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Rio Dark Theme and the structure panel

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So...this is what my structure panel looks like... I know low contrast seems to be a cool thing these days, but this is ridiculous.



After searching QP for a while I didn't find an existing issue for this and created one: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-23756


On a side note, the panel headers are very large and cost quite some space...sadly not configurable.

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So...I don't know what happened. But from yesterday to now, it suddenly looks good. White font over dark gray background. I'll append my call. Weird. I actually just installed the new version of IDEFixPack...I'll try to get the older one to reproduce...

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Its intermittent and I've seen it in 10.3 (Beta and Production) and I assume you're seeing it in 10.3.1? Therefore they need to investigate else it will never be fixed.

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Yes, 10.3.1. I have restarted the IDE several time now, never got the effect again. On the other hand I discovered that the Layout is not stored. The panels left and right from the editor or form designer always start out way to narrow. This is costing me some nerves...

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