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Found 1 result

  1. After searching the internet a lot i've decided to create a new unit to be able to assign multiple afterscroll or afteropen events to one component ... very simple in runtime. Informations on https://www.delphipraxis.net/143341-event-multicast-problem-howto-sender-methodname.html helped me to create a basic unit. Pls check it at https://github.com/MicrotronX/Multicast-Events I know, there must be something better out there ... but for me this works very good ... PS: I cannot guarantee that the source code is free of bugs! Example-Usage in a tDataset descant: unit myMulticastEventDatasetUnit; interface uses System.Classes, Data.DB, mxEventsUnit; type tmyMulticastEventDataset=class(tDataset) private function fmxevents_get:tmxevents; public fmxEvents:TmxEvents; constructor Create(AOwner:TComponent); override; destructor Destroy; override; published property mxEvents:TmxEvents read fmxevents_get; end; implementation constructor tmyMulticastEventDataset.Create(AOwner: TComponent); begin inherited; fmxEvents:=nil; end; destructor tmyMulticastEventDataset.Destroy; begin if assigned(fmxEvents) then fmxEvents.free; fmxEvents:=nil; inherited; end; function tmyMulticastEventDataset.fmxevents_get: tmxevents; begin // we Create the tmxEvents only if there is a need if not assigned(fmxevents) then begin fmxEvents:=tmxEvents.create(self); end; result:=fmxevents; end; end. If someone knows a way to inject this into tDataset itself, you're free to change the code! Declarations for Examples: myDS:tmyMulticastEventDataset; procedure FirstAfterScrollEvent(vDataset:tDataset); procedure SecondAfterScrollEvent(vDataset:tDataset); Example-Usage for registering a AfterScroll Event: myDS.mxEvents.Event('AfterScroll').AddDatasetNotifyEvent('uniquenameforevent1', FirstAfterScrollEvent) ; myDS.mxEvents.Event('AfterScroll').AddDatasetNotifyEvent('uniquenameforevent2', SecondAfterScrollEvent) ; Example-usage for disabling a already registered AfterScroll Event: myMCDS1.mxEvents.Event('AfterScroll').Disable('uniquenameforevent1') ; myMCDS1.mxEvents.Event('AfterScroll').Disable('uniquenameforevent2') ;