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  1. Desculpa. Nao habla Portugeze, me.
  2. Dany Marmur

    FireBird tool, Coworker doing this, 2.0 just released

    I have been waiting for this! Downloading |\-/|\-/|... Thanks for the heads-up!
  3. I do not understand ANYTHING!!
  4. Dany Marmur

    Using Delphi in Virtual machine for a month

    on mobile so not verbose: it was the painting of the IDE, win10 berlin dx ribbon = sluggish esp if the dwm gets qirky.
  5. Dany Marmur

    Using Delphi in Virtual machine for a month

    I just migrated from VirtualBox to Hyper-V. The result is AMAZING! For me, with my setup, Hyper-V works SO much better than VirtualBox. I suspect my woes had to do with VirtualBox's handling of graphics mostly. So the story is that this new Tokyo-GUI project with DX were reaching compile-test cycles at 30+45 seconds. Even longer. Lots of painting going on, lots of cpu power to the DWM and other stuff. So i bought a "gaming rack" with an i9 and 64 MB ram (no graphics card, never used them). The first two days were good but then my VMs started to "degrade" and the cituation were looking a lot like the 4-core 16 MB old workhorse. So i did the migration to Hyper-V, last time, some 4 years ago, that did not work well. This time though! Brilliant! It works! Now i am a happy puppy again. IMHO if you do not need other hosts than Windoze 10 Pro then do not bother with VirtualBox.
  6. Dany Marmur

    Rio and MDI Applications

    My next mega-desktop will be tabbed. When i wrote the previous one, some 13 years ago, (still in production) i moved away from MDI. In the beginning it was scary. That application has a main form that allows for opening of all other forms. All other inherit from the same base. The application encourages the user to use the windows taskbar functionality for arranging forms. Each form has an icon on the taskbar. Since it's the same process the forms can and do interact. Of course, modal dialogs and on-top forms is a bit of a hazzle in that setup. In my current project, i have opted to uses a tabbed interface where the tabs are placed on top of the client area. The client area is under a ribbon. Why? Because of users. When i introduced the 13 yr old app (13 years ago) they were motly positive. Then after working away they were very happy for 5 years. The some trends changed and the new employees do not dirty their hands by learning anything that differs from Chrome or Office too much. I find that MDI-ish/Floating is very nice for my own usage. It is IMHO a lesser challenge to code for a tabbed UI. However i agree with Arthur that multiple concurrent views has it's merits, definately. HTH
  7. Dany Marmur

    THostName delphi seattle

    You can download the latest FB 3.0.5. Download the 64-bit zip. You'll find the fbclient.dll and the two msvc dlls that fbclient.dll depends on. You can put them together with your exe and it should load that client library. If you need the latest clients for 32-bit (just to have everything in it's place) download the 32-bit zip and copy the same files. Regardning "gdsLib: = GetGDSLibrary ('IBSERVER');" i don't know what that is. There's a path you can set in your exe to point to specific client dll files. I have not tested this with dlls though. HTH, /Dany
  8. Dany Marmur

    Boolean evaluation

    CPU Window? Trace into aUser.Administrator read. Does not sound like a boolean record member. Oh, and... do you have "with" somewhere above that code?
  9. @Cristian Peța, i see! Cool!
  10. I switched from Crystal to FR back when. I have been using it since version 2.something. The last version that i used extensively was VCL 4. For my new project i have a VM with Delphi 10.2.3 installed and lots of other 3rd party stuff. I pay and download the latest FR VCL product. <rant> My Delphi 10.2.3 is setup without TeeChart, the library is optional. First installation of FR - ok, but errors when compiling. Then i notice that the demos ar uncompilable w/o TeeChart. Grabbing TeeChart from Steema i install it (Standard). Then i notice that TeeChart (and ADO, BDE, IBX) is optional i FR too! So i uninstall FR (because the modify/repair options does not work). Install again. Still the same problems compiling the demos. Also, if i trace into the FR sources (because frankly the documentation lacks) the IDE will mess up the FR sources uses clause. Uninstall again and install "Complete". Still... uncompilable demos, "untraceable" sources. This is the worst installation experience ever. Ever. </rant> <question>So, anyone know, in order to have TeeChart included in my Delphi installation in a way that placates FR, do i really need to run the Delphi installer again?</question> That does not seem like an experience i'd like to experience. TIA, /Dany
  11. Dany Marmur

    Office files viewer

    Can i compile a pure Dephi server-side service including this and convert office files to html on the fly? TIA
  12. Dany Marmur

    FastReports w/ tree tier solution

    I am going to start by quoting @Wloochacz from another thread: I have been using FR for a very long time. In some implementations i have used the "live" functionality like drill-down and some of my users really appreciate the "edit report" functionality. I am currently pondering wether to produce the reports on the server or on the client. Server it's obvious that things will be faster (mostly) and i could also benefit from using the exact same code for my REST server (web). Client-side would probably deliver more of the "live" functionality. It will probably be easier to provide "click to lookup" functionality. @Wloochacz, did you use drill-down, report editing and other similar stuff? It looks like you send the prepared fr3-file to the client. Is that correct? Regards and TIA, /Dany
  13. Whenever i am tootally stressed, i refactor all my to-do-lists. A process including a ball-point pen and some leaflets. No IDE's. I'm not sure it helps, but it makes me a bit less stressed.
  14. IMHO Readability is key (1) performance is a boon (2). In that order.