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  1. david berneda

    Funny Code in System.Types

    Overflow compiler checking is lost here.
  2. david berneda


    I wish a compiler option to warn when calling class methods on instances instead of using the class type. Another one, hint when methods can be safely converted to class or class static.
  3. david berneda

    Creating FMX controls in a background thread

    I recently did a TeeChart fix to avoid creating its Windows Handle when just drawing it to a image without showing on screen. https://www.steema.com/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=667 We posted a beta yesterday available for download, let me know if your colleague is interested in testing I'll provide a license. regards ! david
  4. If you need a Grid fmx/vcl to connect to TList of records etc, TeeGrid does it, without TDataset: https://github.com/Steema/TeeGrid-VCL-FMX-Samples/tree/master/demos/VirtualData/TList
  5. david berneda

    memory paging or segmentation

  6. david berneda

    Beep for Firemonkey

    Needed a "Beep" equivalent function for Android, capable of playing a sound at a specific hertz frequency, and ended up porting and adapting a Java snippet. Its freely available, hope it might help: https://github.com/davidberneda/FMX_Tone_Beep regards ! david
  7. Hi ! I've just published the source code in Pascal/Delphi of "Vidi Language" v0.2-alpha: https://github.com/davidberneda/Vidi It includes a parser/compiler and a simple ide/debugger for a new programming language (Vidi). This is a toy-experiment project in a very early stage. Attached pdf reference, same here: https://github.com/davidberneda/Vidi/blob/master/documentation/Vidi_Language_Reference.md regards david Vidi_Language_Reference.pdf
  8. david berneda

    Open Type Arrays?

    Some languages offer union types to do this, for example in Typescript: https://www.typescriptlang.org/docs/handbook/advanced-types.html#union-types