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  1. Rollo62

    Global StyleBook component

    I use custom styles only at the very minimum possible, but some controls unfortunately doesn't allow any other chance for tinting and re-coloring backgrounds etc. Thats a pity, because if that would be possible I wouldn't need any custom styles at all. I know , the styles were made exactly for that purpose, but its way too much efford to make a custom design, when simple fill/stroke/text colors will do the job.
  2. Rollo62

    Global StyleBook component

    I use such "invisible" form in one of my projects. So that the styles are still be able to edit there, sometimes to make custom edits. I uses that form for editing, and removed all unneeded stuff later, but keep that StyleBook on that form for the whole application. I'm not happy with that either, but it does its job, and its more convenient than to have a separate form elsewhere, just for designer purposes. In a DataModule the stylebook designer didn't work as it should, at least you cannot edit any custom styles, or is there any workaround to it ? I doubt it, because DataModule is not visual.
  3. Dear Remy, thanks for the info, there is a nice tutorial howto do that in XCode. https://forum.unity.com/threads/xcode-storyboard-option-for-splash-screens-launch-screens-in-ios-build.811131/ Have not checked it, but I hope that works for me too, no idea yeat what else might this change affect. Will there be any special requirements to the images itself (size, type, etc.) ?
  4. Rollo62

    Boolean evaluation

    Call it: .IsAdministrator and all is clear
  5. Rollo62

    Delphi Rio IDE hangs again and again

    Usually such mess can start if you have cyclic unit definitions. I would try to cleanup and rearrange used units, to maybe find the possible root cause.
  6. Rollo62

    ANDROID64 Conditional compiling

    I didnt say And64 makes no sense, I just pointed out that this problably helps to solve some issues.
  7. Rollo62

    ANDROID64 Conditional compiling

    I think Android64 doesn't even start on Android32 OS, and the selection of libraries can be done in the deployment.
  8. Rollo62

    ANDROID64 Conditional compiling

    Maybe this will be there in Version 10.4 ...
  9. Rollo62

    Test your product with UTF-8 beta setting

    Thanks god the new managements didn't kill all old references in code and IDE as first step, causing all kinds of weired issues.
  10. Have a look into the KastriFree project from Dave Nottage.
  11. No time to do that at the moment, but my current setting was produced from such clean Windows image. Only I had some updates now, and its not that clean machine anymore. Maybe I will check later, I have no 3D applications at the moment, and the IDE is running well. Better I wait until Rx10.4, then I have a good reason to start with a clean installation again.
  12. Rollo62

    language updates in 10.4?

    Thanks for testing so deeply ☝️ Nothing, I love inline variables too. I just would wait until its really stable for production, maybe I look at it in Rx10.4.
  13. By the way, I just found out that my VmWare also crashes when VmWare+IDE is running, and when I start then PAServer via PAServerManager on the same host. But its a different crash type, since I can close and restart VmWare normally, but maybe this is related. When I start PAServer first, and then run VmWare+IDE, all is OK. So its a matter of startup sequence here. P.S. I just see there is a new VmWare version 11.5.2 available, I will check that out later. https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Fusion/11.5.0/rn/VMware-Fusion-1152-Release-Notes.html
  14. Thanks, yes I have seen that link in the bottom. I referred to it here Does this leads to the same page in your system ? But the hints doesn'T help, as I wrote, I cannot find any Vulkan.xxx libraries under Windows/System32, etc. I think that VmWare simply is not ready yet for the full Vulkan support under Windows 10 (my assumnption).
  15. Short update: I've got proposals from VmWare support: 1. ReInstall VmWare tools 2. Disable 3D acceleration 1. I've tried, no success. That was forseeable for me, since I update VmTools usually always after updates (und usually I don't forget that). 2. Disable 3D acceleration helps of coarse, but switched off 3D acceleration. My 3D apps work again. Not 100% what 3D acceleration means under VmWare Fusion, but I assume this switches to new Metal driver. If disabled, I assume this falls back to OpenGL driver. https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Fusion/11/com.vmware.fusion.using.doc/GUID-C0E9FDAC-BC40-4A6B-8940-013597CA5E5B.html https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Fusion/11.5.0/rn/VMware-Fusion-1150-Release-Notes.html https://communities.vmware.com/thread/581677 https://communities.vmware.com/message/2562929#2562929 Anyway, maybe I have to wait until Metal drivers are more stable, no big issue for me at the moment. Of coarse I don't want to see any sudden, fatal crashes anymore.