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  1. vfbb


    @Rollo62 @dwrbudr @RDP1974 @Edwin Yip @Kas Ob. @hsauro I finally released version 1.1 which has been extensively tested on all platforms, which includes a complete demo project, demonstrating how to render svg files, lottie files and more, as well as fixing the issues with backwards compatibility, at the moment the library works on version XE6+ VCL or FMX. Skia's SVG module is still in the experimental phase, even though it works extremely well with most SVG files. Some bugs we detected in Skia's SVG module will be reported later today, however, some issues I'll expose here so you can help the community: Apparently, there is a format incompatibility - vectorized files exported as SVG by Adobe programs are not supported by Skia, however, if you use other online converters (like cloudconvert.com) to convert the .eps or the .ai to svg, it will probably works perfectly. In macOS depending on the language, the decimal separator is not dot (.), ie the conversion from string to float happens wrong depending on the macOS default system language Remarks: These errors are only in relation to the SVG module, which is still in the experimental phase, in addition, Skia is a robust and stable library; If the SVG file works on one platform, it will work the same on all. Changelog Added FMX sample (working from delphi XE6 and above, with platforms Win32, Win64, OSX64, iOS64, Android32, Android64); Added VCL sample (working from delphi XE6 and above); Added pre-built binaries of skia to repository, to facilitate implementation and to serve the samples; Updated skia to version 0.29.0; Added icudtl.dat file to windows platform; Fixed text shaping with RTL language; Fixed compilation in iOS; Fixed backwards compatibility with delphi XE6 above; About samples The samples already have the binaries configured. They are ready to Run.
  2. Lajos Juhász

    DBGrid DrawColumnCell

    It's not an error, it's how you've coded to create a new button in every paint event. Instead of that I would use the inbuild feature of the dbgrid. On you column set ButtonStyle to cbsEllipsis then you can place your in the OnEditButtonClick event of the grid.
  3. Pat Foley

    DBGrid DrawColumnCell

    btnChangeS := TButton.Create(grid1);
  4. Are there any object-to-JSON serialization libraries available that work with published properties (not public, not fields) and which allow customizing the serialization externally to the class? Dalija talked about this in her "When in Rome" series (https://dalijap.blogspot.com/2021/04/when-in-rome-do-as-romans-do-part-i.html) but didn't point to an alternative that worked that way. Any license is fine, though open source of some sort would be preferable. Specifically, I'm working with third party TComponent classes which already have most of their state exposed as published properties, and I can't add attributes to customize things. A couple of the components do use DefineProperties for some additional state when stored as DFMs, and I need to be able to register some sort of callback to serialize those. I was able to get close with mORMot's ObjectToJSON with RegisterCustomSerializer, but it doesn't support mixing published and custom properties in a single class. All of the other ones I've found do public/private fields, require attributes in the original classes, or fail in the marshalling step with unhelpful error messages. Edit: I figured a workaround using mORMot for my specific usage, so I don't need this anymore, though it is a bit hacky, so if there's a better approach, I certainly won't mind hearing it.
  5. Martin Wienold

    Saving tree to Data Base

    I'm no native speaker and did not have my coffee yet, have mercy!
  6. Dany Marmur

    Saving tree to Data Base

    In Firebird (and i am sure other RDBMSs) you have a BLOB subtype. If this subtype is set to text, you can do where clauses on the BLOB column. But the use of querying the blob content re the OPs needs sounds useless, so. Emphasis on "effectively", ok!
  7. Stefan Glienke

    10.4.1+ Custom Managed Records usable?

    If you are a seasoned Delphi developer you know that new features are not usable for like half a decade or so...
  8. Might be tricky to persuade the third party lib to create your new classes rather than its own.
  9. Couldn't you derive a child class, redefine the properties to reflect those in the ancestor class, then add the necessary attributes to them?