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Found 1 result

  1. I need to serialize and de-serialize different records types. I wrote the following code that works ok only for the serialization and to be honest, I have not tested having records with class objects. The opposite, the de-serialization gives me an error " Internal: Cannot instantiate type .... " when calling the TJson.JsonToObject. I believe it has to do with the initialization of the new object but I can not understand the problem Any ideas? Thank you in advance The code is: type Trec4Json<T>=class private fbv:T; public class Function rec2J(a: T):string; class Function J2rec(const a: string; var c:T):boolean; property bv:T read fbv write fbv; end; implementation uses rest.json; { Trec4Json<T> } class function Trec4Json<T>.rec2J(a: T): string; // Record to Json String var b: Trec4Json<T>; begin b := Trec4Json<T>.create; b.bv := a; try result := TJson.ObjectToJsonString(b); finally b.free; end; end; class function Trec4Json<T>.J2rec(const a: string; var c: T): boolean; // Json String to Record var b: Trec4Json<T>; begin try b := TJson.JsonToObject < Trec4Json < T >> (a); c := b.bv; b.free; result := true; except result := false; end; end;