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  1. emailx45

    Delphi 10.4.2 first impressions

    Save with "answer YES"! hug
  2. if the DEBUG dont catch it, can be a new "bug" or some inconsistence of your code! it's hard to say, i'm sorry.... "Chicago" ->> big band! I love this song! try my sample more simple: function TConnector.IsDeviceConnected: boolean; begin result := false; // by deafult always will be "false"! -> Always define a value initial and dont worry about any error below this line!!! // // I dont like use "Assigned( valueX )", sometimes it dont reflect the true necessary!!! // try if not(FConnection_Last = nil) and FConnection_Last.IsConnected then result := True; except on E: Exception do // what you need to do here? ShowMessage('my error:'+sLineBreak+ E.Message); end end; NOTE by Embarcadero Help System: hug
  3. emailx45

    Delphi 10.4.2 first impressions

    hi @Kryvich for sure! I never use this "layout" too... but we need test some not trivial! but, same that not usual... it's bug or "my bug"? that the question! ok, ok! many others will say: hey boy, are you in '90? -- no! but, at 2021, this basic error cannot aceptable or is it? any way, dont worry! There is more import thing for lost time on Embarcadero... will be? maybe "GetIT" ... at least!!! thanks for your time! hug
  4. emailx45

    Delphi 10.4.2 first impressions

    ill try tonight. thanks hug
  5. emailx45

    Install flag to say it's for ALL USERS?

    have you seen the "OPTION" button? normally we have this option there. all or these (if unchecked) other way, you would can use PowerShell to indicate the MSWin user to install your software. and you can use UnAttended txt file to easy install and quiet! look that https://youtu.be/4zt1TnYttds hug
  6. emailx45

    Delphi 10.4.2 first impressions

    im using last VBox with ExtendPack for MSWin. in all case, last try once more hug
  7. emailx45

    TTreeNode leak when VCL styles are active

    i dont saw it, thanks hug
  8. emailx45

    TTreeNode leak when VCL styles are active

    maybe if he can upload the files envolved as original for test? hug
  9. emailx45

    Enumerating Windows Sounds

    no. no. no. your app, your code! what be better for you! hug
  10. emailx45

    How to install a design-time package

    hi @vmishka All package to "Design-Time" (DS) should have the option "Install"! some company, create just "one" package (DS and RT), like TMS Components other, like DevExpress, create one to DS, and other to RT! To install the DS package, you need have the RT package builded, to produre the *.DCP and *.BPL later, you can build your DT *.bpl's! sometimes, just using "Install" options the package is builded, if the developer put this conditions on creation ---> compile/build as needed Before a install of third-part components, it's ideal look the "Project -> Options" and see "where" the files will be builded, like, *.DCU / *.DCP / *.BPL normally, the files *.DCP / *.BPL should be builded on "Public\....\Embarcadero\ n.nn version \ DCP or BPL folder for easy found by compiler/IDE -- good pratice! but, many developers, include company, dont follow this and put yourself definitions --> I prefere change/save it for first option above! It's necessary, if not done, add or update the "PATH Library = DCU (debug or release) files used by compiler", "PATH Browser = PAS files used by IDE/Editor" and "PATH DCU = DCU files for debug", or be, verity if the folders it's ok (defined) Another thing, the "order" of compiling/building it's necessary too! First, RT package, according with "dependence of each other" Second, DS pacakge -- same above for rest, I think that is only this! NOTE: some company, use build the BPL files on \Windows\System (or 32 in 64bits)! Bad pratice! then, verify if exist *.DCU / *.DCP / *.BPL of old editions and delete it before new compilation! System folders is not good place for some like this! hug
  11. emailx45

    Delphi 10.4.2 first impressions

    hi @Darian Miller thanks for your attention. Im a VM VirtualBox v6.18 updated, for test before install on HDD directly! maybe some problem with Video Card acces or its drivers/GDI etc... ? NOTE: Strange, but it may be acceptable since IF the VirtualBox (new) SuperVGA driver does not have direct access to VGA Card, on GDI use the RAD10.4.x needs this access, an error could be caused. Taking into account the massive use of theme in RAD! Not reproduced on RAD10.3.3 Arch in same conditions! hug
  12. emailx45

    Delphi 10.4.2 first impressions

    Can anyone perform this basic action to reproduce this buggy screen? Install offline on MSWindows 10 64bits (20H2) clean install!!! View -> Toolbars -> Components (or just right-click on bar-buttons of IDE) --> (error 1) try to move the bar by dragging it with the mouse (error 2 ... and so) hug
  13. emailx45

    How to Refresh 10.4.2 CodeInsight

    ok! im get out from here! dont worry!
  14. emailx45

    Enumerating Windows Sounds

    better dont trust the Registry as "right"! --> somebody can dont have it as your...you see? an user, can dont have previlegies on Registry key, for example, if a user is very restrict for use just some part of your system at all on MSWin we can have more than an user, and each user can have some restriction on system! better check the "real files on disk" - using a folder default or specific for this task, can be the "key" for example, an user can dont have access to "user folder of other user", etc.. if the files exist, then, just fill the list (TStringList, TList, and sub-classes) - of course, if the files is "corrupted"... nothing to do with it! hug
  15. emailx45

    How to Refresh 10.4.2 CodeInsight

    really, this "ghost-mark" the Embarcadero needs work better! try see on "Tools-Options" about some option to use "old style" of "CodeSight" work! here more info about Sydney: http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/Code_Insight_Reference it should have been fixed already! However, they fix an error, however, it causes a new error! It's the dog chasing its tail ... it will never be able to reach it.