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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I tryed generate LiveBindings by Code. I am used from example this code procedure Bind(const Source: TObject; const SourcePropertyName: string; const Target: TObject; const TargetPropertyName: string); var lSrcProperty,lDstProperty:string; lAssocInput,lAssocOutput:IScope; lManaged:TBindingExpression; begin lAssocInput:=TBindings.CreateAssociationScope([Associate(Source,'Src')]); lAssocOutput:=TBindings.CreateAssociationScope([Associate(Target, 'Dst')]); lSrcProperty:='Src.'+ SourcePropertyName; lDstProperty:='Dst.'+ TargetPropertyName; lManaged:=TBindings.CreateManagedBinding( [lAssocInput],lSrcProperty, [lAssocOutput],lDstProperty, nil, nil,[coNotifyOutput]); BindingExpressions.Add(lManaged); end; This is OK if I used for example: Bind(srcViewModel,'String',dstEdit,'Text') Bind(srcViewModel,'Number',dstEdit,'Text') Bind(srcViewModel,'Boolean',dstCheckBox,'Checked') But I have srcViewModel.Container.DataSource and on form DBGrid (I NEED DBGrid). When I Use Bind(srcViewModel,'Container.DataSource',dstDBGrid,'DataSource') is OK,but when I use TBindings.Notify application says DBGrid don't have property DataSource. Why? What problem when I binding DataSource to DataSource?