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  1. Rollo62

    write text on image with specific position fmx

    What happens when you offset the Top and Left position ?
  2. Rollo62

    What is part of your contiuos integration?

    I wanted to use Jenkins, but since Jenkins X arrived I'm a kind of starred like a rabbit in front of a snake, not konwing the status and future of Jenkins. While Jenkins X is a dockerized version of Jenkins, but not really compatible and not my true favorite, I'm not sure where the roadmap and the developers will move. Will Jenkins dissappear and get less active, or not ? Will Jenkins be replaced by Jenkins X in the long run ? Is Jenkins X just intended for different kind of customers ? Meanwhile still some time has passed by, and Jenkins seemed still normal and active, but I haven't checked the current situation for a least a few months now.
  3. Rollo62

    Error deploying IOS Release App

    When you start XCode, open the menu Windows/Devices and Simulators/ page, then plug in your iPHone device do you see the iPhones info popping up in this page ? If not, maybe some settings were missing, like the registration of your device in the AppStore, the provisioning files, etc. Not sure if you have a full Apple account already, or if you just first time playing with this stuff ?
  4. You mean these little red thingies ? Not visible enough for me, I use standard lines like this, as my default
  5. @dummzeuch Done. You're perfectly right. At this time of the day my english translation brain sub-module doesn't work so well anymore. I have to wait until next morning, if I'm lucky
  6. Rollo62

    D11 - A bridge too far.. :-(

    I hope that I make my first D11 AppStore Upload soon ... thats usable enough if it works as expected
  7. I prefer 2 as well. But in case of AntiPattern, I like to make "shouting" comments showing me where the problem sits. Make it as as much as "shouting" as you like, its more a question of "taste" ( Ok, I'm overdoing a bit in the upper example ). Are these "shouting" comments another AntiPattern maybe ? 🤔
  8. Rollo62

    Delphi and the new Apple M1 CPU

    Another question beside the move to M1, if Apple will also move away from Objective-C to Swift, with more speed now. I think Swift will still be a problem for Delphi, but on the other hand maybe its easier and cleaner too once a bridge is in place. But I'm afraid that it includes more obstacles for Delphi, as Objective-C did (which has maybe not the latest features inside). Will M1 ARM also affect this move to Swift somehow ?
  9. Rollo62

    D11 - A bridge too far.. :-(

    But you have to sometimes, in case of you have to use Android / iOS. Anyway, I find D11 quite stable so far, but I'm still in the process of porting and testing. At least I can say that I have no show-stoppers yet 🙏
  10. Not sure if you mean Cef4Delphi ? This one is always quite actual.
  11. Rollo62

    Delphi and the new Apple M1 CPU

    If there is no way to use Win x86 on this nice M1 MacBook Max machine, this will be a showstopper for me. So I will be probably locked-in on Intel desktop then, lets wait and see. I don't believe in Win on ARM and Microsofts x86 emulation that much, so maybe time will tell.
  12. Exactly, the issue was that it always overwrites, no matter what you do, which may drive you crazy soon. After a single checkbox change, it behaves normally again (toggle), but I'm afraid I had never seen the locking of the insert mode.
  13. Yes, when usually toggling the insert key, to change between INSERT and OVERWRITE mode, this is ignored and stays at INSERT ( only in Delphi behaves like that, other apps do change the mode ). The solution is to change above combobox selection.
  14. Rollo62

    Delphi and the new Apple M1 CPU

    I still have hope that we will see VmWare or the like on M1 Macos, which is able to support x86 Win10/11. That would leave the problem to VmWare to make it run. I haven't thought too deeply about what that conversion would mean on the CPU virtualization side of an entire OS, but why not its also simply a "program" Yes, maybe a missing hypervisor emulation would be a problem.
  15. Rollo62

    Delphi and the new Apple M1 CPU

    That is a very good point, maybe that is not so good news if Wintel is needed, like for Delphi. It would be worth checking that with Apple, and try to get some clear guarantees. On the other hand, this time they are not moving from IBM to Intel, but from x86, which means they will have the chance to catch Wintel users in the long run. Why should they kill a well working emulator solution, which can attract all the Windows users to M1, I think cancelling that would be a stupid marketing decision. At least they had added some more interfaces, like HDMI, etc. this is what their advertising said, not sure in detail how many USB sockets they have. But I'm used to have a short USB-Hub dongle plugged in anyway, so not that big deal for me.