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  1. Orrengg

    Interbase IBX to Firedac TDatetime

    Interbase. The issue is that Firedac writes datetime fields with milliseconds. IBX does not. So, when my old apps try and modify a record, it thinks the record has changed because when it searches for the record to change it cannot find it because the datetime does not match (off by the milliseconds)... When we change ALL legacy apps to Firedac the problem would disappear - but who knows when that may be. So I am looking for a way to make firedac not send the milliseconds...
  2. Orrengg

    Interbase IBX to Firedac TDatetime

    wow...nothing... No one ran into this?
  3. We have an Datasnap server deployed via IIS (ISAPI) we are testing. We are seeing that the datasnap server is filling IIS logs with hundreds of thousands of entries (Gets and Puts) that are not needed. Is there a way to turn off logging for the DLL? Is that done on the IIS side? If so can it be done for only one dll? Thanks!
  4. H, We have many legacy applications using IBX components to connect to our Interbase databases. We are slowly moving to Firedac for our connectivity and are finding that Firedac supports milliseconds in TDatetime calls sent to Interbase while the IBX components do not. This is causing issues in our applications - specifically Record changed by another user when using TClientDatasets to do updates. We have already added mapping rules to get the datatypes to work properly. Is there a way to configure firedac to drop the milliseconds on the datetime fields so we can maintain backwards compatibility? I do not want to change every single place we use a datetime and truncate the milliseconds...that would be a ton of work.... Thanks!