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FastReports VCL 6 - worst ever installation experience

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I switched from Crystal to FR back when. I have been using it since version 2.something. The last version that i used extensively was VCL 4.

For my new project i have a VM with Delphi 10.2.3 installed and lots of other 3rd party stuff. I pay and download the latest FR VCL product.



My Delphi 10.2.3 is setup without TeeChart, the library is optional.

First installation of FR - ok, but errors when compiling.

Then i notice that the demos ar uncompilable w/o TeeChart.


Grabbing TeeChart from Steema i install it (Standard).

Then i notice that TeeChart (and ADO, BDE, IBX) is optional i FR too!

So i uninstall FR (because the modify/repair options does not work).

Install again.


Still the same problems compiling the demos.

Also, if i trace into the FR sources (because frankly the documentation lacks) the IDE will mess up the FR sources uses clause.


Uninstall again and install "Complete".

Still... uncompilable demos, "untraceable" sources.


This is the worst installation experience ever. Ever.



<question>So, anyone know, in order to have TeeChart included in my Delphi installation in a way that placates FR, do i really need to run the Delphi installer again?</question>

That does not seem like an experience i'd like to experience.





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