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  1. Dany Marmur

    Funny Code in System.Types

    Compile, debug, run = answer.
  2. @Uwe Raabe, much better explained!
  3. What i do: Fiddle with the "Autosave" option. Close all "heavy" forms before closing the project. Not optimal but works for me most times. HTH
  4. DevExpress has a lot of BeginXx/EndXx that have similar effects. I could consider it ok to have Locate being a postponed function. But i can also see that other views are valid. Tricky.
  5. Dany Marmur

    Funny Code in System.Types

    I do not use these. But if they do not set Result implicitly then this is horrendous. If that is a word. Horrific? Wow.
  6. Dany Marmur

    Firedac and simultaneous connection to different version of Firebird

    Marcus, i mean accessing a 2.5 install (on a server, not locally) using a client install with the fbclient.dll from 3.0. Really? ODS = On Disk Structure, a very server-side concept. Opening a FB 3 file using a 2.5 server - that won't work because of different ODS.
  7. Dany Marmur

    Firedac and simultaneous connection to different version of Firebird

    I do not use FireDAC but generally, you should be able to access a 2.5 DB using a 3.0 fbclient.dll. What may give you headaches is if FireDAC when it build SQLs (supporitng cursors) uses 3.0 syntax for your 2.5 DB. Most should work anyway, IMHO.
  8. Dany Marmur

    Best delphi so far?

    I still have it if i need to for such projects. The projects that i still maintain in D2009 are super-old and can be replaced with... hm... how to say; more apt technologies using newer Delphi versions. It is a kind of consolidation towards fewer versions. On the other side are clients that put a stop to developing further, i.e. technical debt. Do note; i'm NOT saying the D2009 is a technical debt in itself, just the stuff i deployed using it. Just count the years 🙂 "Deleted" will be the VM as in "will not be maintained further".
  9. Dany Marmur

    Best delphi so far?

    I have projects start in different versions and some projects upgraded. I upgraded projects a lot more back-when before virtual machines. Nowadays i "simply" keep a VM for any deployed project/projects. I have "ended" up staying on: D2009 (migrated this spring - soon to be deleted!!!), XE2 (will be obsolete by 2021 - fingers crossed), XE7 (will probably be upgraded to 10.2.3 in 2020, mush easier because it's mainly server-side), Berlin (10.1 Upd 2) and Tokyo 10.2.3 10.2.3 is not deployed, it's WIP (XE2 stuff to be migrated) but i am comparatively happy with that version anyway. I have only dabbled with 10.3.x and i will not jump on that train just yet.
  10. Dany Marmur

    FmxLinux bundling with Delphi and RAD Studio

    @Dalija Prasnikar pls explain your use of the expression "kitchen sink" in this context.
  11. Dany Marmur

    Bug in Delphi CODE INSIGHT?

    I suffered from "Out of Memory" quite some in different version of Delphi. The latest sizeable project in Tokyo was a pain when trying to "Compile from here" some 4-5 projects. I updated my DevEx library and the problem went away for Tokyo. So - yes, these thing are dependent on multiple factors. IMHO it is not an overly quaint demand to have a single Delphi user start the IDE as admin and debug. So many 3rd party stuff (and some of Embas stuff is very 4th party...). IMHO it's something akin to Windows itself. The new laptop works so beautifully until you install 100+ of apps, devices, drivers and whatnot. Of course, i can be nostalgic and think of the CP/M MD-DOS times. We controlled everything but with that environ you cannot compete today.
  12. To answer the OQ (Original Question). The answer is "No" if you add comments to your code and name your methods "DoThis".
  13. Dany Marmur

    FmxLinux bundling with Delphi and RAD Studio

    That is not for Linux, only for MacOS. Or am i misinformed?
  14. Dany Marmur

    FmxLinux bundling with Delphi and RAD Studio

    Me, i crave VCLLinux. (One of the FEW ideas that would make me "upgrade" from pro to Ent. However, all ye proud owners of Enterprise+, rejoice. Eugene do have attention to detail.
  15. I remember being a bit chocked when Emba changed that. You can still do it with "protected". However, i seldom port big (deployed) projects between delphi versions. And after a couple of years, the immediate thought [this should be so] obviously shows. For newer projects, i have been forced to suggest a move of fields or methods to vendors. That is normally not a big issue (pls move that up). And in the long run the result(s) are much cleaner. IMHO: A project that NEEDS to override private members should not be migrated to newer versions. As long as we are aware where this hack has been used, it should be an important consideration when deciding to port. I know this won't help you, but anyways...