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  1. baeckerg

    Delphi 11.1 is available

    And some are no longer MVPs (I remember another well known German MVP), probably because of being too honest
  2. baeckerg

    Delphi 11.1 is available

    you just have to press the blank invisible button - randomly assigns self-destruct sequence
  3. baeckerg

    splitting interface + implementation

    if I remember correctly it was in one of the Nick Hodges books - but that is off the top of my head without any guarantee
  4. baeckerg

    Saving tree to Data Base

    I just played around and if you really only need to load a certain status into the database which you need to reload you could do something like this: procedure TForm2.btn1Click(Sender: TObject); var I: Integer; node: TTreenode; ms: TMemoryStream; begin node := tv1.Items.Add(nil, 'ROOT Beer') ; for I := 0 to 10 do begin tv1.items.AddChild(node, 'Beer ' + i.toString); end; ms := TMemoryStream.Create; tv1.SaveToStream(ms); qry_1.SQL.Text := 'Insert into files (files) values (?)'; qry_1.Params[0].LoadFromStream(ms, ftBlob); qry_1.ExecSQL(); ms.Clear; qry_1.SQL.Text := 'Select f.files from files f limit 1'; qry_1.Open(); ms.Position := 0; TBlobField(qry_1.FieldByName('files')).SaveToStream(ms); ms.Position := 0; tv2.LoadFromStream(ms); ms.Free; end; just a quick and dirty hack with two treeviews (tv1, tv2) and Firedac on SQlite
  5. baeckerg

    Sql-Add Number begining of an INT field

    My solution was based on the fact that it is an integer field - therefore a simple "ADD" seamed to be the most straightforward way. I am not working on interbase. Therefore my SQL is based on SQlite. There you could use UPDATE mytable SET docno = CASE WHEN docno <2000 THEN docno + 210000 ELSE docno + 220000 END; which would give you more flexibility. In SQLite you could also do UPDATE mytable SET docno = CASE WHEN docno <2000 then '21'|| DOCNO ELSE docno + 220000 END; since SQLite internally handles the fields as strings. But case can give you flexibility in case you need it
  6. baeckerg

    Sql-Add Number begining of an INT field

    How about Update mytable set docno = docno + 210000; this modifies all records. If you want to limit the affected rows you would need to add a WHERE clause
  7. baeckerg

    I will be less active for a few weeks

    Stay well and speedy full recovery
  8. baeckerg

    How i can use the TFlowLayoutBreak?

    How about this one: http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/Libraries/Sydney/en/FMX.Layouts.TFlowLayoutBreak
  9. baeckerg

    Android Mobile application using Firemonkey

    Sorry - I should have congratulated on the app - I consider it a good idea and it looks well planned @Kas Ob.definitely good suggestions
  10. baeckerg

    Android Mobile application using Firemonkey

    sorry to say - but not appealing to me. Components limited to Android Firemonkey? - This is odd as Firemonkey is supporting iOS, Windows, MacOS Did you look at TMS FNC framework - one of my favourites for GUI development
  11. I started to work with the new JetBrains Mono - really nice
  12. baeckerg

    madSecurity, Are There Any Alternatives?

    Or your question?
  13. baeckerg

    New project with embedded browser

    Great - did not want to intrude on any intellectual property
  14. baeckerg

    New project with embedded browser

    Thanks for sharing - my understanding is that the FMXBrowser is independent of the framework. @Dave NottageWould you share all your enhancements or do you host it somewhere? Github? I think it would be much appreciated
  15. baeckerg

    Database connection as parameter in class creation

    Thanks for the feedback and the valuable input Free will be part of the datamodule when it is destroyed 🙂