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Did anybody have the guts to try XCode 10.2

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Did someone here have the guts to try XCode 10.2 since it was released yesterday

and successfully compiled to iOS 64 bit and macOS?

Or does it break everything like most of the time, forcing us to stick to 10.1?

Thanks for any light on the matter.


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I use a macOS VM (on a macOS host) to try out new versions of Xcode, macOS etc. No problems at all using Xcode 10.2 with:


Debugging to an iPhone X

Deploying an app store version (i.e. set Configuration to App Store, use Deployment Manager to deploy)

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Thanks for the info. I too have a macOS VM on my Mac to try those things, but I'm on a trip right now and the VM is on an external disk I don't carry with me. Big mistake. 

So I'll go forward and install XCode latest release as soon as I can get my hands on an Ethernet connection 🙂



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