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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, in my application I offer to the user the possibility to change style (light/dark) procedure TStartForm.SwitchThemeSwitch(Sender: TObject); begin Datas.StyleBookLight.UseStyleManager:=false; Datas.StyleBookDark.UseStyleManager:=false; if SwitchTheme.IsChecked then MainForm.StyleBook:=Datas.StyleBookDark else MainForm.StyleBook:=Datas.StyleBookLight; datas.parametres.blacktheme:=SwitchTheme.IsChecked; Datas.StyleBookLight.UseStyleManager:=not SwitchTheme.IsChecked; Datas.StyleBookDark.UseStyleManager:=SwitchTheme.IsChecked; {TODO -obug -cGeneral : TListview style don't apply on first lines} end; All is working except on my TListView, as you can see. Here I change from light to dark, font text color is still black on these lines, scrolling down the color is the "normal" white I remember I bang this bug another times, I override this by deactivating and then reactivating the link, but this is time-consuming when there are many records! Is there another way ?
  2. hi, Problem.: 1.- ListView using with DynamiAppearance, using only these kinds of objects.: 2.- I have to create a progress bar in runtime. I want to create/draw a bitmap in runtime. 3.- How to draw a rectangle, and fill it with color. -input data.: 25 -output.: Some bitmap with two rectangle -bitmap Height 10 Width 100 all the time! kind regards kz.
  3. toufik

    TListView Paging

    good morning every one ^^... TListView Paging**** is this look logic to you ? a mobile app + rest . I want to be able to get 10 record every time . so how about putting the last record i get every time and send it back to the server side to get 10 more record starting with it ,,,,and so on ... is this look ok to you thank you
  4. Sherlock

    TListView collapse stuff under a header

    So I built a list of data grouped by devices where this data came from. Each device gets his own header in a TListView followed by its data. Pretty simple and straightforward. Now those lists may get long in total but also per device so I would like to be able to click on a header to collapse its list of data. I'm pretty sure VCL.TListView can do that. FMX.TListView...not so much. At least not that I'm aware of. I'm already having a hard time at getting the click event from a header. All TListViewItems with Purpose set to TListItemPurpose.Header sadly wont fire the OnItemClick event. Did I overlook something or other in the documentation? Anybody have a suggestion as to how this can be accomplished. Thanks in advance.