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  1. Rollo62

    Prevent from closing when....

    I would consider closing requests by TMessage and TMessageManager, to keep all units as much decoupled as possible ( not sure if you work with a recent version of the IDE, but I think its in for long time already ).
  2. Rollo62

    TMS and CoPilot, and Delphi ?

    It seems to be good enough for TMS VsCode, and this IS Pascal language too. The results and proposals of the AI looks very much OK, like the email verification and RegEx. Focussing on the "Pascal" question, you better do not underestimate the current AI's. I think they are quite able, to convert e.g. Javascript, C++, etc. to valid Delphi. They show a high grade of creativity, and I would say they even might pass a turing test.
  3. Hi there, I have just stumbled about the post here, about Github CoPilot. When I checked and played around with some AI, like GPT-x, I can imagine the advantages this integrated KI might give to the programming workflow. This gives me a strong push to check out the FNC for VsCode, since I use VsCode anyway for some web projects. I'm wonderding if the CoPilot technology is limited to VsCode only, or if there are possibilities to integrate that into Delphi too ? Github says "not yet", but I think that will be provided as simple REST API as well. So maybe Embarcadero is already checking this out, this would be very cool to have new LSP + new KI one day 🙂
  4. Rollo62

    JCL support for Linux64 compiler

    If restructuring and modularizing the JCL would make sense, I would be interested, at least I'm doing that more or less on a daily base. The best approach in my opinion would be to identify the domains that should be separated, and then try to unbind them from the rest of the of the JCL. So that each domain best of all can be used standalone, without too much headaches. What is missing for me is a useful discussion about those "domains", which one makes sense, which one are obsolete. Who could start providing such list, I'm not too deep in the JCL right now ? Another question is who is responsible for the JCL right now and in the future, and what about copyrights, etc. ? Maybe the initiative should be started from the original maintainers first, or at least with their common understanding and approval. I assume the project will end up as a complete rewrite of the JCL, so would be good to have all permission and good support to do so. To have another good library that will be divided into many redundant forks by separate, different maintainers with different goals, makes no sense to me either.
  5. Hi there, I would like to use the wonderful HtmlComponents HtmlEditor for creating a single or multiple page PDF documents, as eDocument, with sections (header/footer) and/or background image(s)/icons, that covers the whole page to simulate a border-less PDF printout. This shall be used like a normal, printed business paper, invoice, etc. The result could look like that, but of course even more fancy and colorful too: In some overlay areas there should be the normal text, which can be entered in the document, so that the whole page might be converted to PDF, and sended as eInvoice or other ePaper. The whole documents would act as template for the editor. The question is how could that be arranged best, with HtmlComponents, since I would like to use HTML-based documents right from the start. One option would be to automate MsWord/LibreWriter, with templates, but I prefer the HTML as more future-ready and simple solution. From HTML5 / CSS, I know that they were not so good to define such fixed sized, pixel-perfect, pages, especially when pagination comes into mind, like for standard A4 pages ( 210 x 297 mm ). There could be one background image behind the whole A4 page, but this would be quite large. If I use several, separate footer, header sections, then they may drift off A4 size easily. So I wonder how I could make use of HtmlComponents, and HtmlEditor, to get this solved. Shall I use HTML itself, to define everything, or can HrmlEditor help to produce that. Maybe some of you would propose the reporting features in the first place, but I would like to keep the document as manually editable page too, just like maybe MsWord, LibreOffice templates would work. If that can be solved, how can I convert the whole thing as border-less PDF ? I had not yet worked too much with advanced layout options of the HtmlEditor, but it brings all I should have, in my opinion. Only how do I get started best, with a pre-printed template with header, footer, logo, body, etc.. ?
  6. Rollo62

    A screen mirroring utility

    I think Android offers a lot of options for screen mirroring. https://fossbytes.com/android-screen-mirroring-apps-pc/ https://www.howtogeek.com/269093/how-to-cast-your-windows-or-android-display-to-a-windows-10-pc/ https://techviral.net/best-apps-to-mirror-android-screen-to-pc/
  7. Rollo62

    JCL support for Linux64 compiler

    Thats very good that someone takes care of this nice peace of code, but I'm afraid the golden days of Jcl had been gone for a while. Meanwhile Delphi, System, RTL, RTTI has improved much, and also added their own native Linux cross-platform support. What I would suggest is to check and cleanup the code a little, to find the golden nuggets that were worth to be unraveled ( I'm sure there are many ). Who is using Jcl / Jvcl actively, who can give some hints ? If Jedi would not be such a big unsorted mess I would like to look deeper into this too, but I always have the bad feeling that it brings more overhead than it brings useful features. Maybe you have some deeper insights, and you can explain what features especially should stay and which one should be separated ? To have a general, external library that could fill some gaps of Delphi would be a good idea, in my opinion, but it should be directly VCL/FMX ready, not especially platform binded.
  8. Yes, I meanwhile put such "prominent disclosure" dialog in front of all my apps ( even if Windows ) 🙂 No matter if iOS don't require this, I think that is a good policy too. Regarding the permissions I do it similar as in some websites, saying we have "required" permissions, and explaining why they were required. Also explaining some privacy stuff there. If the user don't agree's, he should leave the app. But of course the user still can choose other settings in the OS dialog, than he did in the "prominent disclosure". The whole permission stuff is a permanent pain ....
  9. Rollo62

    Trim, SplitString

    procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var i: Integer; Str, Seperator : String; LArr : TArray<String>; begin Edit1.Text := '10 * 20 * 30'; LArr := Edit1.Text.Split( [ '*' ] ); if Length( LArr ) < 3 then begin // Error; Exit; end; Edit2.Text := LArr[ 0 ].Trim; Edit3.Text := LArr[ 1 ].Trim; Edit3.Text := LArr[ 2 ].Trim; end;
  10. Rollo62

    [Android] Odd problem with TMediaplayer

    Strange, I would investigate why and where its blocking in the first test.
  11. Rollo62

    [Android] Odd problem with TMediaplayer

    I had the same thought when reading this. In my app I can use TMediaPlayer to play files without blocking, even several TMediaPlayer could play in parallel You could try to decouple the "Play" method, to ensure that the Memo is forced update first. If that still delays the display, then probably something is blocking somewhere else. memo.Lines.Add('blablabla'); MediaPlayer1.FileName := System.IOUtils.TPath.Combine(TPath.GetDocumentsPath, 'a.mp3'); //playing an internal resource TThread.ForceQueue( nil, procedure begin MediaPlayer1.Play; end );
  12. Rollo62


    I like the split helpers http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/Libraries/Sydney/en/System.SysUtils.TStringHelper.Split
  13. http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/Libraries/Sydney/en/System.Real Maybe only issues in older versions, currently it should be equivalent.
  14. When I reading FireDac: it could a missing FireDac unit, I think it was the ...PhysSqlite... uses clause was missing , after an update to a newer version. https://codeverge.com/embarcadero.delphi.firedac/firedac-in-unit-without-form/2001879
  15. I would check first if all the permissions handling is correct, there had been many changes. If that doesnt helps, have you tried to recreate a new project under 10.4.2 and reset your project to the latest projects defaults ?