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  1. I've almost finished porting my application for macOS and Windows from Delphi 10.2.1 to Lazarus 2.1. I had a couple of focus issues with the TEdit Cocoa widget, but one of the Cocoa developers had it resolved on the trunk version is a couple of days. Yeah, a couple of days. Since when has EMBT ever managed something like that? As a result, my money is now going to support Lazarus Cocoa development. No more Delphi for me.
  2. My enquiry was not about a "registration bump" but my unsuccessful attempts to register a product for which I have a licence in the Licence Manager which shows as "unregistered", although it may be that my attempts (all of which failed claiming the product was registered to someone else! And no, I have had only one account for everything since 2006) in fact ate up all the installs I was permitted. I re-read the Blog entry. The conclusion from the GM was to contact renewals who could help (for a fee). I have my doubts about the reliability of the Licence Manager as on the purchase of Berlin, I had to lodge a support request to get the licence to work. In the end I had to contact the local agent and get him to contact EMBT to get it working. Porting to Lazarus is a tad painful (this was an FMX application), but the light is now appearing at the end of the tunnel.
  3. I was using Delphi 7 up until 2016 when I invested in Delphi Berlin Professional for macOS and Windows development. It included the new "maintenance subscription" that expired with Delphi Tokyo 10.2.1. I declined the August 2017 email offer to renew maintenance at $A 831.69 mainly because there was no 64 bit macOS compiler. Then 2018 came and went and still no macOS 64 bit compiler. Then 10.3 came and went in 2019 and no 64 bit macOS compiler So much for EMBT roadmaps. I understand it *might* be in the next Delphi update scheduled for mid-2019. So, I was seriously considering stumping up the cash to again buy a Delphi licence coincidentally with a 30% discount currently being offered by the local agent UNTIL I received this: "I have copied the renewals team in this email response (renewals@idera.com). Your renewals representative will be able to provide you with the options to renew your support and maintenance. Once your licenses are current on maintenance, we will be happy to help with this registration limit increase. We are closing this case. Once you have arranged maintenance reinstatement with our Renewals Team, please submit a new case with your request." A couple of days ago I downloaded the macOS version of Lazarus - wow, 64 bit compiler - and I'm now in the process of porting my macOS/Windows application to Lazarus. If it works out, well, you can guess the rest.
  4. My apologies, it was not clear from your forum post (and I didn't read the blog).
  5. I simply use: Add(TOSVersion.ToString); Add(''); Add('Architecture: ' + OSArchitectureToStr(TOSVersion.Architecture)); Add('Name: ' + TOSVersion.Name); Add('Build: ' + IntToStr(TOSVersion.Build)); Add('Major: ' + IntToStr(TOSVersion.Major)); Add('Minor: ' + IntToStr(TOSVersion.Minor)); Add('Service Pack - Major: ' + IntToStr(TOSVersion.ServicePackMajor)); Add('Service Pack - Minor: ' + IntToStr(TOSVersion.ServicePackMinor)); which works for Windows and macOS and yields: Windows 10 (Version 10.0, Build 18362, 64-bit Edition) Architecture: IntelX64 Name: Windows 10 Build: 18362 Major: 10 Minor: 0 Service Pack - Major: 0 Service Pack - Minor: 0 Mac OS X (Version 10.14.5) Architecture: IntelX64 Name: Mac OS X Build: 0 Major: 10 Minor: 14 Service Pack - Major: 5 Service Pack - Minor: 0