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  1. david_navigator

    Looking for Spreadsheet component

    Luckily I already have the DexEx & TMS controls mentioned in this thread and I have the budget for others if something suitable raised its head 🙂
  2. david_navigator

    Looking for Spreadsheet component

    Just my UI. The customer currently uses Google sheets as the UI and then copies data in to various other apps etc. They're after a similar UI, but with everything else automated. I've looked at various UI ideas and I too have come to the conclusion that for this particular task the excel feel is the best for the job. The solution doesn't need to be able to export in to excel or google sheets format and must be completely self contained i.e not just an automation of excel or sheets.
  3. david_navigator

    Looking for Spreadsheet component

    I did look at it, but it seemed very basic in comparison to the devEx one. Does it have in built support for all the usual excel functions such as inserting/deleting cells/rows/columns and all the other cells moving appropriately ?
  4. david_navigator

    Looking for Spreadsheet component

    Hi Has anyone come across a grid/spreadsheet component that will allow the developer to "attach" an Object to a cell (or even something as mundane as a tag), but has all the inbuilt functionality of basic excel such as inserting/deleting cells/rows/columns and allowing a range of cells to be selected and cut/copy and pasted elsewhere, grouping rows and allowing them to be expanded/collaspsed etc ? The Devex Spreadsheet does everything except for allowing any data to be attached to a cell 😞
  5. Initial tests show that changing the method thus SSLOptions.Method := sslvTLSv1_2; fixes the problem. Will do some more testing but looking good 🙂 Will try later versions of the dll's too.
  6. After some discussion with a couple of my colleagues about testing I wondered what others do ? I'm not talking about Unit tests etc, but the tests we developers do whilst writing code to make sure that it's functional in a way the user might expect e.g when I click this button, these controls are hidden and these other controls appear in their place, as per the design Myself and one of my colleagues test frequently, almost to the extent of write a minor feature, check it compiles, test the UI does what we expect and is useable, verify that the edge cases also work, fix and then once all good, move on to the next (minor) feature. Whereas one of my other colleagues will write a whole module and not even hit compile until the end and then test, but by which time he's probably forgotten some of the features/specs, so some stuff gets omitted from his test. I can't understand his way of working, but he can't understand mine. So what's the most common way of doing this ? Cheers David
  7. If you mean the version numbers of libeay32.dll & ssleay32.dll, then they're (1.0.1c) - dated 27/01/2014 !!! Looking at the code below, it looks like SSLOptions.Method := sslvTLSv1; TheImap.UseTLS := utUseImplicitTLS if (ComboUseSSL.EditValue <> -1) or (ComboUseTLS.EditValue <> 0) then begin with IdSSLIOHandlerSocketOpenSSL1 do begin Name := 'IdSSLIOHandlerSocketOpenSSL1'; Destination := format('%s:%s', [EditServerHost.text, EditPort.text]); // 'imap.gmail.com:993'; Host := EditServerHost.text; MaxLineAction := maException; Port := strtoint(EditPort.text); DefaultPort := 0; // TIdSSLVersion = (sslvSSLv2, sslvSSLv23, sslvSSLv3, sslvTLSv1,sslvTLSv1_1,sslvTLSv1_2); if ComboUseSSL.EditValue <> -1 then // if -1 then just use default which is sslvTLSv1 SSLOptions.Method := TIdSSLVersion(ComboUseSSL.EditValue) else SSLOptions.Method := sslvTLSv1; SSLOptions.Mode := sslmUnassigned; SSLOptions.VerifyMode := []; SSLOptions.VerifyDepth := 0; end; TheImap.IOHandler := IdSSLIOHandlerSocketOpenSSL1; end else TheImap.IOHandler := nil; // TIdUseTLS = ( // utNoTLSSupport, // utUseImplicitTLS, // ssl iohandler req, allways tls // utUseRequireTLS, // ssl iohandler req, user command only accepted when in tls // utUseExplicitTLS // < user can choose to use tls // ); TheImap.UseTLS := TIdUseTLS(ComboUseTLS.EditValue); Thanks. I'll try and set that up and see what I can find.
  8. david_navigator

    Any good replacement for Indy email?

    We use Indy for SMTP & IMAP with very few problems, so it could be your issue is elsewhere.
  9. One of my customer's has started to get this error connecting my app to outlook.office365.com via IMAP. He's connecting to port 993 using Implicit TLS. He says that my app has been working for ages and has just started throwing this error, so I'm assuming that something has changed in the world of Microsoft - yet none of my other customers are reporting the error nor can I find anything online that suggest a change that Microsoft may have rolled out in the past week. I get the same error if I try on my PC with his Microsoft credential. I don't really understand what the error means though to then try and diagnose further what might be going on or settings he needs to look for in his account. Any help much appreciated. David
  10. david_navigator

    FMX in VCL app - working natively ?

    Thanks, but I don't actually need an FMX form in my VCL app, I was just more surprised that it worked !
  11. david_navigator

    FMX in VCL app - working natively ?

    The project file has no mention of FMX in it at all. This is just a host VCL form in a VCL app where I mistyped a unit name i.e MyFormU rather then MyFormVCL_U and then instantiated the form thus MyForm := TmyForm.Create(...); MyForm.Showmodal; It was only after running that I realised that the TmyForm being instantiated was the one from the FMX unit rather than the VCL one. (If you're wondering why I have two similar units one VCL and one FMX, I'm in the process of converting a third party FMX project to VCL)
  12. david_navigator

    About UniGUI Layout

    Have you asked in the UniGUI forums ? That's where the experts hang out.
  13. david_navigator

    FMX in VCL app - working natively ?

    I just accidentally instantiated an FMX form in my VCL app and no errors were thrown (nor warnings at compile time). It just seems to work. Is this a fluke or does delphi natively now support VCL & FMX forms in the same app ?
  14. david_navigator

    Stream in controls at run time created by REST Debugger

    @Uwe Raabe Many thanks. That's really helpful. I owe you a beer or two 🙂
  15. david_navigator

    Stream in controls at run time created by REST Debugger

    Yup, That seems to do what IO want, well it certainly gives me enough information to be able to do what I want. Thanks for your help too though.