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    Ann: NexusDB Easter Sale

    Good idea, I'll add some tooltips to our web shop with the alternate currencies.
  2. Clicking a GetIt item goes to the wrong item in the list after searching If the subject has ever affected you, please vote for this one... https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-23803
  3. eivindbakkestuen

    Long standing SOAP bug, please vote

    First, it would be nice if you posted at least the title of the report here, and not just a link... Not a great report; it is unclear exactly what issue is pointed out in the report, and "difficult to reproduce" in steps isn't going to help matters. If you are affected, you could improve chances of a fix by adding something helpful in comments.
  4. eivindbakkestuen

    General DB access question -- paging query results

    I don't think you can fix this at the DAC/client end. You may need to redesign the app to allow selecting a time period first, and only then running the heavy SQL on a (hopefully) relatively narrow timespan/low amount of data to speed up creating the result set. You may also consider calculating and permanently storing intermediate data (presumably, the 10 year old data doesn't change all that much anymore).
  5. You will now find the embedded version of the best Delphi database in 10.3 Rio via the GetIt tool. For those who use older IDEs with GetIt, the Embedded Free version has been updated to match the latest full NexusDB release, and it is recommended to update for the latest fixes. regards, The NexusDB Team
  6. eivindbakkestuen

    Ann: NexusDB 10.3 Rio support

    NexusDB support for 10.3 Rio has been officially released 🙂 https://www.nexusdb.com/support/index.php?q=nxdbtrial
  7. Greetings! In true Black Friday style, we are having a 50% blitz sale on new licenses of all our products, from now until the end of cyber monday! If you have been looking for a great Delphi database, look no further than NexusDB. The latest source version already supports Rad Studio 10.3 Rio, which was released today. For the best profiling and quality assurance tools for Delphi projects, Nexus Quality Suite is the one to get. At AUD225 (rebated) it is a steal. Web shop: https://www.nexusdb.com/support/index.php?q=pricing To qualify for the discount, make sure you enter the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY during checkout. New licenses only, and note that buying multiple licenses simultaneously also gives an extra rebate. regards, The NexusDB Team