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Found 1 result

  1. Hi All, Delphi 7, TSslHttpCli, TSslContext, TLS1.2 On some Win10Pro operating systems, I get the error "Connection aborted by request" when I try to get information from a Webservice. This Webservice uses a TLS1.2 encryption. I copy these 2 dll under my program directory libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll Actually I haven't more information, because only some users have this issue, and I can't get quickly debug information from them. I can't find also a Win10Pro where it not works. It happens only on Win10Pro. I don't know what I must ask to the users. Why it's only on Win10Pro and also why on not all Win10Pro ? All others Windows works fine. In my code I added a token.log file result but I haven't receive from users a sample. as soon I have this file I will be back on this post to show its content. Any help will be great, thanks a lot ! function TOPSKey.GetOPSToken : String; var Data : AnsiString; RcvStrm : TMemoryStream; SndStrm : TMemoryStream; c : PChar; Cle : String; F : TFileStream; begin Result := ''; SndStrm := TMemoryStream.Create; RcvStrm := TMemoryStream.Create; Data := 'grant_type=client_credentials'; SSL2.Proxy := Trim(Main.ProxyHostName); SSL2.ProxyPort := Trim(Main.ProxyPort); SSL2.ProxyUsername := Trim(Main.ProxyUserName); SSL2.ProxyPassword := Trim(Main.ProxyPassword); SSL2.SendStream := SndStrm; SSL2.SendStream.Write(Data[1], Length(Data)); SSL2.SendStream.Seek(0,0); SSL2.RcvdStream := RcvStrm; SSL2.URL := 'https:/xxxx/3.2/auth/accesstoken'; try SSL2.Post; finally RcvStrm.Seek(0, 0); SetLength(Data, RcvStrm.Size); RcvStrm.Read(Data[1], Length(Data)); c := PChar(Data); If Scan('"access_token": "', '",', c, Cle) then result := Cle; F:=TFileStream.Create(Main.WorkingPath+'token.log', fmCreate); Try WriteLn(F, 'Token'); WriteLn(F, Data); Finally F.Free; End; RcvStrm.Free; SndStrm.Free; end; end; procedure TOPSKey.ssl2BeforeHeaderSend(Sender: TObject; const Method: String; Headers: TStrings); begin Headers.Add('Authorization: '+ Main_F.KEY); end;