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Found 3 results

  1. I have a TEdgeBrowser log into a website that has PDF records we need to download to our system. When I enter the URL for the PDF, the PDF is loaded into the browser. How can I download the PDF instead of displaying it? Thanks, Sidney
  2. I am emailed html files that link to a Cisco "Secure Email Encryption Service". I can load the downloaded html into a TEdgeBrowser, manually enter the password, click the button, and access the content using document.innerHTML. I need to be able to get the program to fill in the password and click the submit button. Nothing happens when I execute the code I expect to work. I created the following a test form which uses the same input and button: <form action="https://www.google.com" method="post"> Password: <input name="key1" id="passwordInput1" autocomplete="off" type="password"><br> <input type="submit" "id="text_i18n.authframe.safr.button.openonline" value="Open Online" name="openButton"> </form> I set the password using: document.getElementById("passwordInput1").value = 'mypass' I click the button using: document.querySelector("input[type=submit]").click(); Everything works as expected with my test form but I am unable to accomplish this with the "Secure" form. This is likely because the values are embedded in other elements. The structure is very complex and I am leaving out many table rows and other details. I think I have identified the important elements as shown below: <table id="outerTable" <tbody> <tr> <td id="iframelocation"> <iframe id="authFrame" #document >html> <body> <form> <table class="mainWIndow"> <tbody> <tr> <td id="heightControl" <table> <tbody> <tr> <td> <table id=borderTable"> <tbody> <tr> <td id=passwordEntry1"> <p> <input size="20" maxlength="127" name="key1" id="passwordInput1" placeholder="Secure Email Encryption Service Password" title="Enter your password here" autocomplete="off" type="password" style="width: 100%;"> </input> The button is in <td id="openButtonLocation"> in <td id="buttonContainer" eventually going batck to <tr id=buttonRow", etc. and is defined as: <input type="submit" id="text_i18n.authframe.safr.button.openonline" value="Open Online" name="openButton" onclick="openOnline()" class="btn"> The ExecuteScript seems to only execute one line of javascript so I am not sure how to access the field and the button. What do I need to do differently? I would also like to be able to accomplish this using the types (password and submit) instead of the Id once I get this working. Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm using in my project more TWebBrowser, i have a know problem with Internet Explorer, now , I know Embardero docs , like https://blogs.embarcadero.com/browsing-in-a-windows-application-from-internet-explorer-to-webview-2/ but i don't like it. I have tried https://stackoverflow.com/a/52788855/537347 exampe, ## Using WebView (EdgeHTML) in Delphi / C++ Builder ## const SWebViewControlProcess = 'Windows.Web.UI.Interop.WebViewControlProcess'; type // Interface with functionality to interact with WebBrowser Control // https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/uwp/api/windows.web.ui.iwebviewcontrol IWebViewControl = interface(IInspectable) ['{3F921316-BC70-4BDA-9136-C94370899FAB}'] procedure Placeholder_SourceGet; safecall; procedure Placeholder_SourcePut; safecall; .. and work fine. i can open any web sites on Windows 11 in very easy mode. But i can't open any local files ( and show ) , i need show a .P7M files. WinS:= TWindowsString.Create('file:\\V:\DelphiXE104_PROJECT\Test\test.xml.p7m'); don't work WinS:= TWindowsString.Create('V:\DelphiXE104_PROJECT\Test\test.xml.p7m'); don't work WinS:= TWindowsString.Create('V:\DelphiXE104_PROJECT\Test\BASE_HTML_TEMPLATE.html'); don't work Any Hint ? from chats: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52766249/using-webview-edgehtml-in-delphi-c-builder/52788855#52788855 You declared the TWebViewControlProcess as class(TWinRTGenericImportI<IWebViewControlProcess>). According to the official documentation, it also has a second constructor with parameters. I would need to access this to create a process that allows to display local files. Can you elaborate on how to call this constructor in Delphi? – Günther the Beautiful Oct 22 '19 at 17:50