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  1. I do not use FireDAC but it seems it wants to interpret the / or /A as some kind of escape character.

    There is an RFC describing CSV, but the format is legacy and tricky and some stuff differ with language/os and such.

    If this is a one-time thing, then you could "massage" or rather "amend" the files using VS Code or Excel or some such.

    Depending on the code in FireDAC that reads the CSV, perhaps putting the whole field inside " citation marks will help.

    If you have the time to file a QC report and wait for it's resolving, do that!

    If you have the sources to FireDAC, trace along and see if you can patch it.

    Another solution is to write you own CSV to TDataSet loop or hunt for a 3rd party component. If this is code that should work in production, IMHO you must get to the bottom of it or it will surely bite in the future.

    Reading here https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc4180#page-2 it seems FireDAC is wrong, but i have not seen the file so cannot know.



  2. 7 hours ago, Serge_G said:

    Hi, first you have to install the two versions of PostgreSQL (32 and 64) the first for the IDE the second when running/debugging 64 apps

    That sound odd to me. Do you actually need a 64 bit server installation to debug a 64 bit application?

  3. Some RDBMS can be installed 32 bit or 64 bit, but that is server-side.

    The IDE is 32 bit. The IDE needs to be able to access the 32 bit client lib.

    If you compile to Win64 target, that exe needs the 64 bit lib (runtime).

    If you compile to Win32 target, that exe needs the 32 bit lib (runtime).

  4. Wow! Looks very cool!

    THANKS for this!


    Aside-note: I do not like regexp so very much in these tools, i always have to look up the syntax (ehrm, not a regexp fan).

    Just an idea, it would be *supercool* to integrate expression searches like the recent "Rubicon" post showed here (and, or, not, near).

    Would not proximity searches be a boon (?); "Free near MREWS and not (FIDDLING or TODO)" and the not operator to narrow down searches?

  5. The CJK dicussion is pertinent even if you will not index (support FTS) for these languages in you implementation (you being someone like me)

    In my system users "just uploads [anything 🙂 ]" so there is a LOT of noise. In order to cut down on that "noice" such things needs to be understood.

    I have other "noise" problems (not language related, rather format related) and all things performed to filter it out will "hang together" if you do not have every chunk of text tagged with its language.

    So CJK knowledge and support routines should not be down-prioritised IMHO.

    Just my $.05.

  6. Mainly because of Covid, my "largest" client and i decided that i move my development to a machine hosted by their hosting vendor in "the cloud".

    Whenever i have the task to setup a new devmachine, these days, i try to update everything. So i do not have much Alexandria experience from another working environment (like on my own machine).

    Twice now, when i hit F9 to compile an run, the server has "hung". At first i thought that the "whole machine" got "hung". But last time they said that "the RDP has hung".

    Interesting - this would not be a huge problem if i could restart the machine. But to restart a machine at this vendor needs a support ticket (!). Comments on that are appreciated.

    I have used hosting from some 5-6 vendors - albeit but i never had a hosted a development machine before - none of those other services required support tickets to restart a machine.

    There will be a meeting about this next week, and i would be very grateful if anyone has some insight or experience into when "the RDP hangs".

    When it happens the IDE becomes completely un-responsible at first. When trying to kill the IDE i get "Access denied". Then in a small while all running applications stops painting and everything locks. After that "the server is not manageable" in the Windows Server Admin application, on another server. It says "kerberos auth error" when i try to "manage it". Then i have to wait for the support to wake up from thier slumber. Sigh.

    Oh, and i have never used the IDE under "my own account" as i always had my own machines and VMWare/VirtualBox and lately Hyper-V running directly on them. Might be pertinent as i get "Access denied" when trying to kill the IDE when calamity hits. Normally (before this happens) i can close/kill the IDE.



  7. The image is converted to a base64 encoded string that you can paste into your browser.

    If it is an SQL property then the image is converted to a query that gets that image from GetIt when executed.

    If the property is an HTTP/S Host address the image will be posted on all you social media.

    A little bit like using Teams IMHO.

  8. 1 hour ago, dummzeuch said:

    Every rescaling of a control seems to cause a redraw of the whole form.

    This is my observation too. The VCL cascades calculations and in a lot of situations there are redundant calculations on a scale of magnitude.

  9. "High DPI" caused me to do a complete rewrite. Well, it was a major factor anyhow.

    Starting from scratch with DevExpress as the foremost library that must handle it, it has worked pretty well.

    Bugs are showing up every now and then and since DX has a faster patch-cycle than VCL it has been working.

    The thing that still bugs me even though i have started out from 0 with HighDPI enabled toolbox is the time it takes to resize a VCL app compared apps created using other frameworks.

  10. @Fr0sT.Brutal, brilliant!

    All the hazzles, all the NG posts, all the tools and add-ons and installation "quirks"....

    I had no idea it was possible. My "nuevo" client have a "transport layer" and a "stateful" server, so the server needs the client lib making this magic a bit redundant. But anyways. Neat-o!

  11. 1 minute ago, Fr0sT.Brutal said:

    doesn't require external MSVCR crap

    I though that: If the correct visual c runtime dlls does not exist on the target system you'll have to distribute them?

    2 minutes ago, Fr0sT.Brutal said:

    I also use custom static build of client that doesn't require external MSVCR crap

    You mean your process emitts a dll from resource before connecting?

  12. 13 minutes ago, Frickler said:

    I think InterBase is designed to be very slim and fast. For example, for everything except the most essential internal functions you have to use UDFs. Furthermore, it looks to me that the main use case is still embedded SQL like in ye olden times of InterBase on UNIX.

    Interesting... the only thing i see (without doing any actual research) IB has over FB is those change views. You can do that with triggers. FB has windows and CTEs.

    It would be interesting to hear about a solid selection between the two (FB >= 3) and why one would choose IB.

    To be clear, any "legacy" concerns should not be weighted into the decision.

  13. fbclient.dll depends on msvcr100.dll and msvcp100.dll.


    I put them in the app folder to avoid clashes (but the last couple of years the new fbclient should handle older fb servers properly).

    Having the dlls locally will entail moving the msg file there too and setting a environment variable to point at it at runtime, if you need the fancy exception messages and not "cannot format message..." + error codes.

    Things should work without the msg file it too.



  14. Yes, @Uwe Raabe is correct IMHO, happened to me several times but with the Image property mostly. It adds up, i do have imageLists in DMs.

    My DataSource connections are local to the DB and those that are not (resides on a form) are re-assigned at runtime, so i did not have the problem re DataSource.

    The source control system is a necessity when this happens.

  15. On 5/27/2021 at 8:54 PM, Attila Kovacs said:

    They won't as MAPI is officially discontinued.

    What are the alternatives?

    One bridge for each plausible e-mail client?


    The sharing concept seems not to interact with an e-mail client (please correct me if i am wrong!).


    Thanks again for the unit @Attila Kovacs!