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  1. pyscripter

    SynEdit preferred version?

    I will start with a bit of history. The Original Code is based on mwCustomEdit.pas by Martin Waldenburg, a great programmer. The key feature of the editor was fast syntax highlighting. This was more than 20 years ago. After a split of the community the SynEdit project was formed maintaining some of the key features of mwEdit. Over the years some of the best Delphi programmers contributed to the project. The list includes for example Gerald Nunn, Eric Grange, Jordan Russell and many many others. Flavio Etrusco added word wrap and Maël Hörz added unicode support (but in a rather idiosyncratic way). However the project management was very weak and the code gradually became very hard to maintain and improve. It aimed to support very old Delphi versions including Kylix and the code became full of IFDEFs and patches without an overall coherence. An early fork of Synedit is part of Lazarus but the two development efforts have diverged a great deal. When Embarcadero introduced the GetIt package manager they asked Roman Kassebaum to produce a version of SynEdit for GetIt. Roman did a general code cleanup removing support for early Delphi versions and Kylix (Turbo fork(s)). I have added support for code folding (the first major new feature for years) to both the Turbo fork and the main Synedit repository. However the Turbo fork(s) were not actively supported or developed beyond recompiling for new Delphi versions and the main Synedit branch was too hard to work with, hence the creation of SynEdit-2 as a fork of Turbo SynEdit. Main new features in SynEdit-2: Replaced SynRegExpr with the built-in RegularExpressions Move/Copy Line(s) Up/Down commands as in VS Code Delete Line command should work with multi-line selection Handle triple and quadruple clicks for selection Triple click and drag should select lines Double click and drag should select whole words Support OLE Drag & Drop What are the key features missing in Synedit: Better Unicode handling: Better support for wide characters e.g. Chinese ideograms (爾雅爾雅爾雅爾雅) Support for surrogate pairs (two widechars correspond to one glyph) Combining characters (e.g. Åström ḱṷṓn) Multi-cursor and multi-selection editing as in VS Code. When these features get implemented I think SynEdit will become comparable to some of the best editors around. But both of them require major rewriting of the code. Work on the second is well advanced and the unicode work is in the planning stage. Of course it is your choice as to which version of SynEdit to use, but if anyone wants to contribute to the development you are very welcome.
  2. Sherlock

    ParnassusCoreEditor.dll AccessViolation

    It's called consistency and is considered to be a good thing...most of the time.
  3. Then you end up with different names for the same thing. How can that be better? Refactoring tools get these names changed very reliably. I don't understand why people are scared of changing names. If you aren't prepared to change names then your code will be a mess.
  4. Daniel

    IDE Fixpack Sydney

    A free license was offered multiple times and is clearly not the limiting aspect here.
  5. Lars Fosdal

    ParnassusCoreEditor.dll AccessViolation

    10.4 has an update to Bookmarks and Navigator. It creates C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ParnassusShared and places ParnassusBookmarks_XSydney.dll ParnassusCoreEditor_XSydney.dll ParnassusNavigator_XSydney.dll So, to cure the 10.3 ailments, copy from C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\20.0\CatalogRepository\ to the first mentioned common catalog Bookmarks-1.0\ParnassusBookmarks.dll to ParnassusBookmarks_XRio.dll ParnassusCoreEditor-1.0\ParnassusCoreEditor.dll to ParnassusCoreEditor_XRio.dll Navigator-1.0\ParnassusNavigator.dll to ParnassusNavigator_XRio.dll
  6. Edwin Yip

    SynEdit preferred version?

    This is not the correct process as I understand it, you should: - Fork the repository on github web, so you that have your own repository that you can permission to make changes - Clone your forked repository to your local pc - Change the source code as needed (following the contribution rules, if any) - Commit and push your changes to your forked repository - Make a pull request to the original SynEdit2 repository, and wait for acceptance
  7. Kas Ob.

    IDE Fixpack Sydney

    Right, we don't know and will not speculate, merely we are listing simple facts. On other hand, it seems you already know that IDEFicPack is depending on CE, those are your wording, and nothing wrong with it, just may be its time to change things for better for everyone, we need to point the wrong and what can be better, one free license for a company should not ruin their fiscal year, if it does then .. 🤐 And one nice email from company will not make them looks worse. Andreas Hausladen Thank you ! from everyone used Delphi and been spared frustration and saved time with your great contribution.
  8. Stefan Glienke

    Should Delphi have native interfaces?

    "Native Interface" is a terrible name tbh - what exactly would be "native" about it that current interfaces are not. A look at other languages might be helpful to actually define clearly what your desired requirements are - for example traits in Scala.
  9. As a benefit I see better readability and flexibility. In case we decide to change TArray<T> to something like a TList<T> later, we only have to change that in one place. (Of course the code itself might have to change, too. But that has to be done anyway.) I often start with an alias like TItems = TList<T> and later extend that to TItems = class(TList<T>) with some additional or overridden functionality. Sometimes it is just to hide the necessary constructor parameters inside a simple TItems.Create. If the implementation is indeed relevant for understanding the code, I use type names like TItemArray and TItemList, even if those are also just aliases to TArray<TItem> and TList<TItem>. For me, these benefits are of much more value than keeping the namespace small. The latter may result in shorter compile times, which are already pretty short. Runtime performance and code maintainability gain near to nothing from it.
  10. Der schöne Günther

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    See https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-29136 https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-29162
  11. David Heffernan

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    Beta testing is no substitute for having your own comprehensive set of automated tests. Beta testing is best used to help identify issues with design. It really shouldn't be used to find implementation bugs. I hope that Emba don't do that. When Emba tell us that they are going to focus on quality, it comes with talk of how many QP issues have been resolved. But for me that misses the point. Unless they are also fixing the development process that allows so many bugs, they will remain stuck on the treadmill, running to stay still.
  12. santiago

    Ctrl Tab Ide Plugin

    The way the Ctrl+Tab shortcut works in the Delphi IDE was always very inconvenient for me. Actually the Delphi IDE is the only program I can think of that does not navigate open documents based on the order in which they were last activated but instead on the order in which the tabs are arranged in the editor. So if you are were working in DocumentPrevious and switch to DocumentNext, I am used to going back to DocumentPrevious by hitting Ctrl+Tab. But in the Delphi you will navigate to whatever document is on the right side of DocumentNext. This has always been very annoying for me. Anyhow I made plugin that makes Ctrl+Tab behave to what I am used to from other programs, like Visual Studio for example. Might be of use for some. https://github.com/santiagoIT/DelphiCtrlTab Precompiled binaries are available for Delphi Seattle, Rio and Sydney.
  13. Stefan Glienke


    Print TCriticalSection.InstanceSize and you know if it was fixed or not - spoiler: no, it was not. On Windows that is - on Posix TCriticalSection simply uses System.TMonitor which allocates at least the size of a cache line
  14. Distinct types don't give you type safety when used with integers and strings. These distinct types are still assignment compatible. There is a use in type identity for design time property editors. If you want type safety for assignment you'd need to wrap in a record.
  15. Daniel

    Load form icon while using styles

    Mahdi - again: calm down now. This is not the first time I have to tell you to calm down. it is pretty simple: if you feel unable to have a focused discussion on a topic, just don’t do it. You must stop personal attacks against other members. we come from all over the world, many of us are not native English speakers. So, well, yes, we might understand the wording of another member in different ways. Please keep this in mind. But there is a consensus that some(!) of your posts tend to be personal against other members. So, please step down a little. Soon.
  16. Stefan Glienke

    Should Delphi have native interfaces?

    There is no proposal - there is just a "it would be cool if" without any actual suggestions how something can be achieved. I asked a couple of questions but they have not been answered (or I missed those) that are important to decide if something like event<->interface method binding can be achieved and how it would look like. Currently any assignment of interface methods to an event would break reference counting similar to how anonymous methods can't be assigned to an event. One is a managed type, the other is a record with 2 raw pointers. Now we could all list stuff that would be cool to have without actually evaluating if that is technically possible - but to me that would be just a waste of time I could spend more productive.
  17. For those of you who are more interested about the differences in class vs. interface inheritance, here is a transcript from several live chats with the founders of Delphi: http://edn.embarcadero.com/article/20384 For those that don't want to read all (but it intersting anyway) here is the gist from Chuck Jazdzewski :
  18. If I am not mistaken, Koru is referring to a different case: type IBar = interface ['{570FBD40-8ECF-4B4B-9898-EF3F4146FFF9}'] end; IFooBar = interface(IBar) ['{1A99C9D3-CC94-4BCE-BF9C-354BF14EC5C7}'] end; type TFooBar = class(TInterfacedObject, IFooBar) end; procedure Test; begin var FooBarObject := TFooBar.Create; Assert(Supports(FooBarObject, IFooBar)); Assert(Supports(FooBarObject, IBar)); //Fails! end; For me this is pretty logical, so nothing to be changed.
  19. Sherlock

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    I totally understand, but some eye candy just wont work. And sooner or later some other stuff will follow. This discussion is as old as Windows itself. It used to be "my customers only run DOS" then became "my customers only run 16Bit Windows" over to "my customers only run WinXP" to what we have today. Someone in that story has not learned, and should be beaten with a set of Windows installation floppies: Hardware manufacturers that create one version of their controlling software and never update it, or for an ungodly price. We could break our ears and keep our software running on DOS, or just inform the customers and let them wise up and do a pitchfork and torch run on their machine manufacturer. After all, it is your hide they'll be after if something wont work because their system is outdated - not that this is the case right now.
  20. I've never had a problem installing a bunch of component libs and then restarting Delphi afterwards. I don't understand why so many libs that GetIt installs require Delphi to be restarted after each one. And after it restarts, it doesn't even have the courtesy of leaving you back where you were when it initiated the restart.
  21. Mahdi Safsafi

    Class Constructor in Delphi 10.4

    If it was true ... then we're definitely using Elphi 😉
  22. Kazantsev Alexey

    Your RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney issues

    The error is not in the implementation of the custom initializer. A custom initializer is available for the “TRec” type, but an initialization error is in the “TData” type, which does not have a custom initializer, but has a field of a managed type. In the code example, you can replace the custom initializer with any other custom management operator (finalizer, assign), and you will get the same error.
  23. Konopka KSVC and Bookmarks are now available in GetIt for Syndey Edit: Navigator is also now available.
  24. aehimself

    RTTI in dpr / console app dpr

    This is exactly what I started to do lately. All my applications business logics are basically a TObject-descendant, and service initializations or console launchers only create an instance of them. I find this structure really easy to test, to port, to maintain or extend. This might be my own personal preference, though.
  25. Lachlan Gemmell

    Error Insight error?

    It might not be perfect yet but at least there's a path forward, rather than the hopelessly broken error insight we've been putting up with for the past 15 years. Red squiggles that go away eventually is definitive progress compared to red squiggles that had no hope of ever disappearing.