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  1. Hi, for one of my Bluetooth BLE projects, the MTU has to be adjusted in the Bluetooth communication. There is a "requestMTU" function in the Bluetooth framework for this, but how can I find out to which MTU the devices have agreed on? When I call requestMTU(200) and look into the logcat profiler I see the following messages there: BluetoothGatt: configureMTU() - device: <DEVICE> mtu: 200 BluetoothGatt: onConnectionUpdated() - Device=<DEVICE> interval=6 latency=0 timeout=500 status=0 BluetoothGatt: onConfigureMTU() - Device=<DEVICE> mtu=200 status=0 There is an "onMtuChanged" handler in "Android.JNI.Bluetooth.pas", but I don't know how to implement this or where. I really just need a tip on how to include this event in a Bluetooth class from "System.Android.Bluetooth.pas". I'm sure I'll be able to grind through the event myself through the remaining levels. Does anyone have a hint or maybe an example code for me?