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  1. I just want to share this new project. https://gitlab.com/CrossMaker/CrossMonkey The goal is to be able create a native desktop, mobile application and web application with the same user interface and code. For now, it's only in proof of concept state but it can be very easily extended. Anyone interested can participate. Renaud
  2. You can use the ide that you want. Personally, I use intellij with i-pascal.
  3. https://www.tixeo.com/rejoignez-tixeo-et-vivez-lexperience-100-home-office/
  4. Hi, I think it would be fantastic to have a delphi language server. https://langserver.org This would open delphi to many editor and IDE (present and future). What do you think about ? Renaud
  5. Renaud GHIA

    We need a Delphi Language Server

    I just discovered this project: https://github.com/CWBudde/DWScript-Language-Server
  6. Renaud GHIA

    We need a Delphi Language Server

    .dfm and .fmx design is a delphi specificity and for sure will be never managed by LSP. However, I wish that one day we replace the .fmx with a css like. It would be a lot more standard and powerful. But that's another debate.
  7. Renaud GHIA

    We need a Delphi Language Server

    Yes. Depends of the IDE, but for instance with i-pascal and IntelliJ you can configure the delphi compiler. http://www.siberika.com/img/run/compile.gif
  8. Renaud GHIA

    We need a Delphi Language Server

    The hard reality is that delphi ide is old and really buggy. If we compare it to Intellij... No comment. Currently, I use the plugin i-pascal for intelliJ (not perfect but far better than delphi for code navigation) Omnipascal is also very good. It is precisely to avoid rewriting a plugin for each IDE that the language server is existing. A delphi langage server will bring with one implementation, a support with majors editors / IDE or next gen web IDE as Eclipse CHE.