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Vincent Parrett

Repository reorganisation

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Just a heads up for those that use the github repo rather than the embarcadero bundled version - I have re-organised the repo and moved the source into a Source folder, so you next time you pull you will need to adjust your library/search paths. Apologies for the pain this might cause but it needed to be done, the repo was a bit of a mess. Same applies to the DelphiMocks repo.  

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1) Under Install Packages - remove "Embarcadero Unit Testing IDE Package"

2) Remove $(BDS)\source\DUnitX from the browsing path

3) Under tools options, go to environment variables, add a user override for DUNITX - point it to the Source folder in your local clone of the repo.

4) Open the expert project for your delphi version, compile and install the expert


Restart the IDE. After that you should be using the repo version. 

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