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[Source code for sale] Automated Whatsapp server

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I have been developing a server for automating Whatsapp tasks (sending message/ receiving message). Here is the feature list:

  1. Sending message to number in contact list or not
  2. Tracking sent message status (sent/delivered/viewed/error)
  3. Can send both text or image/video/document messages
  4. Inbound message notification
  5. No template required
  6. No sending fee

Here is the demo video: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AttbCTDGUJ-LgY07PJaTqzDZ88fU3Q?e=jyMVX1


If anyone would like to buy the source code, please send me a message. I will send the demo application!



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Posted (edited)

It looks like you're hooking into the browser version of whatsapp, which browser interface are you using (explorer, chrome?)


And since you're not using the API, wouldn't your code stop working as soon as whatsapp changes something in their browser implementation?

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