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  1. Rollo62

    Report components: good, bad, ugly

    I use HTML Components Library too, and its working flawlessly (considering its a little between HTML4 and 5), but the big advantage for me is that its cross-platform. Also HTML reports are pretty much interchangeable everywhere, you don't need a special reader. Updates come out regularily also Alexander is fixing bugs and even adding some reqested features very fast. I only can recommend these tools.
  2. Rollo62

    Running the IDE in a VM on Mac Book Pro?

    Yes, 40 GB is clean Win10 VM. I had up to 130GB VM in the past as well, but then tried to keep it cleaned up as much as possible. Currently the last years I could reach <= 70 GB (of coarse including also my desired tools like Git. Excel, Gimp, IncSkape, etc.), The larger VM is not really a problem for working, but takes a little longer at start, copy and more space in backup. Thats why I recommend to regularily clean up "C:\" folder (incl. system files), and then clan the VM, shrinking it back. Unfortunately clean and shrink VM doesn't work with Macos images out of the box. Also shrinking disk space doesn't really work well in Macos. It is possible, but needs a lot of fumbling in Terminal and disk utility, so I keep it as is. This is a problem because upgrading needs to enlarge the VM temporarily (like I think last XCode was 15GB), then after install its back to normal. Unfortunately I cannot temporarily give more space and free then. If I need to update I try to clean as much as possible, but last update I needed to increase my VM size as well. But anyway, working from clean VM's is always the option.
  3. Rollo62

    Running the IDE in a VM on Mac Book Pro?

    @PeterPanettone No, its connected via USB3. The cost-benefit relation of Thunderbird is simply unreasonable. I never checked out Parallels, but checked many forums and case.stories some years ago, comparing Parallels to VmWare. Parallels is very good for Macos, indeed. But at that time (and up to now) Parallels and VmWare were on par, no big differences in all tests (as far as I know). So my choice was VmWare then, since I already used it for Windows and felt very convenient, it was a no-brainer. I never regret my choice. The images are usable on both platforms, yes. I've made such tests some years ago, and it was possible to move them around, but I would not bet on this. Also you have to consider CPU and hardware, which probably doesn'T match the new host. For example the Macos image requires special "Apple compatibe" CPU (which means no AMD at all), this can break your compatibility, but that not an VmWare issue. Today I prefer to work on clean VM's, which are pre-configured with my minimum set of tools, and to set up a new VM guest is like copy and paste (by the way copying 40GB copying on a fast SSD can be < 1 min, ony my older systems might take 10-15min).
  4. Rollo62

    Running the IDE in a VM on Mac Book Pro?

    I only can say: VmWare with image on an external FAST SDD (Samsung 'T5 e.g.) works nearly as fast like on internal SSD.
  5. Rollo62

    Running the IDE in a VM on Mac Book Pro?

    Yes, simplistic is the main reason. There are simple things hidden too much and settings are very limited (no expert modes). With Windows I can do anything, its very open and informative. I can get a tool for any topic. Ok, probably you can find that for Mac too somewhere, and you have the Terminal shell. At some steps you HAVE to use Temrinal, to get simple things done (where I would expect a clever installer maybe). Devices are integrated smoothly: YES But there are so little devices available. I cannot even get a USB-C cable in a shop now. Most keyboards, USB-Drived, other adapters do not work out of the box with Macos. They really are not interested in 3rd party support, where Windows is vice-versa. Why the hell do I have Thunderbolt, there are no reasonable or affordable devices available, its a total waste. Also the whole concept of UX, some love it and say its easy, but I think vice-versa again. Hidden windows behind other apps, a lot of flaws which I rarely see in Windows. Windows concepts are much more simple user-friendly and clear IMHO (unfortunately Win10 is on the track of Macos right now). Try to move a file with Finder, this is terrible, there is no clear Cut and past function for files, as far as I know. Try to drop a file in a folder, you never know where it lands. Macos still might have Wifi issues, sometimes broken connections, etc. A well known issues for many years now, probably depend on the router and the settings, but nothing I would like to see in such a machine. One the Pro side: Trackpad is great, 2-finger / 3-finger guestures work smooth, elegant and flawlessly, never seen such perfect bahaviour on Windows. Switching shells by swiping them is a joy to work with multiple VM machines. Display is great. Anyway, for me the Mac acts as host, and I'm running on Windows. For that purpose its OK for me.
  6. Rollo62

    Google Play Store - request extension for Delphi apps

    Yes, they don't say this in the note. But in the dashboard, in some info hint. My app also has no technical issue, it was rejected only because the server is not ready yet (and they wanted to check what I do there). The app itself is running also w/o the server. I think you get such special treatment if you do - In App purchase - Apple Pay wallet - App for childs - Gambiling app - any other critical stuff in those areas there are permantently changing the laws.
  7. Rollo62

    Running the IDE in a VM on Mac Book Pro?

    Yes, I would wait for that too. But not to get it, but because the older models get cheaper. For newest model I would always wait a reasonable time, to find out some possible systematic issues. Apple has a lot of issues in their newest products recently, woth to wait until production is stable. Consider the MacBook form factor stayed same since a century now, but putting more and more chips stuff and power into it. Physics also might have its limits. My older MacBook can went quite hot at certain spots on the housing, this incresed since I guess update to Sierra. Never made any issue, but as I said: You cannot cheat physic laws.
  8. Rollo62

    Running the IDE in a VM on Mac Book Pro?

    I only rationalize this by being able to do Apple iOS / Mac Development, to get back from their also higher rated AppStore. There is no other reason, Macos is really behind Windows IMHO in so many ways (sorry only my opinion as a long trained Windows user). Mostly I miss the openess and the informativeness of the Windows system, not much is hiding behind artificial walls.
  9. Rollo62

    Google Play Store - request extension for Delphi apps

    Probably your app did something wrong. I've got 7 extensions recently, and 1 rejection. But the rejection was because the app was not ready, and the according server was not running. I just wanted to start the process before 01.08.19, and hope that when I resend another version, complete with working server access and all license, disclaimer settings etc. I will get a go. The Google judgement is not only because of 64Bith though.
  10. Rollo62

    Running the IDE in a VM on Mac Book Pro?

    1. thats clearly too much, you shuld look at a different store. Maybe the big price comes from 4TB SSD disk ? 2. buy the last before model, not the latest 3. keyboard is crap, but usable (see many noted in the web) 4. traxckpad is great, although I liked the more small version in older MacBooks (also many notes in the web) 5. Reliablity and quality is high, performance is high 6. Their safety habits suck, they overdue "safety" handling in every place (membership, dev. certificates, shut down devices aft. 3x wrong entry, API), leaving no room for any custom deviation or settings, you have to follow the "Apple way", or you're out 7. I run my last MAcBook Pro still everyday, after 6 years, same speed, same quality. Apple is no normal business, but a religion. https://www.worldreligionnews.com/religion-news/is-apple-a-religion But their high status brokes down a lot recently, when they did big failures in MacBook Pro design, hitting their loyal customers in the face. Also a lot to read about in the web. But nevertheless, MacBook Pro is definitively among the 3 top notebooks, I would guess. Don't worry. Use large and fast SSD disk (I use 2TB, but its terrible expensive) Use large and fast memory (your 32GB should be on the safe side), I use 32GB too, and I'm able to run several VM machines at same time
  11. Rollo62

    Running the IDE in a VM on Mac Book Pro?

    I use VmWare successfully for many years now. Only in one older version I faced some issues, otherwise runs w/o any flaws, support is OK (although not "NOW", I'm used to wait some hours). One main reasin is also that VmWare supports all platforms (Win, Mac, Linux, Cloud), and the VM images are interchangeable. I didn't wanted to fumble around with 2-3 VM parties, but only with one instead. The small differences between the 3 major players in performance or features are acceptable noise IMHO.
  12. Rollo62

    Running the IDE in a VM on Mac Book Pro?

    This is maybe interesting
  13. I would like to get back to the original (and related) issues: Its still not 100% clear what the reason is, but as a workaround I found that the follwoing method helps. Simply wait 1-2 sec. after the disconnection of a device and cleaning up the BluetoothLE stack, before restarting the next DiscoverDevices cycle. Seems that iOS needs some time to cleanup internally, and too early restarts might confuse the system. There are different delay times from phone to phone (iPhone 6S differs from iPhone X and needs more time), which makes sense (different CPU, etc.). When discovering is started too early, then I don't see the new device in OnEndDiscoverDevices, in my case I also see this never again no matter how often DeviceDiscover is restarted, and so I will never be able to re-connect again. Only a power down/up cycle the IoT device helped in that case (and I tried may different items from different vendoes, so its not a case of the IoT device). Anyhow, not sure about the real internals, but I'm afraid adding some more time (I had 300ms before) raising to 2000ms will do the job for me at the moment.
  14. Rollo62

    Give TViewport3D a test flight.

    @Gustav Schubert Thanks, good to know. I have seen changes some time ago but I havent really checked the details up to now. Anyway, seeing Apple getting more relaxed is a good thing for developers
  15. Rollo62

    Give TViewport3D a test flight.

    Works well on iPhoneX. Looks interesting, but I haven't checked all details (too much math in the morning is not good for your mood). Be aware that you might have only 100 test devices open for this. How did you set that in the TestFlight , to allow free, unregistered phones ? I always wanted to check that out, but I don't really need this, since I work mostly with some known phones and testers. Is the Apple-limit of 100 testers and 100 phones gone now ?