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  1. Raymond Ng

    Delphi 10.4.2 with XCode13 SDK15.0 packaging ipa fail

    Thanks for your comment ! Any workaround option available ? As my App is crash in iPhone 13. Is there any Xcode 12.x version that can support iPhone 13 with iOS15 ? Is Delphi 11 support Xcode 13 ?
  2. [PAClient Error] Error: E0776 2021-10-05 03:26:02.902 xcodebuild[628:7154] [MT] IDEDistribution: -[IDEDistributionLogging _createLoggingBundleAtPath:]: Created bundle at path "/var/folders/3h/q_v8b1m557s711_wxzzg5s3w0000gn/T/TestingMyApp_2021-10-05_03-26-02.902.xcdistributionlogs". [PAClient Error] Error: E0776 2021-10-05 03:26:04.636 xcodebuild[628:7286] CFURLRequestSetHTTPCookieStorageAcceptPolicy_block_invoke: no longer implemented and should not be called [PAClient Error] Error: E0776 error: exportArchive: The operation couldn’t be completed. (IDEFoundation.DistributionAppRecordError error 3.) [PAClient Error] Error: E0776 IDEFoundation.DistributionAppRecordError.buildNumberRequestFailed(DVTAppStoreConnect.BuildsService.Error.responseErrors(ResponseErrors (1): Error status: 400, code: PARAMETER_ERROR.INVALID, title: 'A parameter has an invalid value', detail: ''' is not a valid filter', id: 3ff08166-1723-4b4c-96d2-ddac6df5fdfc)) [PAClient Error] Error: E0776 ** EXPORT FAILED ** Failed Elapsed time: 00:01:22.6 Any1 can help advice what's wrong?? There is no error for XCode12 with SDK14.4.