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  1. Rollo62

    Publishing iOS apps

    You better check the link, and check your Apple MemberCenter first, if you don't have access probably Apple won't let you in w/o permission from the original developer account.
  2. Rollo62

    Publishing iOS apps

    From your explanation I'm unsure if the project already has been registered in the Apple Developer Membercenter at all. Was the app distributed once before, or not, ? Then you should have followed all these steps. Have you checked if there is a provisioning certificate for distribution ? The apps BundleID shall match the former settings 1:1.
  3. @Hans♫ Have you tried this with a complete new, empty project from the scratch ? if not I would recommend so.
  4. @Schokohase I do write untit tests, and I know about the problems that globals and threads can create. Still I think in many cases, like above data storage which are seldomly accessed, the risk may be acceptable. Also not many Singleton implementations out there seems to care about thread safety. So does your post mean that you would generally recommend to make the global singletons threadsafe ?
  5. @PeterBelow I prefer the same, and use it in many places like that. But not all the time (usually these classes are called seldomly), but there is always a tiny chance that these singletons might crash because they are not threadsafe. I never had such case, but its always on my mind that it could in some cases, where those failures would be hard to find. Would you recommend or not recommend to make such simple data storage classes generally threadsafe ?
  6. Same what I think. If missing clarity would have been a problem, then it would take only a few hours to correct that, before loosing hundrets of loyal customers. Such a big damage to Embarcaderos trust and reputation (again and again) should not left open with two eyes closed by the management.
  7. Rollo62

    Any tips to speed up Android linking and deployment?

    Debugging works for me (most of the time). Generally I have ony the tip to keep apps as modular as posssible, so to be able to test each module functinaly separately. Best of all try to develop single modules under Win or if special mobile behaviour: test under Android/iOS, so to reach reasonable turnaround cycles. Smaller, separated test apps compile usually fine and also deployment is much faster. Only when the app is close to final testing the complete final app, by putting all single modules together, is slower and then hopefully works as expected. Also I wonder where the bottlenecks really lay and howto improve, but this is probably by a lot of files shuffling around for signing, deployment, packaging, etc. So a fast hardware and SSD and enough RAM capacity is of coarse a must.
  8. Rollo62

    Any tips to speed up Android linking and deployment?

    For example in Debug mode: you can change the Project Options\Compiling\Debugging\Debug informatioin to "Limited Debug information". Debugging on mobile is limited anyway (sadly), so it doesn't make sense to keep full info here.
  9. I use VMware. But also there it makes much sense to have a clean install after time to time, to cleanup messy IDE setups.
  10. I asked myself if this "free learning" is confirmed from the authors, or if Packt chooses books randomly on their own, w/o permission ? Would be good to know if somebody thinks about publishing with Packt.
  11. I'm a big fan of free and open source software too, and actually try to build my infrastructure around it, if possible. Building up a community is a great thing, when looking to Apple, Google and Microsoft, but also hard and costly promotional work usually. But to be fair, those big communities might get back-supported by return on investment from other products, like hardware, search engines, whatever. For a company living from pure IDE and frameworks alone its much harder to find reasonable ROI, so far I can understand Embarcadero's mindset. Example for such similar companies are maybe IDEA, RemObjects, which also have to sell their software for a living. In contrast to Embarcadero they seem to manage their community growing well, probably by avoiding launching new, scaring actions of their company management all the time. The only value of all these IDE related companies lay in their loyal COMMUNITY, not in their products itself, when will Embarcadero ever understand that simple fact ?
  12. Rollo62

    A YAML Library for Delphi

    Thanks for the nice library. Maybe this is also an useful info to get a better understanding how it is related to the JSON format.
  13. Rollo62

    RadStudio Roadmap 2019

    Right, but you can never be sure about some unexpected sidekicks ... We have to hope that the choice might be wise and long-lasting.
  14. Rollo62

    RadStudio Roadmap 2019

    Surely there will be a Beta phase before, which should allow to produce productive code as well.
  15. It should have some visual impression too ... If Delphi is like that, maybe I can forgive