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  1. Ondrej Kelle

    Resolve a uses clause unit path?

    Some pointers can also be found here.
  2. Ondrej Kelle

    his control requires version 4.70 or great of COMCTL32.DLL

    I would guess probably something from ComCtrls.
  3. Ondrej Kelle

    Dark mode Blue Balls tweaking

    In case the blue ball image is linked into one of Delphi's binaries as a resource it might be possible to use a resource editor to replace it with your own.
  4. Ondrej Kelle

    Jedi - Git => SVN?

    It should also be possible to use branches and commit, according to their article: Support for Subversion clients.
  5. Ondrej Kelle

    How do you deal with git conflict annotations added to DFM files

    In case of lack of authority, proceed with slapping until the desired level is achieved. 🙂
  6. The question was posted Dec 24 '15. The quoted answer was posted 20 hours ago, deleted 2 hours later.
  7. Ondrej Kelle

    Project Configuration Manager

    If you chose the code-generating wizards route perhaps this might (still) be helpful: old article (web archive): OTA: Visual design of Wizards code: https://cc.embarcadero.com/Item/17106
  8. Ondrej Kelle

    Named pipe failure, multithreading and asynchronous I/O

    Couldn't reproduce here, Delphi 10.3 Update 1, Version 26.0.33219.4899 - seems to work as expected
  9. An easy way would be to create and use a data module, then you can put your Indy components on it and use the IDE designer to write your event handlers.
  10. Ondrej Kelle

    Right Process for Changing an Application's Icon?

    Looks like Anders' Resource Editor which you can download from his website: http://melander.dk/download/
  11. System.Atomic* routines (e.g. AtomicCmpExchange) TInterlocked in SyncObjs
  12. Not really when writing my own code, I try to avoid them if possible. Sometimes for interop with an API, e.g. when translating C headers where enums are already declared that way. Or when you need to support a binary format which uses some specific ordinal values, then it depends - you might still prefer to use an enum but avoid conversion.
  13. No reservations, I find it concise/elegant and prefer to use it whenever I can. My 2c. You might have to avoid enum types with explicitly assigned ordinal values, though.
  14. Ondrej Kelle

    Version Control System

    People have actually asked for blame as a feature, that's why I included it back then in delphisvn (before it became Version Insight). I find it useful myself to see who committed which lines and also when. This piece of metadata can be useful when trying to understand a code base and its evolution.
  15. Ondrej Kelle

    How to get position of Top-level TMenuItem of Main menu

    Just a thought... Sounds like the units in your uses clause are listed in a different order so the type declarations resolve differently.