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ANN: FireDocking 1.0 beta1 has been released!

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Developer Machines pleased to announce that the first beta version of the new FireDocking 1.0 beta 1 component for Delphi Firemonkey has been released. In the current preview version, the following features of docked panels are implemented, which will be included in the final version: the ability to detach the panel and make it floating on the screen, or hide the panels along the edges of the form and make them as the Auto-Hide panels. Support for double click at the panel's title bar (detach the panel or return it to the memorized place). Split pane containers and tabbed pane containers support without restrictions.

The component supports the ability to hide the central docking area, thereby providing the concept - dock anywhere. The component supports any themes and styles that come with Delphi RAD Studio. FireDocking can be deployed to any FMX.TControl inside the app. One application can have several independent docking frameworks deployed on a different FMX.TControl if needed. Also presented is a simple design-time package for Delphi IDE, which allows you put on the docking manager onto the FMX form.

Note, the current version does not contain the following features that will be included into the final version - the ability to save and restore docking layout to/from XML file and MacOS support.

You can download a preview beta version here - FireDockingInstaller1.0.0b1_RAD_Sydney_10.4Trial.exe


P.S. The implementation of the component structure is made on the basis of our other docking component for Qt.C++ - QtitanDocking
However, FireDocking is a complex FMX component developed entirely in Delphi-Pascal.



Developer Machines



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Great, that you support Firemonkey.

Would be very helpful to see any visual impression of the FireDocking in action.

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Colleagues, we are pleased to announce the release of the second beta version of the component for FMX - FireDocking 1 beta 2. In this beta version, we have added support for MacOS and implemented a  mechanism to store the docking layout in the XML file. You can save the state to XML and then restore it. In addition, a number of bugs were fixed and the ability to place the docking manager directly onto the FMX form was added.



To download the demo version please use this link:

Developer Machines - Docking Panels for Delphi (FMX) Overview (devmachines.com)





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