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  1. @c0d3r, i use kbmMemTable, RTC and other some of mORMot. Isn't kbmMW goal the same as mORMot with ORM? Or to put my question another way; if you have kbmMW, why do you need RTC. Or... is kbmWM written is such way that you can utilise RTC for it's socket-layer?
  2. I did something similar by "simply" routing some request to a different port. The lib i use has some nice stuff for routing/balance loading efficiently but perhaps just calling a local server from your process using indy would suffice. So you recompile your (other) processe(s) that listen to 90, 91, 92... and just switch them. You can do it while in production if you design REST-ful. Like your serevr are calling a service out there and blocking while until it responds. HTH
  3. The Danes, when they leave the office they go: "God arbetslust" [Gu arbajdslust]. Brilliant! It means something like "i which for you to enjoy your work subsequently", but actually means "ok, i've done better than you t'day so i'm off already, good luck you sucker!!!". I think.
  4. I have, last decade, moved to 3rd party vendors that *listen* to my needs. I used to have projects with modified code, it becomes a mess. Not the first year maybe, but then... I am having two beefs with DX and one with nn. I cannot swap out DX but if nn keep displaying blatant uninterest, i'll swap it out*. Not that that will be easy nor cheap. So my $.05; don't patch, just don't. You should always have the code, for debugging and understanding - not for changing. Another thing is that considering at least VCL and UI, there's a lot of things that can be handled by assigning your own code to VCL globals and a host of other tricks... so first, as David points out above, make it 100% clear that the problem cannot be handled in another way. Another great way of putting some pressure on commercial 3rd party vendors is to set up a successful opensource project that depends on their library with the deficiency pointed out in *bold*. In that situation you'll have peers that can agree with you that the requested change is needed and sound. * Pls note, i am not the only user with that exact same request. Also note, "nn", is not the real name of the vendor. Still hoping for that "virtual" to be inserted in the right place.
  5. Dany Marmur

    Delphi 10.4 IDE - F12 Editor/Designer toggle

    I have an XPS, i7, 16GB, SSD, one of the first (9550). It has a built-in 4K screen. Not all XPS's have that, some came with a sensible HD screen (1920). That will bog things down, IMHO. When starting a "design-time-centred" project, fist in Berlin, the Rio and now in Sydney... well i was going bonanza crazy. I went to the local store and bought some Asus-rog-based parts (around €1700) with an i9 and superfast memory and a huge fan. No graphics card (do not need it). Wow. That works. Now it's possible to do these design-time stuff with 4 levels of visual inheritance and DX or another huge 3rd party lib. *It sucks to sit on an expensive laptop that handles everything else with a breeze and watch the IDE go through all it's excessive update motions.* This project can afford new hardware, but IMHO it should not be like that. DX have ticket, other have tickets, the refreshed of the IDE are a mess. A serious mess that needs support deep down in the dfm-reader/s to be made workable again.. Emba ignores it as it seems. /D
  6. Dany Marmur

    ANN: StyleControls VCL v. 4.73 released!

    Your work is awesome. But may i ask what is the "system font" in the images above? It looks a bit "outdated", the way "GP" is ... how to do that in english ... "kerned", perhaps (?).
  7. Without "inline vars" it would become almost as dangerous as with. With them, ok... less typing. I try to refrain from copy-pasting code, but... well it's logged deep down in the back of my spine 😞 Considering readability, copy-paste "safety", you could argue it's the same with interfaces... sure, but you can effortlessly write "instance = nil" for "explaining". I dunno... using things that "go out of scope" is intimately understood, so i might be out on another discourse here. Anyhow; procedure Name; begin STUFF BU try DO! finally EU end; STUFF end; procedure Name begin STUFF begin var magick = TMagic.Create(...); DO! end; STUFF end; If we could do JS-like stuff and omit the "var magick ="-part then it would look more clean. Also, i am trying to name my records RWhatever instead of TWhatever more often. Maybe the CRM's constuctor should have a different name; RMagic.Instatiate(). In this context i would find it a plus because it indicates automatic management (scope). Bottom line, i tend to agree with @Arnaud Bouchez in this case though i generally agree with @Rollo62 that @Erik@Grijjy's blogs is a goldmine! ???? /D
  8. Yes, "Enhanced Session". Only for guests with Win7 and up (methinks). An absolute must, RDP is useless w/o.
  9. Dany Marmur

    Book: Delphi Quick Syntax Reference

    Anyhow, I need that book! Now!
  10. I would not try to even think about it without traceable sources, you have the sources? If I remember correctly they are not in professional. That is why I use a 3rd party alternative. HTH
  11. SOAP problems esp. regarding M$, IMHE is best handled compiling a dll using visual studio and then importing that. AtoZ has a Crosstalk product that let's you call that dll, if you lack time to import it. Wrap edge case stuff in simpler dll exports. HTH
  12. Dany Marmur

    Admin Tool for IBToGo2020

    It *should * "just" be a question of placing and setting the correct client library and params in most tools. Not always straigt as waiting for all those time-outs sucks.
  13. Dany Marmur

    Sync Prototypes - syncronize parameters! :)

    I have been afraid... Does it always sync the other one (focus:not)? In that case I'll start using it. It can save a lot of time.
  14. This was pushed by Microsoft but there is different solutions to manage the Hyper-V Host without AD or domain, i am using 5Nine manager it just ask for IP/Host, UserName, Password , alas just googled and couldn't found it !, Acronis acquired it at the end of last year. There is other approaches like this https://www.probus-it.com/ when i was making decision between ProHVM and 5Nine manager 5 years ago, ProHVM wasn't offering replica as it does now and lacked many features, but now it looks full featured, you might find it useful. Another way is to enable remote managing, for that consult with Google and you can use the Hyper-V manager itself in remote without AD. Of course, i should have said "from outside your network without a VPN/AD or opening up a port." Is what i meant but you got that. Interesting, i'll check them out, thanks!
  15. I do not remember the specifics but i googled and converted some. Hyper-V needs Windoze as host and Windoze 7 or 10 to be able to resize the "window". The only thing i miss from VirtualBox is the "Host Key" (hit it and hit alt+Tab and you are out on the host). Hyper-V runs via RDP (TerminalSever). At first i was a bit held back by this. But... after a while, getting used to click outside, it rocks! Hyper-V manages machines and allocates memory. You can shut down the host without problems. You will not be able to access your vm's without an AD (this is M$) - but if you can open up the RPD port to the host, imho it often works better om the move than copying the clients to a cutting-edge laptop. HTH
  16. In my humble expirience and opinion, Hyper-V works much better (w/ Delpi IDE) than VirtualBox or VMWare.
  17. Dany Marmur

    Book: Delphi Quick Syntax Reference

  18. Dany Marmur

    Anybody up for an ethics question?

    Get back on track. This is about ethics, not nullable types. However, imho, gullable guys normally do not care about ethics.
  19. Dany Marmur

    Anybody up for an ethics question?

    That sucks and that is morally/ethically WRONG. BUT if the client has been told and "do not care" and still pays for the "lost" hours... bad client, get a better one! At least if you are in this business long-term. Alternative is milking this client for $ w/o actually adding any intellectual/experienced value... if you can do that and sleep at nights, well... you could buy some shares in a lot of companies. Start with CyberCom and continue. MORALLY a lot of coders should not do what they are doing. At all.
  20. Dany Marmur

    Export to PDF speed

  21. Dany Marmur

    Are we just "Cash Cows"?

    We all know that it still takes some time (at least based on all the open serious issues). But my topic was to change something for the future. I am sure that Marco and the team is clever enough to solve a lot more problems and enhance the product if they get more money (very simple calculation). But the money is "used" elsewhere and this should change. I get that, sorry for pitching in a frustrated comment. I did read your OP and will say the following; i appreciate that "Delphi-lovers" of all levels and colours are putting a lot of energy and thought into the "product" at different levels and from different perspectives. If it was not for a "handful" of "gurus" i'd have left this "world" a long time ago myself. Thanks!
  22. Dany Marmur

    Are we just "Cash Cows"?

    A more prompt release of 10.4.1 would be a boon!
  23. Dany Marmur

    FastReport 5 vs 6: PDF export

    Considering your callstack @Vandrovnik is probably right. Another thing to check out is the (IMHO much better RichText export). In version 5 RTF objects produced bitmaps. In version 6 it produces properly formatted text in the PDF (searchable, extractable). That *could* also make things slower.
  24. Dany Marmur

    Possible custom Format types?

    I dunno, but i seem to remember an escape character in the mix. Cannot find it now on the phone. I.e. how would you print a "%".