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Found 1 result

  1. A.M. Hoornweg

    Rio and MDI Applications

    Hello all, my most important application, a big beast I've been working on for almost two decades and which I must maintain/support indefinitely, is an MDI application. The program offers 50+ different views and editors and the users (working on oil rigs) usually have a handful of these MDI child windows open simultaneously. The program can optionally run in SDI mode but nobody does that - it only clutters their desktop and they must have other applications (such as Word and Excel) open at the same time. A MDI window also has the advantage that you can quickly drag the whole thing (with all child windows) to a different monitor if it gets in the way. It is currently built using Delphi XE. I already had high-dpi awareness V2 working usably (don't ask - it took tons of hacks and sleepless nights) but since I expected native high-dpi support to come to Delphi some day, all those hacks can be automatically disabled with an IFDEF. So now I'm trying to migrate this application from Delphi XE to Delphi Rio. I can compile and run it successfully, but unfortunately Embarcadero chose to not support high-DPI in MDI applications and the visual result is really disappointing. MDI child windows are now unusably small on a high-resolution monitor. I can't force the SDI application model through my users' throats so I must either get this DPI awareness to work properly on Rio or stick with Delphi XE. Sure I could write some flags into the Windows 10 registry to make the whole application non-DPI aware, but that's not a satisfactory solution. I had DPI-awareness working and now I'm losing that. Any ideas on how to solve this?