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  1. Anders Melander

    Hot Reload in Delphi?

    I'm not questioning the usefulness of it. I would absolutely love that feature. I'm questioning why Embarcadero would want to invite the inevitable complaints when the feature, inevitably, failed to work 100% of the time - or even just not as good as VC/VC++. AFAIK, what UE does is just reloading dynamic DLLs if you recompile them. Not really comparable I think.
  2. Anders Melander

    Hot Reload in Delphi?

    Makes sense. Thanks.
  3. Anders Melander

    Hot Reload in Delphi?

    I know you're just venting, but I can't see how they could achieve it even if the debugger was better... or why they should.
  4. Anders Melander

    Hot Reload in Delphi?

    Why was their original decision "the wrong thing"? Wasn't it simply a business decision that a (maybe large) group of people was dissatisfied with?
  5. Anders Melander

    Hot Reload in Delphi?

    I don't think I've ever had a situation where that didn't just mess everything up. I think it just adjusts the EP so the other registers will not contain the values that corresponds to the new EP.
  6. Start here: Floating point numbers — Sand or dirt What Every Programmer Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic
  7. Anders Melander

    MAP2PDB - Profiling with VTune

    Thanks. I'm not using it that much myself at the moment because it takes VTune about an hour (no kidding!) to resolve the symbols of the application I'm working on 😕
  8. Anders Melander

    D11 - Form changes size when I compile/build. :-(

    Hmm. Normally I would say that maybe it could be explained by a change in the window frame width due to Win11, but given the size of the change (-317 pixels) it must be something else. Unfortunately I don't have a Win11 system with D11 on it yet so I can't try to reproduce. If you edit the DFM file in notepad and remove everything but the form properties, does the problem (i.e. open in the IDE, save file, size changes on save) still occur? If yes, can you attach the edited DFM here?
  9. Anders Melander

    D11 - Form changes size when I compile/build. :-(

    So revert to a version that does exhibit the problem and try again. You are using version control, right?
  10. Anders Melander

    D11 - Form changes size when I compile/build. :-(

    Well, save the file and compare the DFM before/after. What changed?
  11. Anders Melander

    D11 - Form changes size when I compile/build. :-(

    Well now that I think about it the setting doesn't have to be enabled. When you have a form opened in the IDE then the IDE will use the opened copy of the form (and the source) when compiling instead of using the original on disk. So let's say that loading the form somehow alters the state of the TCustomForm object. When compiling the problect this form is "saved" (i.e. the DFM is streamed in binary format) to the internal buffer and then linked into the executable as a DFM resource. If you open the form in the IDE and (view it in form designer ) and then immediately close the unit, are you prompted to save the unti?
  12. Anders Melander

    D11 - Form changes size when I compile/build. :-(

    My guess is that the values are modified on save and that you have Save on compile checked. There could be something wrong with the writers defined in TCustomForm.DefineProperties.
  13. I think even back then people were complaining that Delphi exes were too big. It's not that I can't see the beauty of small executables (I envy the size of an exe produced by a C program using only the standard libraries), the size just hasn't been a priority in what I used Delphi for for a few decades.
  14. That doesn't really say anything. Most of Windows is written in C and asm, so are more fair comparison would be against Turbo Pascal...