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  1. Well at least theoretically, if the heat death of the universe doesn't occur first Here is a video to get you warmed up.... I updated my sample from last year with a callback allowing you to view the digits of Pi as they are generated. All the source code is on GitHub. Happy Pi day 2024! Created a few fun wallpapers too.
  2. Jim McKeeth

    Delphi 11.2 - Ubuntu Debugger error

    I created a setup script for Ubuntu. I just updated it to address the Python 3.6 dependency issue. https://embt.co/Ubuntu4Delphi22 I've tested it on several different installs, and it works great. If you only want to fix the Python 3.6 dependency issue: You can use the following sudo apt install python3 libpython3-dev -y ln -sf `ls -1 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpython3.*.so.1.0 | tail -1` ~/PAServer-22.0/lldb/lib/libpython3.so The first line ensures you have Python3 installed, but if you have a recent Ubuntu, that shouldn't be an issue. I usually had Python 3.10 installed. The second line looks in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ for a file matching the mask libpython3.*.so.1.0 and then updates the symbolic link Note: It assumes you installed PAServer in the folder ~/PAServer-22.0 Good luck!
  3. The 14th of February is just around the corner, and while for many that means chocolates and flowers, we know the true meaning: Delphi’s birthday! Feb 14, 2022 10:00 AM CST [Register] The theme of Delphi’s 27th anniversary is Building the Future! It is always great to tell the story of how you discovered Delphi, but let’s look to the future. How do you see Delphi making the world a better place? What Delphi related technologies continue to change the way you program? We are hosting a webinar with Kyle Wheeler, Marco Cantu, David Millington, and Ian Barker, where we share the ways Delphi continues to shape the future of software development.
  4. Jim McKeeth

    DelphiCon 2021 - Starts NOW!

    delphicon.embarcadero.com November 16th to 18th All online, all free
  5. Jim McKeeth

    IDE Code Coverage Plugin available

    @Attila Kovacs
  6. Jim McKeeth

    IDE Code Coverage Plugin available

    Awesome, thanks so much!
  7. Jim McKeeth

    IDE Code Coverage Plugin available

    The BitBucket link is dead and I don't see any repositories listed under your profile. Did it move to GitHub, GitLab, or get merged into a different one of your amazing plugins? Thanks!
  8. Jim McKeeth

    Is this C++ builders new FORUM ???

    Ideally I would like to set up a mirror of all the old posts that we host, but alas only so much time. If someone wants to work on a project like that I'm happy to try and support you in that effort.
  9. Jim McKeeth

    Is this C++ builders new FORUM ???

    I spent quite a bit of time with Ann Lynnworth from https://www.codenewsfast.com and restored a full archive there. You can go find all the old messages there.
  10. Jim McKeeth

    Problems with FMX.CameraComponent Sample

    Yes, I tested it in 10.4.2 and it is working now.
  11. Jim McKeeth

    Problems with FMX.CameraComponent Sample

    I've worked with the TCameraComponent a lot and not seen the green flashes. I'm curious what phones it is failing on. Please do report other non-working samples and demos on Quality Portal. I agree they should all work.
  12. Jim McKeeth

    Outdated Delphi Roadmap

    Coming soon to a website near you.
  13. Atanas just posted an update on his blog post. Policy Update: We still receive occasional comments on this and want to make sure we are clear on our Policy. Registration limits were introduced a long time ago with very valid use cases, but many of these are now outdated. We still do them, just now they get approved by Account Management (Sales/Renewals) vs. Support. Further, we have done several auto-bumps for everyone that should limit these issues altogether (and will do more as needed). As communicated, over the summer, we will work on a more automated way to increase registration limits through the self-service portal. It looks like there was an issue with the auto bump. I can manually process your registration bump if you private message me on here or email me: firstname dot lastname at embarcadero.com
  14. Ok, turns out I own it too, and the changed it. Used to give you free download.
  15. Open it in the reader and then there is a download button. owned products Direct download link maybe https://account.packtpub.com/getfile/9781788625456/epub