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Internal Error C1118 (D7)

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 I have returned to ICS after many, many years and use THTTPCli for my own WebAPI objects. When I try to build my project I get error C1118 at OverbyteICSWSocket.pas (17241)... If I close Delphi and only RUN the project it is fine, but I can't build it. :-()


Any Ideas? (Running Delphi 7 Build 4.453 on a virtual Windows 10 machine )

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That sounds like an IDE or compiler error rather than an ICS error.  I've not really used D7 for 10 years or more, but ICS should still build on it, others have reported errors in D7 which I've fixed this year.



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Internal error are produced when the compiler is confused (Read: bugged). Sometimes it result from earlier error. The best thing to do is quit the IDE, manually delete all DCU (I don't remember if D7 already had the "clean" function. If yes, use it before stopping the IDE). The restart the IDE and compile everything.


If this doesn't work, maybe you should use a newer compiler. Now there is the "community Edition" which is "pro" version, free of charge for everyone including business (Up to US$5000,- gross revenue).



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It is well-known D7 bug with UInt64. Sometimes it could be solved with explicit typecasts, sometimes only disabling range checks helps.


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