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  1. vfbb

    New to Delphi 12, can't turn off adaptive icons

    Also, the adaptive icon files, and all artwork generated files, are available at your project folder, in the subpath “.\<ProjectName>.Artwork\”. It is important to note that the adaptive icon and the vectorized splash are only generated when you use and SVG on the input of icon fields of the artwork generator. That is, if you use PNG image, it will generate all icons and splashs but not the android adaptive icon and android vectorized splash. If you found a real issue in the IDE and you have the steps to reproduce, please create a Jira for it, to improve future versions.
  2. vfbb

    Delphi 12.1 X simulator IOS 17.5 Error

    Try add GlobalUseMetal := True; on your dpr. iOSSim has one know issue related to OpenGL.
  3. vfbb

    Slow rendering with SKIA on Windows

    @Hans♫ I think that could be a Google Skia limitation or issue, so the right place to report bugs is on https://issues.skia.org/, instead on QP. However, I have already opened a new conversation in the Skia group to obtain more information about this: Poor quality of anti-aliasing on NVidia GPU (google.com)
  4. vfbb

    Slow rendering with SKIA on Windows

    @Hans♫ I used the same code you provided and got satisfactory results. Look: <No Skia> | <Skia + Vulkan> (Scale 100%) It is difficult to deduce what is happening if the same code is producing different results. That's why I think it would be interesting if we could test it on more machines. The project I used is attached: testVulkan.7z
  5. vfbb

    Slow rendering with SKIA on Windows

    @Hans♫ Do you have a blank project simulating this? I drew directly in the form's OnPaint using your example on a blank project and got the same result for all renders, except for the FMX GPU without Skia which seems to be bugged. scale 1x: scale 2.25x:
  6. vfbb

    Slow rendering with SKIA on Windows

    @Hans♫ Is this an image or a path? (we have to understand if the arrow is being drawn or resized) Can you share the source of this icon?
  7. vfbb

    Slow rendering with SKIA on Windows

    @Hans♫ Please check your Form.Quality because the AntiAlias is direct related to the current form quality: https://github.com/skia4delphi/skia4delphi/blob/093ec41b1b951c68cbccaa885a84c19242e09fb7/Source/FMX/FMX.Skia.Canvas.pas#L1571 The AntiAlias of raster is forced to be always true because some preliminar tests proved to be apparently faster.
  8. @Stefan Glienke Could you add a version constant to Spring.pas? Something like: const Spring4DVersion = 2.0; to help us maintain code compatible with 1.x and 2.0 at the same time, as it would allow: {$IFNDEF DELPHI_12_UP} constructor THashSet<T>.Create(ACapacity: NativeInt); begin {$IF defined(Spring4DVersion) and (Spring4DVersion >= 2)} inherited Create(ACapacity, nil); {$ELSE} inherited Create; {$ENDIF} end; {$ENDIF} This is especially important for large teams/projects that share common code, where some projects and people use version 1.x while others use version 2.x, and the common code should support both.
  9. vfbb

    Copy from a LSKSurface to a TSKPaintBox

    Hi @martincg! I answered you on another topic with the same issue. To preserve the old content of the bitmap when starts draw with skia, you should call Bitmap.SkiaDraw(..., False);
  10. vfbb


    @martincg Bitmap.SkiaDraw have a second optional argument, AStartClean: Boolean, and when False you will not lost its content.
  11. vfbb

    delphi12 skia vulkan

    1) Enable Skia on your project (right click on project > Enable Skia; 2) GlobalUseVulkan on FMX.Types is default True on Android, so it will use Skia Vulkan on Android by default;
  12. The current design of Vcl's TCanvas makes it unfeasible to create a wrapper that uses different libraries / different outputs. There is already a request to try to improve this and you can vote: [RSP-43149] Remodel TCanvas to allow injection of a different drawing backend - Embarcadero Technologies So currently, what can be done is to draw using the APIs directly from Skia, that is, using the document's SkCanvas, or you can draw in a TBitmap in the conventional Vcl way and in the end use: SkCanvas.DrawImage(Bitmap.ToSkImage, 0, 0); but I don't recommend this because you wouldn't have a vectorized PDF, and the texts couldn't even be selected/copied, as the PDF would be an image in fact.
  13. From what I saw here, the bad quality seems to be only in the preview control. The output images are in good quality.
  14. @PeterPanettone Please, report that on Quality Portal, it is an issue and should be fixed. As a "workaround", I strongly recommend using SVG: Radioactive SVGs which is working perfectly.
  15. When you Run the app by the IDE, it will share the PATHs of the IDE with your program. IOW, in a project without Skia enabled, using skia controls, if you click on Run on the IDE, it will work fine (because the IDE have on it own PATHs the path to the sk4d.dll), but if you run the Project1.exe on the Windows Explorer, it will crash on startup due the lack of the sk4d.dll.