old code to work as cross-platform pure-pascal image scaling with filters (bicubic, bilinear, etc): https://github.com/bLightZP/ImageInterpolation Adapted old code to work as a cross-platform drawing of an anti-aliased circle (can be modified to draw rount-rect as well): https://github.com/bLightZP/AntiAliasedCircle I forked a QRCode generating source code and greatly optimized it (~ x50 faster): https://github.com/bLightZP/DelphiZXingQRCode The original Delphi scanline color-conversion implementation was very slow, so I optimized it: https://github.com/bLightZP/OptimizedDelphiFMXScanline
  10. David Heffernan

    Forked VSCode for Delphi

    There's absolutely no reason why you should not do this.