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  1. Thanks.... and had I declared it as a Word, then the compiler would have picked up that I'd accidentally added an extra zero in to the default value (160000, rather than 16000) and I wouldn't have needed to debug and thus create my own bug !!!
  2. I just discovered a nasty bug in my code. During a previous debugging session I'd commented out the use of a parameter and replaced it with a hardcoded value i.e aPort replaced with 16000 procedure TAPI_Handler.ConnectDatabase(const aIPaddress: string = ''; const aPort: Integer = 160000); ... ... ... FnxWinsockTransport.Port := 16000; // aPort; Surprisingly the compiler doesn't issue a hint or a warning that aPort isn't used, neither does Pascal Analyzer. Does anyone know of any third party code checking tool (maybe TMS ?) that would have picked this up ? Cheers David
  3. 8 different types.
  4. Quickly Grepping the source, it looks like there are 8 independent sets that use the GetSetCardinality function.
  5. Brilliant. Thank you very much. Saved me hours of googling & head scratching 🙂 Happy New Year.
  6. I think I might need some help here then. The colleague that wrote this function is on furlough for at least the next four months due to Covid, so I have to address the problematic code myself and I'm not sure I understand why it's done like this to be able to refactor it correctly. The function is passed a set along with the sizeof(the set) This is the original function (with the array of bytes set at the original wrong value of 8 bytes, rather than I believe the correct value of 32 bytes) function GetSetCardinality(const aSet; aLen: Word): Word; { Sample call would be: count := GetSetCardinality(SomeSet, sizeof(SomeSet)); } var B, i: Integer; abyte: Byte; bytes: array [0 .. 7] of Byte absolute aSet; begin result := 0; for B := 0 to aLen - 1 do begin abyte := bytes[B]; for i := 0 to 7 do if (abyte and (1 shl i)) <> 0 then Inc(result); end; end;
  7. Thanks for the replies. The programmer's comment above the code indicates that the function is supposed to return the number of elements in a set. If I'm not mistaken I believe delphi allows up to 256 elements which are represented as 256 bits (rather than encoded in to 8 bytes), which I assume means that bytes: array [0 .. 7] of Byte absolute aSet; should actually be bytes: array [0 .. 31] of Byte absolute aSet; The rest of the code simply counts the number of bits set in each abyte which it returns as the result.
  8. I just compiled a colleagues code with Range checking turned on and got an immediate error. It's fairly obvious why and an easy fix (aLen had a value of 9 in this circumstance and the bytes array is simply the wrong size), but I was wondering what actually happens when the faulty code is executing with range checking turned OFF ? What actually happens when the line abyte := bytes[B]; is executed with a value of 8 for B ? Is there a potential for memory corruption or does the code internally fail gracefully ? function GetSetCardinality(const aSet; aLen: Word): Word; var B, i: Integer; abyte: Byte; bytes: array [0 .. 7] of Byte absolute aSet; begin result := 0; for B := 0 to aLen - 1 do begin abyte := bytes[B]; ... ... Many thanks Cheers David
  9. david_navigator

    Delphi 10.4 unusably slow.

    @Stano this is 10.4.1 with latest patches. I keep forgetting to call it 10.4.1 rather than just 10.4 @Uwe Raabe it's a Virtual machine, but it thinks that it's 2 processors of 1 core each. The real machine is i7 4 core. Very weirdly. Atter two and a half hours it suddenly started working correctly. D10.1 had no issues, so I don't think it was Windows doing something. Currently seems to be OK - fingers crossed it continues that way.
  10. david_navigator

    Delphi 10.4 unusably slow.

    Just upgraded to D10.4 but it's unusable. The editor has a 2 second delay & now 27 mins after loading a project, the IDE is still chugging along doing something. Tried a Windows reboot. Also look at memory footprint compared to 10.1 for the same project. <Later> Very weird, even with a simple "Hello World" app delphi is using 43% processor. I'm guessing this is some badly behaved design time package. Is there anyway to diagnose, other than removing them one by one (very, very laborious) ?
  11. david_navigator

    Code Librarian

    I'm not really using it as a library of reusable code, more a reminder of how to do things e.g I can never remember how to iterate through the nodes of an XML document - something I might need to code every couple of years, so I just want to be able to pull up an example bit of code to refresh my memory.
  12. david_navigator

    Code Librarian

    What do others do to keep track of their useful code snippits ? I use Gexperts Code Librarian but I'm finding the inability to import and export folders and snippets a bit restrictive, plus I believe I can't open the same librarian file in two different IDE's at the same time. Other than that, it does do everything I need. Are there alternatives ?
  13. david_navigator

    Crash starting delphi 10.4.3

    Upgraded and all working now 🙂
  14. david_navigator

    Crash starting delphi 10.4.3

    Been using Delphi since day 1 of D1 and only found this site a few weeks ago. Is there a reason that it's not indexed by Google ?
  15. david_navigator

    Crash starting delphi 10.4.3

    Thanks. Nothing on the update page - maybe because I installed from ISO rather than Web ? Found download on https://my.embarcadero.com/ - thanks (of course how was I supposed to know that even existed !!)