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Found 23 results

  1. I have created an API in Node.JS serving data and PDFs to my Angular front end - all works perfectly. I've also added the PDF bit onto an existing Delphi App that my company uses. There are 5 difference classes of PDF document. The Delphi app works 100% of the time, for all PDF types when I compile it for Mac OSX, however, when I run the Windows version, I get problems with 2 document types - 3 work perfectly (I can also use Postman to get the PDFs without any errors on all types) I create the PDFs on the fly in the server, and the problem PDFs are created from the same bits of server code as the ones that fail. Error: No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code page I've tried changing the headers sent from the server, and also varied the request headers: I've tried different Content-Types and specified the charset=utf-8. The simple Delphi code bellow, works for all PDF types on the Mac, but only works for a subset of the document types on Windows. (It's the RESTRequest.Execute bit that fails) RESTClient.BaseURL := 'https://api.mysite.com/pdf/' + url; RESTREquest.Method := rmGet; RESTRequest.Params.AddItem; RESTRequest.Params[0].Kind := pkHTTPHEADER; RESTRequest.Params[0].ContentType := ctTEXT_PLAIN; RESTRequest.Params[0].Options := [ poDoNotEncode ]; RESTRequest.Params[0].name := 'authorization'; RESTRequest.Params[0].value := 'Bearer ' + Token; RESTRequest.Execute; if RESTResponse.StatusCode = 200 then begin RespBytes := RESTResponse.RawBytes;
  2. Hi, i have a multi platform app that i'm maintaining from a few time I'm getting used to debug problems, but when the app is stuck into the splashscreen and Delphi cannot even start the debug mode the problem begins. I used logcat but cannot really get any useful information. The last time i had this problem it was caused from some .so files in a wrong path and the code put into the initialization section to load those .so files was crashing my app. But this time i already fixed that and i already tried to comment out all the code into the initialization section. What can i try to understand why my app is stuck? Ide shows no errors, and this is my logcat The only error shown is "isHeavy hint type 1 for app" but i have no variable called isHeavy in my code so i really have no idea what is referring to 12-16 09:39:47.578: D/Launcher.CellLayout(3938): touch item:ShortcutInfo, id=99, itemType=0, user=UserHandle{0}, mIconType=0, pkgName=<my package name>, className=com.embarcadero.firemonkey.FMXNativeActivity, screenId=2, container=-100, cellX=3, cellY=3, spanX=1, spanY=1, isLandscapePos=false 12-16 09:39:47.598: D/Launcher_dispatchTouchEvent_View(3938): 39:47.597 View= mHCells=4 mVCells=6 mTotalCells=24 mCellXY[0]=3 mCellXY[1]=5 childCount=16 EmptyCellsNum=8 [ tag 0 =com.miui.home.launcher.FolderIcon{f02e59 VFE...CL. ........ 795,84-1049,383}| childWidth 0 =254| childHeight 0 =299| childTranslationX 0 =0.0| childTranslationY 0 =0.0| childX 0 =795.0| childY 0 =84.0| childAlpha 0 =1.0] [ tag 1 =com.miui.home.launcher.ShortcutIcon{cb4f70e VFE...CL. ........ 33,84-287,383}(Impostazioni)| childWidth 1 =254| childHeight 1 =299| childTranslationX 1 =0.0| childTranslationY 1 =0.0| childX 1 =33.0| childY 1 =84.0| childAlpha 1 =1.0] [ tag 2 =com.miui.home.launcher.ShortcutIcon{85f4ea3 VFE...CL. ........ 33,389-287,688}(Note)| childWidth 2 =254| childHeight 2 =299| childTranslationX 2 =0.0| childTranslationY 2 =0.0| childX 2 =33.0| childY 2 =389.0| childAlpha 2 =1.0] [ tag 3 =com.miui.home.launcher.ShortcutIcon{a32dacd VFE...CL. ........ 287,84-541,383}(Mi Video)| childWidth 3 =254| childHeight 3 =299| childTranslationX 3 =0.0| childTranslationY 3 =0.0| childX 3 =287.0| childY 3 =84.0| childAlpha 3 =1.0] [ tag 4 =com.miui.home.launcher.ShortcutIcon{579b6e7 VFE...CL. ........ 541,84-795,383}(Meteo)| childWidth 4 =254| childHeight 4 =299| childTranslationX 4 =0.0| childTranslationY 4 =0.0| childX 4 =541.0| childY 4 =84.0| childAlpha 4 =1.0] [ tag 5 =com.miui.home.launcher.ShortcutIcon{603d248 VFE...CL. ........ 33,694-287,993}(AnyDesk)| childWidth 5 =254| childHeight 5 =299| childTranslationX 5 =0.0| childTranslationY 5 =0.0| childX 5 =33.0| childY 5 =694.0| childAlpha 5 =1.0] [ tag 6 =com.miui.home.launcher.ShortcutIcon{8e5aedb VFE...CL. ........ 541,389-795,688}(Mi Browser)| childWidth 6 =254| childHeight 6 =299| childTranslationX 6 =0.0| childTranslationY 6 =0.0| childX 6 =541.0| childY 6 =389.0| childAlpha 6 =1.0] [ tag 7 =com.miui.home.launcher.ShortcutIcon{d6128bc VFE...CL. ........ 541,694-795,993}(Pilot)| childWidth 7 =254| childHeight 7 =299| childTranslationX 7 =0.0| childTranslationY 7 =0.0| childX 7 =541.0| childY 7 =694.0| childAlpha 7 =1.0] [ tag 8 =com.miui.home.launcher.ShortcutIcon{d3e54b5 VFE...CL. ........ 287,389-541,688}(Assistente)| childWidth 8 =254| childHeight 8 =299| childTranslationX 8 =0.0| childTranslationY 8 =0.0| childX 8 =287.0| childY 8 =389.0| childAlpha 8 =1.0] [ tag 9 =com.miui.home.launcher.ShortcutIcon{b8369ee VFE...CL. ........ 287,694-541,993}(Iotar)| childWidth 9 =254| childHeight 9 =299| childTranslationX 9 =0.0| childTranslationY 9 =0.0| childX 9 =287.0| childY 9 =694.0| childAlpha 9 =1.0] [ tag 10 =com.miui.home.launcher.ShortcutIcon{6bed613 VFE...CL. ........ 795,389-1049,688}(NordVPN)| childWidth 10 =254| childHeight 10 =299| childTranslationX 10 =0.0| childTranslationY 10 =0.0| childX 10 =795.0| childY 10 =389.0| childAlpha 10 =1.0] [ tag 11 =com.miui.home.launcher.ShortcutIcon{30d4ffe VFE...CL. ........ 541,999-795,1298}(<my app name> Mobile Assist)| childWidth 11 =254| childHeight 11 =299| childTranslationX 11 =0.0| childTranslationY 11 =0.0| childX 11 =541.0| childY 11 =999.0| childAlpha 11 =1.0] [ tag 12 =com.miui.home.launcher.ShortcutIcon{d4fa929 VFE...CL. ........ 33,999-287,1298}(AIDA64)| childWidth 12 =254| childHeight 12 =299| childTranslationX 12 =0.0| childTranslationY 12 =0.0| childX 12 =33.0| childY 12 =999.0| childAlpha 12 =1.0] [ tag 13 =com.miui.home.launcher.ShortcutIcon{194fa12 VFE...CL. ........ 287,999-541,1298}(QuickSupport)| childWidth 13 =254| childHeight 13 =299| childTranslationX 13 =0.0| childTranslationY 13 =0.0| childX 13 =287.0| childY 13 =999.0| childAlpha 13 =1.0] [ tag 14 =com.miui.home.launcher.ShortcutIcon{bd39537 VFE...CL. ........ 795,694-1049,993}(App Info)| childWidth 14 =254| childHeight 14 =299| childTranslationX 14 =0.0| childTranslationY 14 =0.0| childX 14 =795.0| childY 14 =694.0| childAlpha 14 =1.0] [ tag 15 =com.miui.home.launcher.ShortcutIcon{6d564e6 VFE...CL. ...P.... 795,999-1049,1298}(<my app name>)| childWidth 15 =254| childHeight 15 =299| childTranslationX 15 =0.0| childTr 12-16 09:39:47.598: D/Launcher_dispatchTouchEvent_View(3938): 39:47.597 View=com.miui.home.launcher.ShortcutIcon{6d564e6 VFE...CL. ...P.... 795,999-1049,1298}(<my app name>) 12-16 09:39:47.666: I/ActivityTaskManager(1757): START u0 {act=android.intent.action.MAIN cat=[android.intent.category.LAUNCHER] flg=0x10200000 cmp=<my package name>/com.embarcadero.firemonkey.FMXNativeActivity bnds=[840,1098][1008,1266] (has extras)} from uid 10078 12-16 09:39:47.670: E/ANDR-PERF-LM(988): GAMEOPT: getData() 1035: isHeavy hint type 1 for app <my package name> 12-16 09:39:47.678: V/ActivityTaskManager(1757): Starting new activity ActivityRecord{f754cfb u0 <my package name>/com.embarcadero.firemonkey.FMXNativeActivity t140} in new task Task{304e060 #140 visible=true type=standard mode=fullscreen translucent=true A=10291:<my package name> U=0 StackId=140 sz=1} 12-16 09:39:47.732: D/Boost(1757): hostingType=pre-top-activity, hostingName={<my package name>/com.embarcadero.firemonkey.FMXNativeActivity}, callerPackage=com.miui.home, isSystem=true, isBoostNeeded=false. 12-16 09:39:47.733: I/ActivityManager(1757): Start proc 28622:<my package name>/u0a291 for pre-top-activity {<my package name>/com.embarcadero.firemonkey.FMXNativeActivity} caller=com.miui.home 12-16 09:39:47.742: V/WindowManager(1757): Orientation start waiting for draw, mDrawState=DRAW_PENDING in Window{13c228d mode=0 rootTaskId=140 u0 Splash Screen <my package name>}, surfaceController Surface(name=Splash Screen <my package name>)/@0xa3ec6bc 12-16 09:39:47.794: I/GST(6103): forePkg: <my package name>, preForePkg: com.miui.home 12-16 09:39:47.794: D/PerfEngineController(6093): ForegroundInfo{mForegroundPackageName='<my package name>', mForegroundUid=10291, mForegroundPid=28622, mLastForegroundPackageName='com.miui.home', mLastForegroundUid=10078, mLastForegroundPid=3938, mMultiWindowForegroundPackageName='null', mMultiWindowForegroundUid=-1, mFlags=1} 12-16 09:39:47.795: I/ProcessMonitor(5408): onForegroundInfoChanged: ForegroundInfo{mForegroundPackageName='<my package name>', mForegroundUid=10291, mForegroundPid=28622, mLastForegroundPackageName='com.miui.home', mLastForegroundUid=10078, mLastForegroundPid=3938, mMultiWindowForegroundPackageName='null', mMultiWindowForegroundUid=-1, mFlags=1} 12-16 09:39:47.795: D/AutoInstallService(11010): onForegroundInfoChanged: <my package name> 12-16 09:39:47.795: I/GameBoosterService(5408): onForegroundInfoChanged: Cur=<my package name> last=com.miui.home 12-16 09:39:47.801: D/GameBoosterService(5408): onGameStatusChange foreground:ForegroundInfo{mForegroundPackageName='<my package name>', mForegroundUid=10291, mForegroundPid=28622, mLastForegroundPackageName='com.miui.home', mLastForegroundUid=10078, mLastForegroundPid=3938, mMultiWindowForegroundPackageName='null', mMultiWindowForegroundUid=-1, mFlags=1} 12-16 09:39:47.881: D/View(28622): <my package name> initForcedUseForceDark: 1 12-16 09:39:47.909: W/linker(28622): Warning: "/data/app/~~wyLwJiilp-W6tb-ch2CPmA==/<my package name>-jZXsqAEEsEtrsmvpmPdF4Q==/lib/arm64/lib<my app name>.so" unused DT entry: DT_RPATH (type 0xf arg 0x2f4c4) (ignoring) 12-16 09:39:48.405: I/ActivityManager(1757): Process <my package name> (pid 28622) has died: fg TOP 12-16 09:39:48.550: W/WindowManager(1757): Failed to schedule DisplayAdjustmentsItem to ProcessRecord{d1d4bbf 28622:<my package name>/u0a291} 12-16 09:39:48.555: D/CommandQueue(3690): setStatus: setStatus: what = 0, action = upate_specail_mode, ext = Bundle[mParcelledData.dataSize=112][pkg = <my package name>[enable_config = false 12-16 09:39:48.657: D/Boost(1757): hostingType=top-activity, hostingName={<my package name>/com.embarcadero.firemonkey.FMXNativeActivity}, callerPackage=com.miui.home, isSystem=true, isBoostNeeded=false. 12-16 09:39:48.657: I/ActivityManager(1757): Start proc 28653:<my package name>/u0a291 for top-activity {<my package name>/com.embarcadero.firemonkey.FMXNativeActivity} caller=com.miui.home 12-16 09:39:48.805: D/View(28653): <my package name> initForcedUseForceDark: 1 12-16 09:39:48.829: W/linker(28653): Warning: "/data/app/~~wyLwJiilp-W6tb-ch2CPmA==/<my package name>-jZXsqAEEsEtrsmvpmPdF4Q==/lib/arm64/lib<my app name>.so" unused DT entry: DT_RPATH (type 0xf arg 0x2f4c4) (ignoring) 12-16 09:39:49.325: I/ActivityManager(1757): Process <my package name> (pid 28653) has died: fg TOP 12-16 09:39:49.356: D/Boost(1757): hostingType=top-activity, hostingName={<my package name>/com.embarcadero.firemonkey.FMXNativeActivity}, callerPackage=com.miui.home, isSystem=true, isBoostNeeded=false. 12-16 09:39:49.356: I/ActivityManager(1757): Start proc 28696:<my package name>/u0a291 for top-activity {<my package name>/com.embarcadero.firemonkey.FMXNativeActivity} caller=com.miui.home 12-16 09:39:49.473: D/View(28696): <my package name> initForcedUseForceDark: 1
  3. The Delphi WSDL Importer has done an impressive job of taking a (local) WSDL file and generating some very useful code (that almost works!) To debug, I have looked at the outgoing request with Fiddler, and based on this, I've been able to alter the WSDL file to effect a required change in the request header. However, the problem remains that Delphi is generating a tag with "NAV_CustomerItemPriceV1" but the server needs "ReadMultiple" - ( which seems sensible of Delphi as the resource that it uses is called NAV_CustomerItemPriceV1) Despite further manual changes to the WSDL and to the code generated by Delphi, I can't force a change in this tag. I have seen posts where people have suggested intercepting the XML, but I'm not sure how to do this (or how to access the events on THTTPRIO) TIA Incorrect: <NAV_CustomerItemPriceV1 xmlns="http://tempuri.org/"> <customerNo>account_no</customerNo> <apiKey>api_key</apiKey> <itemList> <Item No="T14727IO" xmlns="urn:microsoft-dynamics-nav/xmlports/NAV_CustomerItemPriceV1" /> <Item No="ZT62062-T1E0100Z" xmlns="urn:microsoft-dynamics-nav/xmlports/NAV_CustomerItemPriceV1" /> </itemList> </NAV_CustomerItemPriceV1> Correct: <ReadMultiple xmlns="http://tempuri.org/"> <customerNo>account_no</customerNo> <apiKey>api_key</apiKey> <itemList> <Item No="T14727IO" xmlns="urn:microsoft-dynamics-nav/xmlports/NAV_CustomerItemPriceV1" /> <Item No="ZT62062-T1E0100Z" xmlns="urn:microsoft-dynamics-nav/xmlports/NAV_CustomerItemPriceV1" /> </itemList> </ReadMultiple>
  4. Goal: I have configured my app to be opened by some links in iOS, like myapp://lala (using custom scheme), or https://myapp.com/c/lala using universal links, and is already opening my app, but i need to know which url that opened my app. (There is even a tutorial in FMX Express) Problem: I'm trying to handle incoming url from my ios app unsuccessfully. On iOS this should be done by capturing event TApplicationEvent.OpenURL like: procedure TipUrlHandler.ApplicationEventMessageHandler(const ASender: TObject; const AMessage: TMessage); begin case TApplicationEventData(TApplicationEventMessage(AMessage).Value).Event of TApplicationEvent.OpenUrl: HandleUrl(TiOSOpenApplicationContext(TApplicationEventData(TApplicationEventMessage(AMessage).Value).Context).URL); else end; end; Mas o TApplicationEvent.OpenUrl nunca é chamado. So I checked the class TApplicationDelegate in the unit FMX.Platform.iOS.pas in which the TApplicationDelegate.applicationOpenURLWithOptions function should be called every time the app is opened by a url as Apple documents: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/uikit/uiapplicationdelegate/1623112-application?language=objc class function TApplicationDelegate.applicationOpenURLWithOptions(self: id; _cmd: SEL; application: PUIApplication; url: Pointer; options: PNSDictionary): Boolean; So I went to check if the applicationOpenURLWithOptions method is being added correctly in TApplicationDelegate.CreateDelegateMetaClass: class procedure TApplicationDelegate.CreateDelegateMetaClass; begin ... // Opening a URL-Specified Resource if TOSVersion.Major >= 9 then class_addMethod(DelegateClass, sel_getUid('application:openURL:options:'), @applicationOpenURLWithOptions, 'B@:@@@@') else ... end; And then I was able to prove it wrong! The number of arguments declared is wrong, as the correct one should be B@:@@@ Then I made the modification to FMX.Platform.iOS.pas, being as follows: class procedure TApplicationDelegate.CreateDelegateMetaClass; begin ... // Opening a URL-Specified Resource if TOSVersion.Major >= 9 then class_addMethod(DelegateClass, sel_getUid('application:openURL:options:'), @applicationOpenURLWithOptions, 'B@:@@@') else ... end; But the TApplicationDelegate.applicationOpenURLWithOptions function is not yet called. What is wrong? @EDIT Sorry! It is working for custom schemes like "myapp://lala" (with or without the correction in FMX.Platform.iOS.pas) but it is not working for universal links like https://myapp.com/c/lalala. Although I have already configured the universal link correctly and when I click on this universal link, the iOS open my app, but the url can't be handle with TApplicationEvent.OpenUrl, but I discovered that the handling of incoming url of a universal link is different: Handling Universal Links
  5. Get the most out of your GPU by writing custom shaders for FireMonkey! https://blog.grijjy.com/2021/01/14/shader-programming/
  6. Alex Joseph

    Fetch server IP in android client app

    I have firedac datasnap server connected to mssql database server. I am using dbx connection from my firemonkey client app that is running on android mobile. Since I have different datasnap servers using the same App, how is it possible to acquire the IP address of the datasnap server with a parameter from client side. Can someone help me on this issue.
  7. Delphi10.2.3: OTL, FMX, ACTIVEX DCOM i have a big problem in my code to call the parallel.Async many times i have 6 ActiveX DCOM in Delphi, and wanna call these in same time, to calculate an invoice, so in my exe i work with OTL to async all calls activex, i don't like to wait result or freeze my screen. Parallel.Async( procedure (const task: IOmniTask) var iInnerExc: integer; begin /// ***********************************************************/// { return Log} TLogSingleton.Instance().Log('Services XX calcul: Début appel.',True); //************************* PARALLEL ASYNC ****************************// // executed in background thread try // {Create instance de ViewModel annexes: XXServiceXX} mainViewModelPreCalculOTLLevel03 := CreateMainViewModelOTLLevel03Class; {Affecter le même Model principal} mainViewModelPreCalculOTLLevel03.Model := fModel; {Suscribe the observer in list} mainViewModelPreCalculOTLLevel03.Provider.Subscribe(fSubscriber); {Call VieModel.ServiceXX} mainViewModelPreCalculOTLLevel03.StartPrecalcul; except on e:exception do {call the raise, juste ci dessous, dans le onterminated Handle} raise Exception.Create('Exception lors du traitement de Service XX.'); end; end, Parallel.TaskConfig.OnTerminated( procedure (const task: IOmniTaskControl) var excp: Exception; begin // executed in main thread if assigned(task.FatalException) then begin {expoiler l'exception, captcher ci dessus} excp := task.DetachException; TErrorSingleton.Instance().Log(Format('Service XX: [Fin TASK Error]. %s:%s',[excp.ClassName, excp.Message]),True); FreeAndNil(excp); end else begin // executed in main thread { return Log} TLogSingleton.Instance().Log('Services calcul: [Fin TASK] Fin appel traitement.',True); SendNotification([actServiceXXFinish]); end; end )); the Active X Call in exe FMX: (the server activeX is integreted in framework, i don't have the source code, and i don't know haw it writen) _Dm_Dcom := CreateObject('SERVICE.XX.CLT.SERVICEXX', 'DEFAUT') as ICoServiceXX; //Instance of the DLL //CALL the function in ServiceXX_impl _Dm_Dcom.GETTRaitementServiceXX(SafeArrayIn,SafeArrayOut,FListnerForPushNotif ); //with SafeArrayIn =Json IN, and take result in SafeArrayOut; FListnerForPushNotif to send notification (Type Interface: Iunknow) the ActiveX initialization in every SERVICEXX (DLL) TAutoObjectFactory.Create(ComServer, TTest, Class_Test, ciMultiInstance, tmApartment); in this DLL; we have ServiceXX_impl unit, we have one function to call traitement in another class, we can found a communication with the IInterface (published) to send notif like this: (FListnerForPushNotif as IDataListnerForPushNotification).PushNotificationForLog('Message to send to client side'); //we have many logs types: event, Error, Exception //PushNotificationForLog, PushNotificationForError,PushNotificationForException this is my call, i repeat it 6 times, Parallel.Async( CALL01 ); Parallel.Async( CALL01 ); Parallel.Async( CALL02 ); Parallel.Async( CALL06 ); i don't need to freeze my exe, and i don't need to wait, with SendNotification([actServiceXXFinish]); or other Action like "actService01Finish", "actService02Finish" i can kown if my traitement is finished or not, finaly, if i write all 6 calls, i will fall in many and many problems, like freeze screen, and deadlock (the only solution kill the process crl+alt+supp), but if i write only one call, it will be perfect, i have, my result, but the freeze screen persist, Conclusion: 1- with many calls: problems: screen freeze, traitement not working, --> kill the process. 2- with one only call: problems: screen freeze: the "TAniIndicator" not working and the screen freeze when Delphi enter in the other DLL (activeX). Nota: the Exe is FMX (in another step it will be a Form application), the 6 services are DLL (ActiveX DCOM). plz help me
  8. I have this problem,I have to make sure that my IO App made with Delphi Rio can appear in the list of apps with which to share a web link.For example if I am on safari and I am visiting a site I want to share this link with my app. I tried adding the management of CFBundleDocumentTypes and CFBundleURLTypes in the info.plist file but unfortunately my app does not appear in the list.Instead, there is the possibility to send the link to whatsapp, email, notes, and many other apps.Once opened my app must capture the link and use it internally.Do you know how I can do it?ThanksMassimiliano
  9. Hi all Delphier , good morning 😀😀 i have rest firemonkey app ,server , client im trying to check if the server is up or down from the client side using the code below , the code work fine , but when i run it its freeze the app for a while is there any proper way to do this ,thank you ,🤓☺️ try RequestLogin.Execute; if FrmLogin.RequestLogin.Response.Status.Success then begin showmessage ('server up') do something ..... end else except on e : exception do begin showmessage (' server down.... go home ') end end;
  10. I'm still testing porting from 10.3.1 to 10.3.2 In one FMX project for Macos, when just opening and compiling the working project, I've got some messages when compiling under Macos64 (Of coarse it works well under all other platforms). 1.) This message is strange, because the Imports folder is not there at all, not even the 20.0\ folder, because I installed the IDE under d:\Prj\... Under d:\Prj\Embarcadero\Studio\20.0\Imports I have that folder (which is almost empty, just a subfolder with one VCL related file "\Idl\StdVCL.idl". 2.) Its strange because of the reference to kernel32.-dll I have searched my settings, compiler, linker, deployment, registry, but I'm not lucky and couldn't find where these locations are maybe set. My BDSCOMMONDIR environment variable points to a folder close: C:\Users\reg_w\OneDrive\Dokumente\Embarcadero\Studio\20.0, but thats working at all other platforms. Then I decided to completely migrate via an new, empty project, like I described here: Create new FMX app, removed orignal unit1 and added my units from the old project. So now I got a more informative message, but still similar: compiling OK, linking failed The empty project runs, but when I add my units, something went wrong. I'm not recalling to have anything affecting linking in my code, but I haven't checked that yet. Which screw could I turn to remove this linker error, I hope somebody has a clue ? Edit: As usual, just when I prepare and sended a thread, it hits me in the face what this could be. The folder seems to be related to Spring4D .. To get Spring4D compiled, I used the following addition to switch to PUREPASCAL, which seemed to compile fine. I'M using the development branch, from not too long ago (2 weeks), haven't checked for changes. {$I Spring.inc} {$IFDEF MACOS64} // <--Addition {$DEFINE PUREPASCAL} {$ELSE} {.$DEFINE PUREPASCAL} {$ENDIF MACOS64} unit Spring.Events; So probably I have to c heck what happens with Spring4D in my Macos64 tests ... How can I switch S4D to Macos64 in the right way ?
  11. Hi, I need to rotate the screen at runtime when I open a form. Until the release of IOS 13 this code worked perfectly: procedure ChangeOrientation(toOrientation: UIInterfaceOrientation; possibleOrientations: TScreenOrientations); var win : UIWindow; App : UIApplication; viewController : UIViewController; oucon: UIViewController; begin Application.FormFactor.Orientations := []; //Change supported orientations App := TUIApplication.Wrap(TUIApplication.OCClass.sharedApplication); win := TUIWindow.Wrap(App.windows.objectAtIndex(0)); //The first Windows is always the main Window App.setStatusBarOrientation(toOrientation); {After you have changed your statusbar orientation set the Supported orientation/orientations to whatever you need} Application.FormFactor.Orientations := possibleOrientations; viewController := TUIViewController.Wrap(TUIViewController.alloc.init);//dummy ViewController oucon := TUIViewController.Wrap(TUIViewController.alloc.init); {Now we are creating a new Viewcontroller now when it is created it will have to check what is the supported orientations} oucon := win.rootViewController;//we store all our current content to the new ViewController Win.setRootViewController(viewController); Win.makeKeyAndVisible;// We display the Dummy viewcontroller win.setRootViewController(oucon); win.makeKeyAndVisible; {And now we Display our original Content in a new Viewcontroller with our new Supported orientations} end; However, since the release of IOS 13 the screen locks on the set orientation but does not rotate. So if I set Landscape orientation the screen remains in Portrait orientation until I physically turn the phone around, at which point it rightly remains locked on that orientation. This is a real disaster because then, until the phone is turned, all the controls ( finger position, object position,..) are wrong.
  12. Hi all, This morning while debugging my FMX app in Windows I suddenly started getting an EOleException within the Notification Center while initialising. onecoreuap\base\diagnosis\platform\notifications\developer\toast.cpp(2389)\wpnapps.dll!63CC11A2: (caller: 63CB5660) ReturnHr(1) tid(14e0) 803E0105 The notification platform is unavailable. First chance exception at $776F9862. Exception class EOleException with message 'The notification platform is unavailable' I've never seen this before, but it may be related to my Windows setup having updated over the weekend to v2004 (19041.388). It looks suspiciously like MS have changed the way their notification APIs work in this update... Has anyone seen this before or know of a way to resolve it? There's nothing useful on Google about this error that I could find. Thanks
  13. Just updated a Huawei P20 phone to Android 10, and am finding the things that it has now broken! This code worked fine in android 9. Using Delphi 10.4. FileData=tfile.ReadAllLines('/storage/emulated/0/Documents/Pete/PeteADefaults.cfg') now prangs with Cannot open file "/storage/emulated/0/Documents/Pete/PeteADefaults.cfg" Permission denied. Anyone got any bright ideas? I tracked it through with F7 to FileOpen in System.IOUtils, FileHandle := __open(M.AsAnsi(filename, CP_UTF8).ToPointer, (Mode and 3), FileAccessRights) which returns -1. (Can't read files or directories either - probably the same problem)
  14. Hi there, I'm using Bluetooth-LE, and I can see that apps might crash in RELEASE under TestFlight, while they work well in DEBUG. This happened never on older iOS versions, so I still try to find the real reason for crashing. What I think is that the bluetooth-le flag not only controls the download from AppStore, but maybe also might cause internal crash's, if not defined. I use bluetooth, with UIBackgroundModes "location", "bluetooth-cetral" and "audio" background modes, which worked well before (and still does in DEBUG), but now shows the typical permission crashes, all on modern phones and iPads with iOS13.4.1. My configuration: Rx10.3.3, XCode 11.4.1, iOS13.4.1. Maybe I need to define bluetooth-le in the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities, or does that doesn't make any difference in apps behaviour ?
  15. I developed an application using Delphi Firemonkey for managing my own commercial complex. I have named it EasyTenant. Overall development experience is good, though not excellent. Development was really faster because of the RAD nature. Third party components are limited for Android Firemonkey. GUI is average, not rich like other languages like Swift, Java, etc. Delphi lovers please give your feedback by looking at the screenshots. UX for me is okay not excellent.
  16. There are 50 new cross platform samples for Delphi 10.3 Rio FireMonkey available over on Github. The demos heavily feature … http://www.fmxexpress.com/50-cross-platform-samples-for-android-ios-osx-windows-linux-and-html5-in-delphi/
  17. Colleagues! We are pleased to present an updated version of the grid component for Delphi FireMonkey - FireDataGrid 1.7. The current version contains many pieces of code that have been completely rewritten to support the current version of FireMonkey RAD Rio 10.3.2. The current version of the component is fully adapted to work on High DPI monitors. The component scaling is processed very carefully (by the pixels) and does not contain artifacts at different screen resolutions. The rendering speed has been increased, and other grid operation bugs in different modes have also been fixed. Redesigned support for FMX themes and styles, absolutely any FireMonkey themes are now supported. Improved the grid zooming feature (activated by the Cntrol +"+", Control+"-" or Control + mouse scroll wheel). Zooming now works much faster. Reworked Filter panel and Field Chooser panel. Added visual effect to them. In addition, bugs have been fixed in the implementation of the TDataSet and the Grid pairing mechanism for read-only, edit modes and in adding new entries mode. You can download the evaluation version at this link. Please send us your feedback and suggestions. All your wishes will be taken into account in further development! Below some screenshots are available: FireDataGrid 1.7 uses Transparent FireMonkey Style FireDataGrid 1.7 uses Windows 10 Modern Blue Style Sincerely, Developer Machines https://www.devmachines.com
  18. For the Google Cloud database Firebase, there was no complete library for Delphi. The new open source library FB4D closes this gap and supports the Firebase Realtime DB, the new Firestore DB, the Firebase Storage (for file storage) and Firebase Functions (for calling server functions). For authentication, FB4D currently supports email/password authentication and anonymous login. The library builds on the Firebase REST-API and provides all functionality with synchronous and asynchronous methods for the usage within GUI application, services and background threads. Both frameworks VCL and Firemonkey since Delphi 10 Seattle are supported. The library is a pure source code library and relies on class interfaces. https://github.com/SchneiderInfosystems/FB4D The library offers a wiki. Two example applications and a Getting-Started on the wiki will help you to start working with the library.
  19. RussellW

    Omni for Multi Platform?

    I know a lot of work was done to try and produce a multi platform version of Omni. How close is this and are there plans to complete it? Just trying to use the basic Delphi threading and I'm really missing the ease that Omni gives me. What would it take to get this work complete? A crowdfund? I'd be up for that.
  20. I have a listview application with dynamic items, which is connected to a fdmemtable, when clicking repeatedly on any item in the listview, the application closes. If you put the listview without the dynamic items, and clicking several times this does not occur I'm using delphi 10.2.3 works ok, but in delphi 10.3 comunity, the error occurs, with android 8.0.1 Has anyone had this problem ?
  21. Gnostice Document Studio Delphi version 2018 R2 Build 18.2.2831 released with C++Builder support, new SKUs and more. Highlights in this release: - Marketing name changed to Gnostice Document Studio Delphi. This has no impact on code. - SKUs have been reorganized to cater to popular demands. SKUs based on popular demand. - Essential [$250], Professional [$450], and Ultimate [$600] are the new SKUs. - Essential edition replaces ReportExport edition. Customers of ReportExport edition with an active subscription get a free upgrade to Essential. - Ultimate edition includes all features of Professional + 1 full license of Gnostice StarDocs Document Server Viewer edition. - Support for C++Builder. - PDF rendering enhancements and much more. For the full release notes, please have a look at the following page: https://bit.ly/2vRt2sq To know more about Gnostice Document Studio Delphi, please browse to:https://bit.ly/2nKIeDl https://bit.ly/2nKIeDl To download the trial version, please browse to: https://bit.ly/2zz06Xn Please mail us at support@gnostice.com, if you have any questions. Thank you, The Gnostice DevTools Team https://www.gnostice.com #PDF #Delphi #FireMonkey #DocumentStudio #Windows #macOS #iOS #Android
  22. Hi all, Is there a compiler define that I can use to distinguish between FireMonkey and VCL in my include file? I want to use this define in my include file (.inc) that will be referenced in all my project units. Lets say something like this. I tried this but it doesn't seem to work in my inc file. {$IF DECLARED(FireMonkeyVersion)} {$DEFINE FMX} {$ELSE} {$DEFINE VCL} {$IFEND} Thanks.
  23. Wrote up this blog post covering a sample of the client/server/openapi auto generated solution from Auto Tables for RAD Server. http://www.fmxexpress.com/auto-tables-logger-rest-client-and-rad-server-sample-for-delphi-10-2-tokyo-on-android-and-ios/