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  1. Chester Wilson

    Delphi 10.3 and supported version of Android

    Dave, you are F@#$%^ wonderful! I have spend the last couple of days finding out which things no longer work in later Delphis, and which things in modern Delphis no longer work in ancient androids. It has been a humbling experience, giving me incredible insight into the marketing behind android! From a severe lesson in understanding of why you would never dream of supporting old versions of android, you give me hope that in the future (10.4 style) things may still be possible! Many thanks! If I ever meet you, I owe you a beer! Chester.
  2. Actually, there is a new version released 5.0.1 which also fixes problem of opening tables with lowercase letters.
  3. Bill Meyer

    Something the comunity should be aware of

    I have no issue with a limit on the time in which versions could be downloaded, but prior to the recent bump to installation counts, I learned the hard way that my venerable copy of D7 could not be installed as licensed, despite my having the installables and the license code. And I am sorry, but that's a bad policy. Back in the day, I used to license new releases whether I needed them or not, just to support a company I valued. Now we are asked to pay impressive license fees, and if we do not stay current, we lose the ability to reinstall old versions, which may occasionally be needed for one reason or another. And curiously, the mantra has been that developers don't understand marketing. Sorry, but that dog won't hunt. Any of us who have made our living through contract work or custom development certainly have hard earned knowledge of marketing. And as to marketing, any recent promotion of Delphi apart from embarcadero.com?
  4. Geoffrey Smith

    Sending Email via GMail Using OAuth 2.0 via Indy

    I've updated my project so it now not only sends messages via gmail... but it can send hotmail.com/live.com/outlook.com emails. GmailAuthSMTP supports the XOAUTH2 and OAUTHBEARER authentication types and so could probably support other mail providers if they use those standards as well. https://github.com/geoffsmith82/GmailAuthSMTP/