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  1. Using Livebindings to link a TDataset to a TListview on the same TForm is fine. But I'm still struggling to find a way to connect a TDataset on a TDataModule and a TListView on a TForm using Livebindings. It seems that both the LiveBindings Wizard and the LiveBindings Designer can only work on a datamodule or a form at a time. Is there a standard way to do that, or it's just not possible? Thanks.
  2. The FireMonkey Low Code App Wizard works fine on Delphi 11 (in RAD Studio 11). The generated project runs without issue. However, after upgrading to 11.1, whenever I run any generated project by the wizard, I got an error, like this: After using the debugger to trace the error source, I found that when the program runs to this line (in the function TScreenOrientationMonitor.GetScreenOrientation in Model.Types.pas) the error will be raised. Since I'm new to this wizard, can anyone please share any clue with me? Thanks a lot.
  3. RP286

    docwiki.embarcadero.com is not working

    It's back to normal now.
  4. RP286

    docwiki.embarcadero.com is not working

    It seems a bit unusual because it just crashed (showing the backtrace log directly) instead of showing a proper maintenance message (assuming it is in maintenance).
  5. Has anyone noticed that the document website of Embarcadero (docwiki.embarcadero.com) has been down for a few days already?