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  1. I'm using the free version of Delphi to work through the "Mobile Tutorial: Using FireDAC and SQLite (iOS and Android)". My installation did not seem to have the samples folders or database file. So it was suggested that I download shoplist.s3db from here. I obviously think I have followed the tutorial accurately, but I'm having problems. Firstly in the section "Displaying ShopItem in the ListView", it suggests that when I complete the section I should see actual data within the Form Designer. But I don't? Is this because the data they are showing is not in the table or something is already wrong? Secondly, at the end of the tutorial, I press f9. There are no errors. My connected phone runs the app, I get a white screen with an off-center label saying "shopping list" at the top. No data seems to be displayed? Lastly, I have then been making changes, for example to the text, after changing the view to android 3.5 (I had the view in Delphi on Master which is why I assume the label text is not centered), but when hitting f9 none of these changes are reflected? I swapped the ButtonAdd and ButtonDelete around so I could test the ButtonAdd, but this is not reflected when I hit F9. I'm un-installing the app from the phone each time. Any help appreciated. Although I programmed in Delphi years ago, I'm very rusty and a lot seems to have changed. Thank you