Fellow Delphi developers,   This is with great pleasure that we announce the Whatsapp Solution - The Ultimate Automation Solution for Sending/Receiving Whatsapp messages. It is developed in DELPHI and does have COMPONENTS for Delphi! Here are the future list: COMPLETE API server Whatsapp Solution is a RESTful server with many APIs. Eg. send text message, send file messages, create account,... Click here for more information. FREELY send the messages No TEMPLATE APPROVAL for sending message out of 24H WINDOW. Both text and file (video/audio/image/document) messages are supported. Message length is NOT LIMIT. The URL in the message is NOT LIMIT. Can send LARGE files (up to 64MB for image/video files; up to 100MB for documents).   NO hidden cost Pay one time and send the messages as many as you can. REAL-TIME notifications Inbound messages (text/video/audio/image/document/sticker) are sent to your webhook right after they are received. Outbound message statuses (sent/delivered/read) are tracked exactly. MULTI-ACCOUNTS is supported You could use multiple Whatsapp accounts on same time/machine. Each account could use different proxy server. Webhook per account is supported. SCHEDULE and send BULK messages Coming soon! BOTPRESS intergration Coming soon!   Please click here for the homepage!   Best regards, Whatsapp Solution