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  1. Test case information To reproduce the error specific data and specific, a bit complex, nested clientdataset layout is needed. The test is just opening master clientdataset and walking through all its records including nested datasets. Result is written to memo box. To run it click on button Open ClientDataSet. Button Run All Tests for Case ID runs repeated test for all option combinations . Output is saved in app's folder. Each dataset in its own .txt file. The name of the file includes chosen params. For one set of data there is problem retreiving data from database into ClientDataSet component (Case 1 and Case 2). Either there is error on dataset open method and the other has one empty nested dataset where it should be one record present (cdsP40 dataset). Calculated field is added on cdsP47 that is way down the nested hierarchy. This is the only calculated field in the project. It is created at run-time if settings Case Calculated Field Kind requires it. There is no OnCalculated event and calculated field isn't used anywhere. Just defined. Case 1 - missing data record (empty cdsP40 dataset) ID 7367 Fetch on demand PacketRecord = 50 Case 2 - "no current record" ID 7367 fkInternalCalc Fetch All PacketRecord -1 Case 3 - all OK ID 7367 No calculated fields / fkCalculated Fetch All PacketRecord -1 Case 4 - all OK ID 7334 There is a demo application with small mssql database attached. DataSetProviderDemo.zip