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Debug Output: Cannot get DirectX SharedMultithread object.

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For any FMX application (Delphi 11.1), even a simple "hello world" type without writing any code, just a TLabel on a FMX form, when running it under the debugger, I get 4 times the message "Debug Output: Cannot get DirectX SharedMultithread object." in the events window. The application runs fine. Happens in both Win32 and Win64. No similar message when running under Ubuntu Linux.


Is this message expected?


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Yes, it's okay. 
It means, the FMX.Canvas.D2D.TCanvasD2D.SharedMultithread is nil during loading and creating.
That happens a few cpu cycles later in TCanvasD2D.CreateSharedResources. 
Check TCanvasD2D.MultithreadEnter; and TCanvasD2D.MultithreadLeave; for yourself.

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Check TCanvasD2D.MultithreadEnter; and TCanvasD2D.MultithreadLeave; for yourself.

I did it before posting of course. This doesn't mean it is expected behavior.

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