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  1. I think, the question already answered. Thanks, now i know what I have to do..
  2. I want 6 axis movement of one kind of robot. And I have a lot of irracional value. That has to be stored in memory. (Float value)
  3. Should I have to check every coordinate value in every runtime because of the main coordinate array what I use? I am confused right now...
  4. Please give me one kind of example.
  5. if I slice 3D into 2D surface. What do you mean about [k*2^n] What do you mean?
  6. Many irrational numbers must be used in 3D space. my problem is that it has to be stored in memory. usually in float value. which causes an error if I work in six axes
  7. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cube Here check the formulas thread
  8. Cube face diagonal or cube space diagonal. Irracional numbers also. (Cube edge 1 integer)
  9. I want to adapt to the maximum software possibilities within the limits of Pascal. The hardware constans in this case.( One kind of parameter)
  10. I got one MASTER coordinate system. After that 6 slave. That depends of each other in one kind of linear way. My problem is the first axis movement. (Because of reverse engineering)
  11. I want 0.1 micron precious movement over 6axis robot.
  12. Hi all. How to solve, one kind of irrational number storage in float? (For example Pi value) ( second reason. I want to solve a movement over an axis, in the most precious way over an help of pascal programing.) Regards k.z.
  13. skyzoframe[hun]

    Good book about FireDAC

  14. skyzoframe[hun]

    client pc database connection problem with interbase server

    I use Interbase, and I require these files on the client side. Install if not installed already.: vcredist_x64.exe or vcredist_x86.exe The main folder of the YourPrg.exe ibclient64.dll or gds32.dll.
  15. skyzoframe[hun]

    Query result to dynamic array

    Yes , you are right.