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  1. Schokohase

    Getting the Windows version

    Read the file version from kernel32.dll and you will get the real version number of the os
  2. Schokohase

    TOpenDialog.FileName encoding problems on Mac OS

    Are you using FireDAC? Then show us the connection settings
  3. Well, Emba has an eye on MS and Visual Studio and C#. They port libraries from C# (Newtonsoft.Json, TPL, ...), provide a community edititon like Visual Studio (CE is the Pro Version for both), and I bet they already had discussed that internally (Delphi-based Delphi-compiler and open-source it). IMHO the main problem for Emba is the Delphi-based Delphi-Compiler and not open-source it when it is done
  4. Schokohase

    Creating a "pull request" for jvcl

    @TiGü Well, to me your PR is not cool and the missing reaction from the maintainers too. If you want to help then create PR that improve the code base and did not cause some extra work for the maintainers. @Maintainers If you want to get more help you should stay in contact with your contributers, especially the new ones.
  5. Schokohase

    Creating a "pull request" for jvcl

    It is also pointless to place a pull request if you know that it will break code for Versions < XE3 while the library clearly states The contributer knows it, but did not provide a solution in code
  6. Schokohase

    Creating a "pull request" for jvcl

    How to work with git pull requests Rule of thumb: For each pull request you need a branch.
  7. Mads Torgerson wrote about How Microsoft rewrote its C# compiler in C# and made it open source And you should all remember that MS was at a point where "Linux (Open Source) is cancer". (see Ballmer: 'Linux is a cancer' from June 2001)
  8. Schokohase

    How to test if TJSONVALUE is an array

    procedure foo(const value: TJSONValue ) begin if value is TJSONArray then begin // Yes, it is an array end else if value is TJSONObject then begin // Yes, it is an object end else begin // not array, not object end; end;
  9. Schokohase

    Spring4D and IEqualityComparer<T>

    Yes, when you remember the time of Steve B.
  10. Schokohase

    Spring4D and IEqualityComparer<T>

    I heard some rumors it should be released two days after hell freeze around tea time.
  11. Schokohase

    Spring4D and IEqualityComparer<T>

    I guess we will have an open-source delphi compiler before that ...
  12. Schokohase

    Spring4D and IEqualityComparer<T>

    type IStringEqualityComparer = interface( IEqualityComparer<string> ) ['{<INSERT_A_GUID>}'] end; The generic interface itself is not a type at all (ask the RTTI at runtime)
  13. Schokohase

    Unused local variables

    Maybe in the (very far) future Emba will release an open source compiler* like Roslyn so we can forget all other parsers. Until that time we have to live with all that Error Insight crap. * Don‘t get me wrong: It is only the compiler, not RTL or any other Framework source.
  14. FYI plural of child is children
  15. @Primož Gabrijelčič And how does this help the OP in this case (set the Database Name in a stage)?