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  1. 3 hours ago, Uwe Raabe said:

    Getting IDE plugins support High DPI is not that difficult in the first place, just tedious.

    With the "apparent" HR strategy @emba that should be an easy fix, low hanging fruit and all that...

    I AM implying that emba has too many "codemonkeys" on each "architect". Flame me. Do.

  2. The "make image - manipulate image - send" solution re documents is something that has boomed during the pandemic in a host of "digitally sign" services.

    Taking note on the huge accessibility debate/development/legal/awareness-discourse that i personally is very involved with, i really really hope that such measures will disappear.

    People who need screen-readers cannot sign legal documents digitally with these solutions.

    Sure, for the above scenario, the bank requested a fax so any actual text will be destroyed in that step anyway, but who knows, lets hope the bank becomes a modern employer and start employing people that are visually challenged. Or... as already wished for, a more current digital approach.


    So a bit OT - anyone of you found a digital signing service where the signee can actually read a proper PDF or OOXML document? I have a very interested client (with a limited budget).


    I am sorry David that i cannot be of more help.

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  3. The code with update: How can an alias defined in a subselect be used outside?

    Why did that not give an SQL exception?

    I suspect a "bug" in that version of IB, i.e. missed exception.

    Or do you have a table actually named "T2"?

    Or anyone with a brain (mine is not turned on) might have an insight.

  4. I like the feel a lot.

    I dislike the fact that they have removed so many shortcuts from W10.

    Like being able to turn nightlight on/off from the taskbar, i cannot even see what time it is short of 1) looking very close at the bottom right corner or clicking (and loading!!) the widgets. Meh.

  5. I have now upgraded to Win 11. The "rounded corners" is so much more than just rounded corners. It is a lot more than just a look. Skinning in itself will not achieve a proper implementation, at least not in VCL. Applying workarounds will create a havoc similar to High DPI, IMHO. To start with we need the VCL to handle the NC areas properly, Windows App SDK is not just a look. Then moving on to controls and looks within apps, here, skinning might help. But now i am speculating. Without this the VCL will not survive when Win11 comes to offices, IMHO, this is also speculation, but commercial.




    Oh, hover over the common restore/maximize button if you have Win 11!

  6. There are but a very few things i have not been able to tweak/add/implement using DevExpress. 15 years back i had some patching requirements but since a rewrite 4 years back, none, "just" inheritance. I have not used the spreadsheet much, but it would surprise me if your goal could not be achieved - are you stuck in an older DX version?

  7. select [expression]

    from rdb$database


    Is not an antipattern IMHO, let's say you just need one of those session/attachment variables.

    (rdb$database is the dummytabe of the database for FB.)

    Agreed, that if the result is the same in OP/C#/Clientside/anything it's wasteful.


    Neat, esp. before the admin tools could do proper trigger/sp debugging.

  8. 4 hours ago, mvanrijnen said:

    Would the query component know what type after a .Prepare statement ?

    IBO does, the parsing code is almost on par with the server(s) themselves. CTEs, subselects, singletons, windowing, BLR, returning handling, SUID, parameter types, it knows most of all that stuff, some of it even before preparing (can be a huge performance boon not to have to query the server for everything). FireDAC really really should (no sources, so dunno).

  9. 3 hours ago, Lajos Juhász said:

    In case of the FireDAC there is already OpenOrExecute. 

    I don't know shit about FireDAC.

    But i am intimately knowledgeable about how this problem should be solved and i am SURE FireDAC can provide (as any full-blown DAC - Data Access Component - should).

    The statement above is key.

    Any serious DAC have loads of SQL parsing code in order to "pre-empt" the RDBMS API calls.

    Use it instead of trying to create your own, that code is tested in a way a single "deveoper" cannot do.


    And, as a last recommendation, never ever use DAC libs (or any other) without sources. If you do, all the fancy stuff will be hidden and you will re-invent lots of wheels.

  10. 13 minutes ago, mvanrijnen said:

    EWS was that old

    Can't say when i first saw it. 2002 was the first very very specific implementation with OL app server side (sic).


    13 minutes ago, mvanrijnen said:

    just imported the tlb into Delphi and it works

    Ah, of course! The interface "we" write is so much simpler (or "to the point") compared to trying to import the whole EWS. Brilliant! Thank you, this was useful to me!


    13 minutes ago, mvanrijnen said:

    It looks utterly incomplete compared to EWS. My two clients (soon to be only one, hoooray) with this implemented want my system to export "distribution lists" to Exchange and keep them up to date. I cannot see (when i looked some ½ year ago) that possibility in MSGraph. Back when, the lists were a Outlook application function, it was stored binary in Exchange. So the first serious server side implementation was a lot of fiddling with the distlist binary format that was almost "undocumented". Then these function came to EWS, that is when i deployed it using AToZed. I cannot remember when i found out and reworked the deployment.


    @PiedSoftware, sorry for hogging you thread.