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  1. Perhaps they could buy Greenland as well
  2. David Heffernan

    madSecurity, Are There Any Alternatives?

    In defence of Mathias his madExcept library is superb and very actively maintained. And his response to your comments in the thread seem reasonable. Why expect him to work on freeware? Anything he does is a bonus. It looks like your frustration is getting the better of you.
  3. Stefan Glienke

    With's the deal with "With"?

    It's not about proper naming - its about newly added members creeping into the with scope - as happened when TRect got Height and Width properties! It was perfectly clear that Top, Left, Right, Bottom referred inside the with belonged to the "withed" rect variable and Height and Width to something outside - now those got added to TRect and boom.
  4. Dalija Prasnikar

    With's the deal with "With"?

    We are talking about TRect here. Very basic type used all over. It is not very likely that one will create his own types for just about everything. And this is where using with can easily break your code without you even realizing it is broken. This is especially problematic when used in combination with UI where testing is hard and you can have a lot of code that is poorly covered with tests that could reveal such issues. 'with' is relic of another time and another coding practices. And, yes you could shoot yourself in the foot even back then, but now it is extremely easy to do so. Not using 'with' is the best advice one could offer. It is almost like using goto and absolute. You may have some very limited use case where using it is justified, but you will not find such constructs being used at large.
  5. David Heffernan

    With's the deal with "With"?

    Regarding a fix, this is only one of a number of problems with scope resolution in the language. Same issue arises when you use units, where more recently imported symbols hide those from units imported earlier. Same for local variables and methods. Same for local variables and global symbols. Anywhere where you refer to a symbol and there are multiple matches then the compiler chooses the most recent. In princple the resolution is simple. Introduce a new compiler warning whenever the compiler uses this most recent principle.
  6. David Heffernan

    With's the deal with "With"?

    Debugging was never the issue. That was just annoying. Refactoring was never the issue either. That also is annoying but one of many broken aspects of the refactoring. The issue is the silent bugs that arise when you add a field to a type and that one hides local variables. This has been discussed hundreds of times. Try some more websearch. Then, stop using with.
  7. Sherlock

    Do we have a spam problem?

    Those pesky bots overrun our defenses constantly, but combined with the keen eyes of our members we valiantly keep fighting them off. TL;DR: Yepp, we're working on it though.
  8. Not so much humour as a comment about the arrogance of imagining that the big company can just decide to buy the small company. Perhaps the small company is happy to be independent.
  9. Stefan Glienke

    With's the deal with "With"?

    Guess what - there are even rules that will tell you when you access things without using this in static code analyzers - and there are good reasons to do so (although I personally dislike it) Speaking of programming language design - you never can make everything perfect and there are always features that have some "be careful with it!" tags on them. However features that are so often accused of causing problems or confusions can be declared bad. And yes, every language has them and every responsible Developer should know when it safe to use them. Fun fact: I just recently consciously used goto because it yielded a noticable performance gain and rewriting the code without it would have been a massive undertaking resulting in more complicated code than just putting a goto there. And no, no raptor attacked me (yet...)
  10. Stefan Glienke

    With's the deal with "With"?

    +1000 And then also introduce proper namespacing and ways to alias things (not only non generic types) at the consuming side (for example)
  11. Arnaud Bouchez

    Recommended Cryptographic Library

    Our Open-Source https://github.com/synopse/mORMot/blob/master/SynCrypto.pas has almost all that you require. About performance, it is the only one in the Delphi area using AES-NI and optimized SSE3/SSE4.2 assembly - as far as I know. So it should blow alternatives. It is cross-compiler (Delphi and FPC) and cross-platform (Windows, Linux, BSD... thanks to FPC). For elliptical curves, see its sibbling https://github.com/synopse/mORMot/blob/master/SynEcc.pas It supports only secp256r1 but it is feature complete (e.g. simple CA management) and fast (1 ms to create a key pair, 0.4 ms to sign or verify on x86-64) - also cross-platform and cross-compiler. See the documentation at https://synopse.info/files/html/Synopse mORMot Framework SAD 1.18.html#TITL_187 Both are highly maintained, and used on production since years. They don't require any external dll (like OpenSSL) which tends to be a maintenance nightmare on Windows.
  12. Markus Kinzler

    Firebird Encryption options

    Firebird 3 support over-the-wire encryption out of the box. https://firebirdsql.org/file/documentation/release_notes/html/en/3_0/rnfb30-security-wirecrypt.html
  13. Daniel

    Do we have a spam problem?

    The mods do a great job here, but we definitely will have some more protection against these spammers.
  14. Sherlock

    With's the deal with "With"?

    I beg to differ. Naming a property/function more explicitly for the sake of with is...how do I put this politely?...not helpful. Say I have a class TCar with properties Wheel and Engine and functions Drive and Park. If I understand you correctly you would expect me to call those properties and functions CarWheel, CarEngine, CarDrive and CarPark, to be explicit enough for the rare case when someone uses with on my TCar...
  15. Dave Nottage

    Application Loader no longer included in Xcode11

    That's correct. There already is (in "beta"), however yes. Mosco is just macOS related.. Codex already does some "Android-y" things: https://www.delphiworlds.com/codex/ I am considering supporting creation of Application Bundles for that, however that's dependent on how much time I have.
  16. Kryvich

    No marker for modified source files

    Try Status Bars.
  17. Angus Robertson

    Mustangpeak UltraExplorer

    Good news, build UltraExplorer 2.5 OK and it runs. Immediately found the bug that has stopped me running on my main development PC for a year, if UltraOptions.cfg is blank you get a silly start-up error without that filename being mentioned. Now just need to go back and try and put back code I commented out, party it seems because defines in project options and include files are sometimes ignored so certain code never gets built. Then I'll make it all more widely available, somehow. Angus
  18. Rollo62

    Report components: good, bad, ugly

    I use HTML Components Library too, and its working flawlessly (considering its a little between HTML4 and 5), but the big advantage for me is that its cross-platform. Also HTML reports are pretty much interchangeable everywhere, you don't need a special reader. Updates come out regularily also Alexander is fixing bugs and even adding some reqested features very fast. I only can recommend these tools.
  19. There is a not obvious button to the left of the desktop selection dropdown in the title bar, which shows a menu:
  20. Remy Lebeau

    TIdTCPClient - gpsd communication

    Your timer code is not reading the data correctly. The Connected() method performs a read operation, so it is likely to receive bytes you are expecting, thus InputBufferIsEmpty() does not return False and you then skip calling AllData(). Which is also the wrong reading method to use, as it reads until the connection is disconnected and then returns what was read. That is not what you want in this situation. The data you are looking for is JSON formatted data, so you should read based on the JSON format. In this particular case, the greeting and WATCH replies are both JSON objects with no nested sub-objects, so it would be good enough to simply read from the starting curly brace to the ending curly brace once you detect data arriving, eg: procedure TForm2.Timer1Timer(Sender: TObject); var ReceivedText: string; begin Timer1.Enabled := False; try with IdTCPClient1 do begin if not Connected then Exit(); // read any data in if IOHandler.InputBufferIsEmpty then begin IOHandler.CheckForDataOnSource(0); IOHandler.CheckForDisconnect; if IOHandler.InputBufferIsEmpty then Exit(); end; IOHandler.WaitFor('{', False); ReceivedText := IOHandler.WaitFor('}', True, True, IndyTextEncoding_UTF8); Memo1.Lines.Add(ReceivedText); // if not already, send streaming command if not SentStreamCommand then begin IdTCPClient1.IOHandler.WriteLn('?WATCH={"enable":true,"json":true}'); SentStreamCommand := True; end; end; finally if IdTCPClient1.Connected then Timer1.Enabled := True; end; end; Though, this really isn't the best way to handle this situation. Knowing that the server always sends a greeting banner, and each request sends a reply, I would simply get rid of the timer altogether and do a blocking read immediately after connecting, and after sending each request. And move the logic into a worker thread so the UI thread is not blocked. But, if you must use the UI thread, a better option would be to find a JSON parser that supports a push model, then you can push the raw bytes you read from the socket connection into the parser and let it notify you via callbacks whenever it has parsed complete values for you to process. Not all replies in the GPSD protocol are simple objects. Some replies can be quite complex, more than the code above can handle. For instance, the reply to a POLL request contains an array of sub-objects. An even better option is to use a pre-existing GPSD library (there are C based libraries available for GPSD, and C libraries can be used in Delphi) and let the library handle these kind of details for you.
  21. Arnaud Bouchez

    With's the deal with "With"?

    What is sure with "with" discussion is that it is a trolling subject in the Delphi community since decade(s). For instance, the topic is about "with" in general, and that @Yaron stated that the IDE debugger has troubles with it. TRect came as a true problem about "with" - I do agree with Stefan. But problem came from Embarcadero, not taking into account existing code base. Just like ARC, or the AnsiStrings... Most dev people outside this forum would argue, paraphrasing @Dalija Prasnikar, that 'Delphi is a relic of another time and another coding practices: for instance, there is no GC !'. Php adepts would argue that writing $this->foo is much cleaner/safer than what Delphi (and other languages) do about properties. I like "with" - when properly used for two-liners code - as I wrote. It is a clean way of writing code, "making it easier to read" as wrote Yaron. Similarly, I like "object" more than "record with methods", since it allows easy inheritance - when using high-performance code with pointers and pre-allocated memory buffers/arrays. Of course, with only static methods. This was just my 2 cents, to introduce another POV into the discussion. Nothing is totally black nor white.
  22. One compiler to rule them all and in darkness bind them...
  23. Angus Robertson

    ICS V8.62 announced

    ICS V8.62 is now installable from GetIt on recent versions of Delphi. Angus
  24. The original code in QualityToInt causes a System.LoadResString for each "case" it checks every time you call that method and System._UStrEqual for the equals check. Neither of those two methods have changed between those versions according to the diff I just did. However LoadResString calls quite a number of other functions that I did not check for changes. I would say a dictionary is pretty much overkill here for those 3 strings - it only is faster because you eliminated the (as I assume) LoadResString calls every time. Try initializing values you compare to only once instead of comparing against the resource strings. I am pretty sure that will beat the dictionary.