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  1. @algodritmo, after a meeting of around two hours, i could probably state the prerequisites for putting my head into this.

    But no guarantees at all. and i would not be able to start before april IF i deem you budget sufficient and IF my current clients do not fuck up before that (they usually do).

  2. @Stano, the OP wrote that the presented files are "just two but the main part". If you read code like you read posts, then i would not give you the job. Do you really feel you know at this momen what the other (non presented parts) entail? This is not a one-off, this is a process.

  3. Me,too. Scrolled about for some minutes.

    First off; what are the use cases, how many clients / what revenue. 

    Is it a project where i get payed per hour or do i have to wait for revenue (comission).

    No... no no no, i do not see a good path, paying someone 20-40 hours.

    For UNDERSTANDING IMHO you should "engage" someone that feel comfortable both with the legacy code and the "future plans".

    My client sometimes engage other when they feel i change to much, they often have to come back to me (for a higher price) after those "cheap excursions" int "cheaper".

    My take: evaluate seriously whet this project might give back and ditch it if someone with insight would be "too expensive".


  4. 12 hours ago, TimCruise said:

    Do you hire digital artists?

    No, i try to get things acceptable. I have a licence for SVG icons (Axialis).

    Sometimes i have to change an icon.

    Not many "media" thingies (it is back-office stuff) but it needs to look crispy and sharp.

    Problem is as a developer/coder i am an "a-type", not being an "artist" sometimes i get very frustrated.

    If you are writing something flashy and commercial, imho, you should have access skilled people.

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  5. The OR way, i do not consider it as "flush" as a JOIN.

    I do not think this should be a recommendation at all, it may blow up in other SQL Engines.

    Also i think FB2.5 and later has a special syntax for this. It is documented, not used below.


    PAR1 = null;

    PAR2 = null;



    .... set the current values of PARn ...


    select *

    from table

    where (((:PAR1 is null) or (field1 = :PAR1)) and

                ((:PAR2 is null) or (field2 = :PAR2)) ... )

  6. I do not think you can do that at all. (I should say that i read somewhere that this is a "popular request" and might be possible in the future.)


    You get the error because the parser expects a (, not a :. The colon saying that MYVALUE is a parameter.

    If we could do that, then we would have to be decided how a list of values should be represented in one and only one parameter. So we cannot.

    Should it be a string? How to separate integers? What if it's a float field to the left. And so on.


    1. You can use a subselect instead of the IN.

    2. You could set up another table, fill it with the values and JOIN to that other table.

    3. You could express it with OR.


    Solution #2 is good if you potentially have a lot of values. Also you can use a GTT in order to make sure it happens on a per attachment or transaction basis (yes you would have to fill the table before each execution of your select, but that goes for the other methods in some way too).

    There are other solutions out there.


    Read the following chapter in the FB 3.0 docs, 4.2.3 Existential Predicates. It will help!

  7. I guess there's an index that cannot be used.

    You should check the "performance" stats and compare the two.

    You will probably see what reads are done indexed/non indexed using the index in the first and not in the second.


    Do you have any "expression indices" on that table? Check that too.

    It is not impossible that something forces IB to do a complete scan using the NOT.

    Performance stats will tell you.

  8. 3 hours ago, Uwe Raabe said:

    Getting IDE plugins support High DPI is not that difficult in the first place, just tedious.

    With the "apparent" HR strategy @emba that should be an easy fix, low hanging fruit and all that...

    I AM implying that emba has too many "codemonkeys" on each "architect". Flame me. Do.

  9. The "make image - manipulate image - send" solution re documents is something that has boomed during the pandemic in a host of "digitally sign" services.

    Taking note on the huge accessibility debate/development/legal/awareness-discourse that i personally is very involved with, i really really hope that such measures will disappear.

    People who need screen-readers cannot sign legal documents digitally with these solutions.

    Sure, for the above scenario, the bank requested a fax so any actual text will be destroyed in that step anyway, but who knows, lets hope the bank becomes a modern employer and start employing people that are visually challenged. Or... as already wished for, a more current digital approach.


    So a bit OT - anyone of you found a digital signing service where the signee can actually read a proper PDF or OOXML document? I have a very interested client (with a limited budget).


    I am sorry David that i cannot be of more help.

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  10. The code with update: How can an alias defined in a subselect be used outside?

    Why did that not give an SQL exception?

    I suspect a "bug" in that version of IB, i.e. missed exception.

    Or do you have a table actually named "T2"?

    Or anyone with a brain (mine is not turned on) might have an insight.

  11. I like the feel a lot.

    I dislike the fact that they have removed so many shortcuts from W10.

    Like being able to turn nightlight on/off from the taskbar, i cannot even see what time it is short of 1) looking very close at the bottom right corner or clicking (and loading!!) the widgets. Meh.