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  1. ertank

    REST api: too much data

    Just check the link. There is OJson with "SAX" parsing as well.
  2. ertank

    REST api: too much data

    If your concern is high memory usage, you can try OXml and use SAX parser. If your data is well structured, you can also use Delphi classes together with SAX parsing. This would dramatically reduce memory consumption compared to System.JSON. http://www.kluug.net/oxml.php However, your problem is not clear as stated earlier. You might want to add details.
  3. ertank

    I'm on the Dark Side... no, really!

    I asked that before and got a suggestion for https://github.com/darkreader/darkreader Might work for you, too.
  4. Hello, This is a Windows Server 2022 where MARS is running on as a Windows service. There is no nginx or similar application between, so MARS Windows service is directly accessed. Not a heavy server at all. It is less than 10 simultaneous users at most and on average there is a single client accessing the server. I do not have any access to the server and I am not given any. It is reported that MARS Windows service is responding ECONNRESET error after random days of usage. Sometimes it is a month sometimes it is 10 days. There are application log files. They all seem fine. Last request is served then service is shutdown and restarted. There is no errors or request not completed according to logs. Once it happens it is the same error if MARS Windows service is tested to be used from localhost. I never had any problem with MARS. I have similar installations on Windows Server 2019/2022 with more simultaneous users which are running for years. My internet searches didn't help me much. Any help is appreciated. Thanks & Regards, Ertan
  5. ertank

    ICS Beta V9.2 and OpenSSL 3.3.0

    Hi, Those not needing to embed OpenSSL libraries, will it be enough to comment out {$DEFINE OpenSSL_Resource_Files} in OverbyteIcsDefs.inc? Thanks.
  6. ertank

    MyDAC : Unknown column error

    I am using UniDAC and there is TUniConnection.Options.KeepDesignConnected parameter. I expect MyDAC to have a similar parameter. I didn't understand why this is a problem since you have a single database and necessary columns added in it.
  7. ertank

    ICS V9.1 Highlights

    Is this a different server than http://svn.overbyte.be:8443/svn/
  8. ertank

    MyDAC : Unknown column error

    I don't use MySQL. But, I would use same letter case as the table column name. I would double check that design-time and run-time actually uses the same server, database, table Edit: Reading your problem again, it feels you added a column in TMyTable but not in your database table.
  9. I am not sure if below approach is suitable for you. type FieldList = TArray<TField>; PFieldList = ^FieldList; procedure FindAllFields(DataSet: TDataSet; Fields: PFieldList; const FieldNames: TArray<string>; const RaiseExceptionForMissingFields: Boolean = True); var I: Integer; begin Assert(Length(Fields^) = Length(FieldNames), 'Fields count <> FieldNames count!'); for I := Low(Fields^) to High(Fields^) do begin Fields^[I] := DataSet.FindField(FieldNames[I]); if (Fields^[I] = nil) and RaiseExceptionForMissingFields then raise Exception.Create('Missing field dataset "' + FieldNames[I] + '"'); end; end; procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var LFieldList: FieldList; begin SetLength(LFieldList, 4); // Below will raise an exception because of the last empty field name and RaiseExceptionForMissingFields=True FindAllFields(VirtualTable1, @LFieldList, ['a', 'b', 'c', '']); //... end; This would require you to remember Indexes for your fieldnames. Not very convenient if you are to have a lot of fields and do different calculations or such with them.
  10. Check out MadExcept. It can check for frozen main thread and auto restart.
  11. license.embarcadero.com gives error in the installer.
  12. For me license servers are still down.
  13. ertank

    SAX parser

    I own a commercial license and used SAX parsing in OXml. You might want to check out https://github.com/ashumkin/OXML This is an old version. Though license allows you to use it in commercial applications under certain conditions and it might work for you.
  14. As per documentation TStringHelper.ToUpper uses locale specific case conversion. As per documentation UpperCase or SameText uses 7-bit ASCII conversion. Only letters between 'a' and 'z' are converted to uppercase. Since you are using ToUpper, uppercase of 'This' in Turkish locale is 'THİS' (upper case I letter with dot at top). Moreover, lower case for 'THIS' in Turkish locale is 'thıs' (small caps i letter without dot at top). I cannot remember off my mind right now but there are other languages where some characters small and upper cases do not follow ASCII type of conversion.
  15. ertank

    Install failed older sdk

    Hi, I did find a solution but I cannot remember what was it now. You can try updating libraries to defaults