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    Wish I had seen this thread before wasting hours configuring 11 on my new dev PC only to discover it was 11.0 and I need 11.1. Delphi 11.0 IDE routinely freezes on F9 compiles on 11.0 and the situation is only a little better on 11.1. Full recompiles are still needed often, but at least I will get an F2084 Internal Error on 11.1 instead of a whole crash. See my thread I made a few months ago. Embarcadero is doing a great job of making 15+ year veteran developers hate them. How unethical and outrageous for them to rescind the link to a product I paid for, not mention anywhere this surreptitious recent practice designed to fatigue and deceive people into purchasing an update subscription, leave a misleading website error page in its place, and require me to waste my time contacting them for the link to "RADStudio_11_1_5_esd_10253.exe"
  2. Thanks for the responses, particularly to David and Dalija, whose printed and internet-published educational works have greatly aided my Delphi expertise throughout the years. I have data suggesting 80% of the theories and recommendations in this thread are certainly non-responsive and that what I am experiencing is indeed a unique compiler issue limited to certain "cursed" newer source files which do not differ in language feature usage from other older source files which do not exhibit this problem (I had thought perhaps using things like generics, inline vars, or inline function directives, or something like that, could trigger this, but this is not identifiable in my codebase between smaller, new units repeatably triggering this issue and larger, older source units which do not). The other 20% of feedback in this thread (particularly, some of Lars's points) gives me some homework to do before I post a more rigorous reply here trying and discounting theories. Of note, I reverted to 11.1 and the same issue does exist. However, the full build seems much faster in 11.1 than in 11.3 and the repeat freezing/crashing-mid-full-build issue seems much worse/more common in 11.3, so 11.3 is still a downgrade for me even while admitting that the gravamen of my thread (the full-build-requiring condition on some magical "cursed" source units from de minimis source changes thereto but not on others) is an issue that precedes 11.3.
  3. The alleged "quality focused update" of Delphi 11.3 Professional, which Embarcadero wants to charge me $850 for despite the fact that I already own Delphi 11.1, has represented an utter disaster of usability and product quality to me further indicative of the decline of Delphi IDE's competency and stability in the past years rather than improvement. I am afflicted by a perpetual state in which even the most minor one-line source edits (even changing a constant number like "2" to "1" in an arithmetic statement) forcibly requires me to do a time-consuming full "Build All" or else I will get repeatable, infinite "dcc32 Fatal Errors" and "F2084 Internal Errors" which are 100% the fault of Delphi. At least in 11.1 I could usually do an annoying "Clean" + "Compile" workaround; this is even worse in 11.3. This seems to affect my newer source code units (where I am working) but happens less frequently in older source units. I have tried, to no avail: 1. Changing encoding from ASCII to UTF-8 2. -cleanregistryide directive 3. Uninstalling GExperts 4. Messing with the "use MSBuild external compile" option (which was already on) 5. Ensuring that IDE memory consumption is minimal (it's WAY under the threshold where it changes cache behavior) 6. Ensuring "Enable unit directory cache" is enabled This insane problem has cratered my productivity and utterly annihilated the one major benefit Delphi has over C++ which is fast compile times, because I have to do a full build every time. Yet Embarcadero has the audacity to want to charge me $850 for a minor subversion upgrade where I could have started clean and fresh with MS Visual Studio / C++ for absolutely free even for commercial use. The remaining and degraded issues in 11.3 are not only the broken compiler. Does anyone else experience the following: 1. The Win64 debugger totally stopped working for me months ago even on 11.1. No breakpoints work; they appear Xd-out as if compiled in release mode or as if placed in an inline function. Win32 debugger breakpoints work fine. 2. The inline constants/vars display in the debugger is totally broken showing false values that are not identical to the actual values of inline vars actually running in code (still not fixed in 11.3) 3. Uniquely to the difference of 11.1, I have witnessed in 11.3 multiple examples of minor code changes in saved Pascal unit files not correctly updating/generating new code upon a rare successful "Compile" (I can rarely use quick "Compile" and not a full build in old source units, like I mentioned above), and rather I have to force a full rebuild to effectuate these changes. This never happened in 11.1. I.e., it's possible to make code edits in 11.3, and get a successful compile, that never actually changed the binary compiled code in those areas. 4. Frequently the entire IDE will freeze on a competent $2k 2021 Asus Expertbook laptop during compilation and I must terminate in task manager and restart the whole IDE. This rarely happened on older versions. The way the Delphi IDE freezes is unique; it does not trigger the Windows "this program is not responding" dialog. It's almost as if it's using the Win32 API window disable flag to simulate a complete freeze while giving the user false hope the compiler is just doing a hard part and will return temporarily. 5. Code generation and optimizations are still extremely lacking in dcc32/64 compared to industry standard C++ compilers. What an embarassment! Why do we have to live with such Stockholm Syndrome here to the point that Embarcadero brags about how optimized their Move routine is in 11.3 (when it was actually just completely horrible before, and still is apparently not as good as C++ implementations). Very frustrating that my reversion to 11.1 makes it apparently impossible to use the new faster Move routine in built-in RTL operations, since I was totally unable to recompile System.pas when I altered it with the new Move. Any experience, information, help, or fellow developer commiseration on the current state of Delphi 11.3 is welcomed and solicited.