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  1. Schokohase

    OmniThread with Database

    Sorry, but we cannot see anything that would make it clear. In general we do not see, if you are using shared instances which are not threadsafe within your threads. BTW Please check the DatabaseName for each thread and you should see, every thread has the same DatabaseName - not very random. You should call Randomize once per application. A VCL/FMX application will call it already internally, so you do not have to worry about.
  2. Schokohase

    OmniThread with Database

    You have a race condition in your code but you did not show all the code to us. How could we give you an answer how to fix it? Does each thread has its own database connection?
  3. Schokohase

    OmniThread with Database

    Is MySL a simple TStringList? Then it is not threadsafe and can cause a wrong log result.
  4. Schokohase

    MiTeC Portable Executable Reader 2.1

    ... as every class in Delphi. Not much surprising information. We have new sweet cookies based on atoms ...
  5. My tests are running sometimes in parallel - and it can be done without any problems and without any special code only for testing
  6. @Gary Mugford You should start a new thread and leave a link to that new thread here
  7. I do not use Singleton implementations. If the application needs one, I cover that with a DI container so there will be a single instance within the whole application scope. Thread safety is a total different story and I cover that when needed.
  8. Well, once you start writing unit tests you will know why global vars/singletons are a bad choice.
  9. Did you read this? (Have a close look at the last paragraph)
  10. It is a well known greek story: The Oracle of Delphi Who am I thinking about? => „The prophetai are referred to in literary sources, but their function is unclear; it has been suggested that they interpreted the Pythia's prophecies, ...[]“
  11. Well, @Primož Gabrijelčič (the author) is active here - we could ask him about his experience with Packt Publishing.
  12. @Jim McKeeth Do you pay anything to packtpub - subscription or anything else? That could be the reason.
  13. Yes, thats why I said The old ones are the old free books
  14. No, seems there is no more download for free books. The old ones can still be downloaded