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  1. weirdo12

    FDMemtable with localsql

    Take a look at this line in the link Lars posted: CREATE INDEX / DROP INDEX. Instead of the SQL indexes, use the dataset indexes. Seems to me that means if the TFDMemTable has indexes they will be used.
  2. weirdo12

    FB-3,09 Getting Avg Percent of an Invoice

    Gross margin as a percentage: Gross Margin % = (Revenue – Cost of Goods Sold) / Revenue * 100 (Sell - Cost) / Sell * 100
  3. You should take some time and read this topic: Configuring Drivers (FireDAC) - RAD Studio (embarcadero.com)
  4. weirdo12

    Compillation Error: Unable to open file VCL.FORMS.OBJ

    Create a new project and go through the pain of adding your source files to it. Not ideal, but you'll be happy for taking the time to do it.
  5. weirdo12

    Does C++ Builder have code completion?

    Code completion works great in 10.4.2 - with Clang compiler projects.
  6. weirdo12

    CB 10.4.2 Video

    I have no comment on the debugger parts of the question.
  7. weirdo12

    CB 10.4.2 Video

    It's VERY fast - when using a Clang compiler.
  8. weirdo12

    Compillation Error: Unable to open file VCL.FORMS.OBJ

    Is this error produced from a new VCL application project? What version are you using?
  9. weirdo12

    CB 10.4.2 Video

    I actually moved some software from the Classic compiler over to the 32-bit Clang compiler using 10.4.2! The project uses DevExpress, JEDI, AsyncPro, OnGuard, and Indy components.
  10. weirdo12

    [ilink32 Error] Fatal: Unable to open file 'DATA.OBJ'

    Did you search your code for #pragma link "Data"?
  11. FYI, this issue remains unresolved in 10.4.2. I added some more details to the report today.
  12. https://community.devexpress.com/blogs/vcl/archive/2019/02/18/vcl-controls-2019-roadmap.aspx
  13. That blog post has 156 comments so far so good job making your preferences known. The only VCL blog post that is even close to having that many comments is from back in 2011 when they changed to the subscription model and that only had 90 comments!
  14. DevExpress has published their potential road map for 2019 with an important question: do you need a FireMonkey Grid in 2019? https://community.devexpress.com/blogs/vcl/archive/2019/01/28/vcl-controls-2019-roadmap-your-vote-counts.aspx
  15. weirdo12

    DevExpress: element '' has no parent window

    I suppose you mean 18.1.3. So which components do you use? I don't see the issue that you are describing. I'm using the Grid, Inspector, Bar Manager, Skin Controller, Printing, part of Scheduler. I'm using 18.1.6 with C++Builder Seattle 10 (No Update) and Tokyo 10.2.3.