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  1. TimCruise

    Your Delphi verion does not support COMMAND

    Hello, I tested them and just the same situation - freeze up the whole Delphi software.
  2. TimCruise

    Your Delphi verion does not support COMMAND

    Who can help to correct this?
  3. TimCruise

    Your Delphi verion does not support COMMAND

    Ok, then, I installed Python4Delphi manually without choosing the auto compilation option. Then, I opened the target project group, chose the module with a bar on it and then secondary clicked on it trying to show its menu but the whole delphi window hung up. I had to kill it from within the Task Manager. How do I correct it? I already have a WinPython 3.8 installed and registered on my Windows 10.
  4. MATLAB is for wealthy big corp even though it is great for instrument control. How about R? Isn't it a graphical software only without hardware handling ability?
  5. Hello, When I install python4delphi by running MultiInstaller.exe, it shows error like "Your Delphi version does not support COMMAND". What should I do to correct it? My version is Delphi Community v10.4.2. Thanks for your attention. And which python version does it support?
  6. COOL! These stuffs are good enough! LabVIEW is also a good choice but no BLE support built-in. Its native instrument interface is good!
  7. TimCruise

    did Sherlock left DP?

    Perhaps, they have switched to Visual Studio C++ 2022?!?
  8. Angus, If you can make a GitIT package, it will be much better.
  9. Up to now, I am quite happy with Delphi v10.4.2 about its cross-platform GUI development ability. About its price. Professional version should be acceptable. Try to compare it with QT Creator and Visual Studio 2022. You may find that RAD Studio Pro version is even cheaper. QT Creator costs you US$1,000.00 per month to be paid yearly. It sums up to more than RAD Studio Architect! If you are a C++ fans, I would suggest Code Blocks + wxwidget + wxsmith which cost you nothing.
  10. Hello Friend, I can run Skia examples. Are there any more advanced examples as shown in Delphi v10.4.2 feeds?
  11. I am using the Delphi Community v10.4.2. I can run the bouncing green ball project, however. I am totally new to this software and catching up quite well. I guess it can help me to build a very large dashboard GUI.
  12. I tried to run exsamples FMX1 and FMX2 but both fail! Many errors were shown by the compiler. Anybody have success on these 2 examples?
  13. TimCruise

    I need FireMonkey demo projects

    I have found that another SVG related package has install image32 already and Delphi 10.4.2 refuses to install.
  14. This one from IEEE is more authoritative https://www.computer.org/publications/tech-news/trends/8-best-video-file-formats-for-2020/ You should choose a file format based on your video quality requirements. The video should achieve the required quality, but no more than that. High-quality videos are hard to download, convert, share and manage. Plus, you need to take into account how you want to view the video files. Not all browsers, programs, and devices can play a specific video format. Before choosing a video format, consider the following cases: For online videos choose a file format that most web browsers support. This way, your video will be played natively on the browser. MP4 and WEBM are browser compatible video formats. For home video recordings, choose a format with high quality video good chance of being usable in the future. Open source file formats are more future-proof than proprietary formats that are controlled by enterprises. MP4 or AVI formats are a good fit for that category. For Windows applications, choose a format that is compatible with Windows. WMV is a good choice In this case.
  15. Any installation and user guide?